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The Fatback Band - Discography

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  USA  34
  UK  24
  Netherlands  6
  Germany  5
  Thailand  2
  Australia  1
  Brazil  1
  France  1
  Italy  1
  Jamaica  1
  Mexico  1
  Spain  1
All Records  78
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The Fatback Band

A: Street Dance
B: Goin' To See My Baby
Perception USAP-52619727"2 
The Fatback Band

A: Soul March
B: To Be With You
Perception USAPs-52019737"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Njia (Nija) Walk (Street Walk)
B: Soul Man
Perception USAPS-540Sep 19737"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Keep On Steppin'
B: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 217Sep 19747"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Wicki-Wacky
B: Can't Fight The Flame
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 219Nov 19747"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
B: Let The Drums Speak
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 22619757"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Party Time
B: Groovy Kind Of Day
Spring USASP 16519757"0 
The Fatback Band

A: (Hey I) Feel Real Good
B: (Hey I) Feel Real Good (Disco Version)
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 224Apr 19757"1 
The Fatback Band

A: (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
B: (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 227Nov 1975Promo Only 7"0 
The Fatback Band

A: (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
B: Gotta Learn How To Dance
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 227Nov 19757"110.0
The Fatback Band

A: Spanish Hustle
B: Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)
Event Records Inc. [NY] USAEV 229Mar 19767"0 
The Fatback Band

A: The Booty
B: If That's The Way You Want It
Spring USASP 168Oct 19767"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Nycnyusa (Nik-ne-yoo-sa)
B: Soul Finger (Gonna Put On You)
Spring USASP 17419777"0 

A: Boogie Freak
B: I'm Fired Up
Spring USASP 18819777"0 
The Fatback Band

A: Double Dutch
B: Spank The Baby
Spring USASP 171Feb 19777"0 

A: Master Booty
B: Zodiac Man
Spring USASP 177Nov 19777"0 

A: Midnight Freak
B: Mile High
Spring USASP 18019787"0 

A: I Like Girls
B: Get Out On The Dance Floor
Spring USASP 181May 19787"0 

A: (Do The) Boogie Woogie
B: Hesitation
Spring USASP 19519797"0 

A: Freak The Freak The Funk (Rock)
B: Wild Dreams
Spring USASP 191Jan 19797"0 

A: King Tim III (Personality Jock)
B: You're My Candy Sweet
Spring USASP 199Aug 19797"0 

A: Love In Perfect Harmony
B: Disco Bass
Spring USASP 3005Dec 19797"0 

A: Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)
B: Street Band
Spring USASP 3008Mar 19807"0 

A: Backstrokin'
B: Love Spell
Spring USASP 3012Jun 19807"1 

A: Let's Do It Again
B: Come And Get The Love
Spring USASP 3015Sep 19807"0 

A: Angel
B: Concrete Jungle
Spring USASP 3016Jan 19817"0 

A: Take It Any Way You Want It
B: Lady Groove
Spring USASP 3018Apr 19817"0 

A: Kool Whip
B: Keep Your Fingers Out The Jam
Spring USASP 3020Aug 19817"0 

A: Rockin' To The Beat
B: Wanna Dance (Keep Up The Dance)
Spring USASP 3022Nov 19817"0 

A: Up Against The Wall

Fatback Featuring Evelyn Thomas

B: Spread Love
Spring USASPR-7-303319837"1 

A: The Girl Is Fine (So Fine)
B: The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) (Dance Version)
Spring USASP 3030Mar 19837"1 

A: You've Got That Magic
B: The Drum Song
Cotillion USA7-9973019847"0 

A: Girls On My Mind
B: Osiris (There's A Party Going On)
Cotillion USA7-9966519857"0 

A: (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop
B: I Like Girls
Spring Band Of Gold Series USASPG 7027"0 

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