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The Drifters - Discography

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  UK  91
  USA  81
  Australia  36
  Germany  29
  Netherlands  28
  New Zealand  25
  France  21
  Canada  16
  Japan  15
  Sweden  12
  Belgium  10
  Ireland  9
  Spain  6
  Israel  3
+ More Countries (21 Total)All Records  395
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The Drifters

A: Dance With Me
B: True Love, True Love
London Australia45-HL-160119597"2 
The Drifters

A: There Goes My Baby
B: Oh My Love
London Australia45-HL-1542Jul 19597"1 
The Drifters

A: Baltimore
B: This Magic Moment
London Australia45-HL-162019607"0 
The Drifters

A: Save The Last Dance For Me
B: Nobody But Me
London Atlantic AustraliaHL 171819607"1 
The Drifters

A: Save The Last Dance For Me
B: Nobody But Me
London AustraliaHL-171819607"0 
The Drifters

A: I Count The Tears
B: Suddenly There's A Valley
London AustraliaHL-175019617"0 
The Drifters

A: Some Kind Of Wonderful
B: Honey Bee
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-179219617"0 
The Drifters

A: Please Stay
B: No Sweet Lovin'
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-183519617"010.0
The Drifters

A: Sweets For My Sweet
B: Loneliness Or Happiness
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-187519617"010.0
The Drifters

A: Room Full Of Tears
B: Somebody New Dancin' With You
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-191819627"0 
The Drifters

A: When My Little Girl Is Smiling
B: Mexican Divorce
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-193519627"010.0
The Drifters

A: Stranger On The Shore
B: What To Do
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-196219627"0 
The Drifters

A: Sometimes I Wonder
B: Jackpot
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-198119627"1 
The Drifters

A: Up On The Roof
B: Another Night With The Boys
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-201319627"08.0
The Drifters

A: Rat Race
B: If You Don't Come Back
Atlantic AustraliaAK-39719637"0 
The Drifters

A: I'll Take You Home
B: I Feel Good All Over
Atlantic AustraliaAK-45619637"0 
The Drifters

On Broadway

A1: On Broadway
A2: Let The Music Play
B1: Suddenly There's A Valley
B2: Oh My Love
Atlantic AustraliaAX-10.6871963EP0 
The Drifters

Save The Last Dance For Me

A1: Save The Last Dance For Me
A2: Room Full Of Tears
B1: This Magic Moment
B2: Stranger On The Shore
Atlantic AustraliaAX-10,6901963EP0 
The Drifters

A: On Broadway
B: Let The Music Play
London Atlantic AustraliaHL-208319637"510.0
The Drifters

A: Vaya Con Dios
B: In The Land Of Make Believe
Atlantic AustraliaAK-52619647"3 
The Drifters

A: One Way Love
B: Didn't It
Atlantic AustraliaAK-59919647"2 
The Drifters

A: Under The Boardwalk
B: I Don't Want To Go On Without You
Atlantic AustraliaAK-67119647"0 
The Drifters

A: Saturday Night At The Movies
B: Spanish Lace
Atlantic AustraliaAK-80719647"09.0
The Drifters

I'll Take You Home

A1: I'll Take You Home
A2: I Feel Good All Over
B1: Rat Race
B2: If You Don't Come Back
Atlantic AustraliaAX-10,7721964EP0 
The Drifters

Saturday Night At The Movies

A1: Saturday Night At The Movies
A2: Spanish Lace
B1: I've Got Sand In My Shoes
B2: He's Just A Playboy
Atlantic AustraliaAX-10,9971964EP0 
The Drifters

A: At The Club
B: Answer The Phone
Atlantic AustraliaAK-87819657"0 
The Drifters

A: Chains Of Love
B: Come On Over To My Place
Atlantic AustraliaAK-956Jun 19657"0 
The Drifters

A: I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing
B: Far From The Maddening Crowd
Atlantic AustraliaAK-1084Aug 19657"0 
The Drifters

A: You Can't Love Them All
B: Up In The Streets Of Harlem
Atlantic AustraliaAK-1392Jun 19667"0 
The Drifters

A: Like Sister And Brother
B: The Songs We Used To Sing
Bell Australia2008 18119737"29.0
The Drifters

A: I'm Free (For The Rest Of Your Life)
B: Say Goodbye To Angelina
Bell Australia2008 22719747"0 
The Drifters

A: Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies
B: I'm Feeling Sad (And Oh So Lonely)
Bell Australia2008 25919747"1 
The Drifters

A: Down On The Beach Tonight
B: Say Goodbye To Angelina
Bell Australia2008 286Dec 19747"0 
The Drifters

A: There Goes My First Love
B: Don't Cry On The Weekend
Bell AustraliaBELL-10959Nov 19757"0 
The Drifters

A: Can I Take You Home Little Girl
B: Please, Help Me Down
Bell AustraliaBELL-1102212 Apr 19767"0 
The Drifters

A: You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book
B: Do You Have To Go Now
Arista AustraliaAR-1136514 Feb 19777"0 

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