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The Gaylads - Discography

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  UK  70
  Jamaica  65
  Switzerland  1
  USA  1
All Records  137
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The Gaylads

A: There'll Come A Day

Billy Cooke And His Group

B: Iron Bar
R & B UKJB 15919647"0 
The Gaylads

A: Whap Whap
B: What Is Wrong
R & B UKJB 16519647"06.5
The Gaylads

A: Lady With The Red Dress On
B: Dinner For Two
Doctor Bird UKDB 101419667"08.0
The Gaylads

A: You Should Never Do That

Winston Stewart

B: I Don't Know Why I Love You
Doctor Bird UKDB 103119667"2 
The Gaylads

A: You Should Never Do That

The Techniques [Jamaica]

B: So Many Times
Rymska UKRA 10419667"0 
The Gaylords [Gaylads]

A: Chipmunk Ska
B: What Is Wrong
Island UKWI 26919667"3 
The Gaylads

A: Goodbye Daddy
B: Your Eyes
Island UKWI 28119667"1 
The Gaylads

A: You Never Leave Him
B: Message To My Girl
Island UKWI 29119667"1 
The Gaylads

A: Stop Making Love
B: They Call Her Dawn
Island UKWI 300219667"46.0
The Gaylads

A: Put On Your Style

Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

B: Soul Serenade
Rio UKR 12519677"2 

A: No Good Girl
B: Yes Girl
Island UKWI 302517 Feb 19677"1 

A: Don't Say No

Sonny Burke

B: You Rule My Heart
Island UKWI 30223 Mar 19677"1 
The Gaylads

A: Tears From My Eyes
B: Never Let Your Country Down
Studio 1 UKSO 2002May 19677"1 
The Clarendonians

A: He Who Laughs Last

The Gaylads

B: Just A Kiss From You
Studio 1 UKSO 2007Jun 19677"2 
Jackie Mittoo

A: Somebody Help Me

The Gaylads

B: Sounds Of Silence
Coxsone UKCS 700214 Jul 19677"0 

A: I Am Going To Cool It
B: Let's Join Together
Studio 1 UKSO 201318 Aug 19677"1 
The Gaylads

A: If You Knew
B: Festival Day
Studio 1 UKSO 2021Oct 19677"0 
The Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

A: Hot Rod

The Gaylads

B: Africa
Studio 1 UKSO 2034Dec 19677"0 
The Gaylads With Lyn Taitt And The Jets

A: It's Hard To Confess
B: I Need Your Loving
Doctor Bird UKDB-112419687"1 
The Gaylads

A: She Want It
B: Joy In The Morning
Doctor Bird UKDB 114519687"1 
The Gaylads

A: Looking For A Girl
B: Aren't You The Guy
Fab UKFAB 6219687"0 
The Gaylads

A: A B C Rocksteady

Leslie Butler And Count Ossie

B: Soul Drums
Hinote UKHS 00119687"0 
Leslie Butler

A: Revival

The Gaylads

B: Over The Rainbow's End
High Note UKHS 00919687"0 
The Gaylads

A: When I Fall In Love
B: Give Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2039Feb 19687"4 
Jackie Mittoo

A: Norwegian Wood


B: Picular Man
Coxsone UKCS 7040Mar 19687"1 
Ken Boothe

A: Everybody Knows

The Gaylads

B: I Am Free
Coxsone UKCS 7041Mar 19687"0 
The Gaylads

A: Go Away

The Soul Vendors

B: Julie On My Mind
Blue Cat UKBS 110Apr 19687"0 
Bobby Dobson

A: Seems To Me I'm Losing


B: Red Rose
Coxsone UKCS 7058Jul 19687"0 

A: You Had Your Chance
B: Wha She Do Now
Trojan UKTR-68819697"0 

A: There A Fire
B: Last Time
Trojan UKTR 770319697"0 

A: The Same Thing
B: I Ware My Slanders
Upsetter UKUS 32319697"1 
The Gaylads

A: Thats What Love Will Do
B: This Time I Won't Hurt You
Trojan UKTR 773819707"0 

A: Young, Gifted And Black

Beverley All Stars

B: Moon Glow
Trojan UKTR 774319707"0 

A: ABC Reggae

Beverley's All Stars

B: Be Yours
Trojan UKTR 776219707"0 
The Gaylads

A: Tell The Children The Truth
B: Something Is Wrong Somewhere
Trojan UKTR 776319707"0 
The Gaylads

A: Soul Sister

The Beverley All Stars

B: Soul Version
Trojan UKTR 777119707"0 
The Gaylads

A: It's All In The Game
B: Version II
Trojan UKTR 778219707"06.0
The Gaylads

A: Fire And Rain
B: Cold And Lonely Night
Trojan UKTR 779919707"1 

A: Accept My Apologies
B: My Version
Ackee UKACK 14219717"0 
The Gaylads

A: Can't Hide The Feeling
B: Can't Hide The Feeling Version Two
Big UKBG 31919717"310.0
The Gaylads

A: Seven In One (Part One)
B: Seven In One (Part Two)
Camel UKCA 7919717"0 
The Gaylads

A: My Jamaican Girl

Beverley All Stars

B: My Jamaican Girl Version Two
Summit UKSUM 851419717"010.0
Brent Dowe

A: Knock Three Times

The Gaylads

B: This Time I Won't Hurt You
Summit UKSUM 852119717"16.0

A: You Made A Mistake
B: Showers Of Blessing
Dip UKDL 500919747"1 
The Gaylads

A: Love Me With All Your Heart
B: Version
Third World UKTW 0519757"010.0
Righteous Foundation

A: Going Back To Ethiopia Zion
B: Zion
Island UKWIP 629519767"1 
The Gayladds

A: Love And Understanding
B: Dub And Understanding
Ballistic UKUP 3643615 Sep 19787"19.0
The Gaylads

A: Little Candle

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Wambesi UKTWDV 52619797"0 
Winston And Bibby

A: River Jordan

The Gaylads

B: Message To My Girl
Coxsone UKSOS 101719887"0 
The Gaylads

A: Funny Feeling

B. B. Seaton

B: You've Got To Be Natural
Soul Beat UKSBS 00419927"0 

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