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The Guess Who - Discography

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  USA  61
  Canada  50
  New Zealand  21
  Germany  20
  Australia  16
  Japan  16
  UK  16
  Netherlands  9
  France  6
  Spain  4
  Thailand  4
  Greece  2
  Italy  2
  Portugal  2
  Iran  1
  Israel  1
  Mexico  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  233
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The Guess Who?

A: These Eyes
B: Lightfoot
RCA Victor Germany74-01022 Jun 19697"1 
The Guess Who

A: Laughing
B: Undun
RCA Victor Germany74-019525 Aug 19697"0 
The Guess Who

A: No Time
B: Proper Stranger
RCA Victor Germany74-030023 Feb 19707"08.5
The Guess Who

A: American Woman
B: No Sugar Tonight
RCA Victor Germany74-0325May 19707"18.5
The Guess Who

A: Hand Me Down World
B: Runnin' Down The Street
RCA Victor Germany74-0367Jul 19707"09.0
The Guess Who

A: Share The Land
B: Bus Rider
RCA Victor Germany74-0388Nov 19707"0 
The Guess Who

A: Hang Onto Your Life
B: Do You Miss Me Darlin'
RCA Victor Germany74-041419717"0 
The Guess Who

A: Broken
B: Albert Flasher
RCA Victor Germany74-045819717"0 
The Guess Who

A: Rain Dance
B: One Divided
RCA Victor Germany74-052219717"0 
The Guess Who

A: Sour Suite
B: Life In The Bloodstream
RCA Victor Germany74-057819717"0 
The Guess Who

A: Heartbroken Bopper
B: Arrivederci Girl
RCA Victor Germany74-065919727"0 
The Guess Who

A: Guns, Guns, Guns
B: Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday
RCA Victor Germany74-070819727"0 
The Guess Who

A: Follow Your Daughter Home
B: Bye Bye Babe
RCA Victor Germany74-088019737"0 
The Guess Who

A: Shakin' All Over
B: Gonna Search
Scepter GermanyM 25.48219737"0 
The Guess Who

A: Star Baby
B: Musicione
RCA Victor GermanyAPBO-021719747"1 
The Guess Who

A: Clap For The Wolfman
B: Road Food
RCA Victor GermanyAPBO-032419747"1 
The Guess Who

A: Dancin' Fool
B: Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You
RCA Victor GermanyPB-10 07519747"07.0
The Guess Who

A: When The Band Was Singin' "Shakin' All Over"
B: Women
RCA Victor GermanyPB-10 41019757"0 
Oldies But Goldies

The Kingsmen

A: Louie Louie

The Guess Who

B: Shakin' All Over
Strand Germany6.13 00519817"0 
The Guess Who

A: Magic
B: All Over Now
Line GermanyLS 106219817"0 

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