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The Fortunes - Discography

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  UK  32
  Netherlands  27
  USA  19
  Germany  18
  Canada  12
  Australia  10
  Thailand  5
  Belgium  4
  Ireland  4
  New Zealand  4
  Denmark  3
  France  2
  Italy  2
  Norway  2
More Countries (21 Total)All Records  151
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The Fortunes

A: You've Got Your Troubles
B: I've Got To Go
Decca NetherlandsF 121739 Aug 19657"0 
The Fortunes

A: Here It Comes Again
B: Things I Should Have Know
Decca NetherlandsF 1224325 Oct 19657"08.0
The Fortunes

A: This Golden Ring
B: Someone To Care
Decca NetherlandsF 1232131 Jan 19667"0 
The Fortunes

A: Silent Street
B: You Gave Me Somebody To Love
Decca NetherlandsF 1242911 Jul 19667"0 
The Fortunes

A: Is It Really Worth Your While
B: Am I Losing My Touch
Decca NetherlandsF 124855 Sep 19667"0 
The Fortunes

A: Our Love Has Come
B: Truly Yours
Decca NetherlandsAT 15 07412 Jun 19677"0 
The Fortunes

A: The Idol
B: His Smile Was A Lie
United Artists NetherlandsUA 25.62925 Aug 19677"0 
The Fortunes

A: Just Another Dream
B: Sunday Night
United Artists NetherlandsUA 25.7041 Dec 19677"0 
The Fortunes

A: Fire Brigade
B: Painting A Shadow
United Artists NetherlandsUA 25.74829 Mar 19687"1 
The Fortunes

A: Loving Cup
B: An Hour At The Movies
United Artists NetherlandsUA 25.81416 Aug 19687"0 
The Fortunes

A: Seasons In The Sun (Le Moribond)
B: Louise
United Artists NetherlandsUA 25.88521 Mar 19697"0 
The Fortunes

A: Celebration Of The Year
B: Don't Jump To Conclusions
United Artists NetherlandsUA 27.004Jun 19697"0 
The Fortunes

A: Ballad Of The Alamo
B: Save A Little Dream
United Artists NetherlandsUA 27.019Sep 19697"0 
The Fortunes

A: Ballad Of The Alamo
B: Save A Little Dream
United Artists Netherlands5C 006-90726 M17 Oct 19697"0 
The Fortunes

A: Books And Films
B: Sad, Sad, Sad
United Artists Netherlands5C 006-90943 M2 Jan 19707"0 
The Fortunes

A: Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
B: I Gotta Dream
Capitol Netherlands5C 006-8078819717"0 
The Fortunes

A: Freedom Come, Freedom Go
B: There's A Man
Capitol Netherlands5C 006-8093219717"0 
The Fortunes

A: Storm In A Teacup
B: I'm Not Following You
Capitol Netherlands5C 006-8104019727"0 
The Fortunes

A: Baby By The Way
B: Long Way Home
Capitol Netherlands5C 006-8113219727"0 
The Fortunes

A: Everything Is Out Of Season
B: Don't Sing To Me
Capitol Netherlands5C 006-8123119727"0 
The Fortunes

A: Whenever It's A Sunday
B: Give Me Some Room
Capitol Netherlands5C 006-8145919737"0 
The Fortunes

A: You've Got Your Troubles
B: This Golden Ring
Decca Netherlands6103 07519747"0 
The Fortunes

A: Here It Comes Again
B: Caroline
Decca Netherlands6103 07619747"0 
The Fortunes

A: These Are The Good Old Days
B: Your Song
Pink Elephant NetherlandsPE 22.13319767"0 
The Fortunes

A: Storm In A Teacup
B: Own Up
Philips Netherlands6017 37319827"0 
The Fortunes

A: Dangerous Games
B: Romance
Dureco Benelux Netherlands47.9319837"1 
The Fortunes

A: When Your Heart Speaks
B: Seasons In The Sun
Qualitel NetherlandsQ7-S 102019877"0 

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