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The Easybeats - Discography

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  Australia  30
  UK  13
  Netherlands  12
  Germany  11
  New Zealand  11
  France  10
  USA  10
  Italy  7
  Spain  6
  Norway  5
  Portugal  4
  Thailand  3
  Argentina  2
  Canada  2
More Countries (25 Total)All Records  138
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The Easybeats

A: For My Woman
B: Say That You're Mine
Parlophone AustraliaA8146Mar 19657"310.0
The Easybeats

A: She's So Fine
B: The Old Oak Tree
Parlophone AustraliaA-815727 May 19657"49.0
The Easybeats

A: Wedding Ring
B: Me Or You
Parlophone AustraliaA8168Aug 19657"210.0
The Easybeats

She's So Fine

A1: Say That You're Mine
A2: For My Woman
B1: The Old Oak Tree
B2: She's So Fine
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70024Oct 1965EP210.0
The Easybeats

A: Sad And Lonely And Blue
B: Easy As Can Be
Parlophone AustraliaA8171Nov 19657"28.5
The Easybeats

A: Women (Make You Feel Alright)
B: In My Book
Parlophone AustraliaA818613 Jan 19667"28.5
The Easybeats

Easy As Can Be

A1: Easy As Can Be
A2: Sad And Lonely And Blue
B1: Me Or You
B2: Wedding Ring
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70028Feb 1966EP09.5
The Easybeats

A: Come And See Her
B: I Can See
Parlophone AustraliaA8200Apr 19667"18.5
The Easybeats


A1: Too Much
A2: I'll Make You Happy (Just Like Your Mama Wants)
B1: A Very Special Man
B2: Tryin' So Hard
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70032Aug 1966EP110.0
The Easybeats

A: Sorry
B: Funny Feelin'
Parlophone AustraliaA822413 Oct 19667"29.0
The Easybeats

A: Friday On My Mind
B: Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
Parlophone AustraliaA8234Nov 19667"29.2
The Easybeats

A: Who'll Be The One
B: Do You Have A Soul
Parlophone AustraliaA8251Apr 19677"29.5
The Easybeats

A: Heaven And Hell
B: Pretty Girl
Parlophone AustraliaA825522 Jun 19677"39.7
The Easybeats

Friday On My Mind

A1: Friday On My Mind
A2: Sorry
B1: Who'll Be The One
B2: Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70041Aug 1967EP010.0
The Easybeats

Pretty Girl

A1: Heaven And Hell
A2: Women (Make You Feel Alright)
B1: Come And See Her
B2: Pretty Girl
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70046Nov 1967EP010.0
The Easybeats

A: The Music Goes 'Round My Head
B: Come In You'll Get Pneumonia
Parlophone AustraliaA-8277Dec 19677"19.7
The Easybeats

A: Land Of Make Believe
B: Good Times
Parlophone AustraliaA-840619687"010.0
The Easybeats

Easyfever Volume 2

A1: Happy Is The Man
A2: You Me, We Love
B1: Saturday Night
B2: All Gone Boy
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70048Jan 1968EP010.0
The Easybeats

A: Hello, How Are You
B: Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Parlophone AustraliaA8290Mar 19687"210.0
The Easybeats

A: Lay Me Down And Die
B: See Line Woman
Parlophone AustraliaA-8571Nov 19687"19.0
The Easybeats

A: St. Louis
B: Can't Find Love
Polydor AustraliaNH-59274Jun 19697"29.0
The Easybeats

A: Peculiar Hole In The Sky
B: H.P. Man
Parlophone AustraliaA-8892Sep 19697"29.0
The Easybeats

A: I Love Marie
B: Gonna Make It
Polydor AustraliaNH-56357Nov 19697"210.0
The Easybeats

A: Friends
B: Rock And Roll Boogie
Polydor AustraliaNH-539128May 19707"310.0
The Easybeats

A: Gonna Have A Good Time (Good Times)
B: Land Of Make Believe
Albert Productions AustraliaAP-1114519767"410.0
The Easybeats

Mean Old Lovin'

A1: Mean Old Lovin'
A2: I'm Happy
A3: Hey Babe
B1: I Don't Agree
B2: Keep Your Hands Off My Baba
B3: No One Knows
Raven AustraliaRV-01Nov 1979EP08.5
The Easybeats

Son Of Easyfever

A1: Find My Way Back Home
A2: Coke Jingle
A3: Mandy
B1: I'm Just Trying
B2: Look Out, I'm On The Way Down
Raven AustraliaRV-081980EP010.0
The Easybeats

A1: Friday On My Mind
B1: She's So Fine
B2: Wedding Ring
Albert Productions AustraliaAP-378Oct 19807"010.0
The Easybeats

Son Of Son Of Easyfever

A1: All Gone Boy
A2: Hound Dog
A3: Coke Ads / Interviev
B1: Watch Me Burn
B2: Where Did You Go Last Night?
B3: Little Red Bucker
Raven AustraliaRV-111982EP010.0
The Easybeats

HistorEasy - Tour '86 Souvenir Medley

A1: Historeasy Medley: Friday On My Mind / She's So Fine / Women / Sorry
B1: She's So Fine (Live At The Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, 1966)
B2: Hello How Are You
Albert Productions AustraliaAP 1871Oct 1986EP010.0

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