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The Kinks - Discography

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Formed by brothers Ray Davies and Dave Davies.
  UK  108
  USA  95
  Germany  57
  Netherlands  44
  Australia  36
  France  32
  Canada  22
  Norway  22
  Ireland  17
  Spain  16
  Denmark  12
  New Zealand  12
  Sweden  10
  Italy  8
More Countries (28 Total)All Records  531
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The Kinks

A: All Day And All Of The Night
B: I Gotta Move
Pye Denmark7N 15714Dec 19647"0 
The Kinks

A: Tired Of Waiting For You
B: Come On Now
Pye Denmark7N 15759Feb 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: Set Me Free
B: I Need You
Pye Denmark7N 15854Jun 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: I'm On An Island
B: Till The End Of The Day
Pye Denmark7N 305Jan 19667"0 
The Kinks

A: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
B: Sittin' On My Sofa
Pye Denmark7N 17064Mar 19667"0 
The Kinks

A: Sunny Afternoon
B: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Pye Denmark7N 17125Jun 19667"0 
The Kinks

A: Dead End Street
B: Big Black Smoke
Pye Denmark7N 15222Dec 19667"0 
The Kinks

A: Mister Pleasant
B: This Is Where I Belong
Pye Denmark7N 17314Apr 19677"0 
The Kinks

A: Autumn Almanac
B: David Watts
Pye Denmark7N 17405Oct 19677"0 
The Kinks

A: Day's
B: She's Got Everything
Pye Denmark7N 17573Jul 19687"0 
The Kinks

A: The Village Green Preservation Society
B: Picture Book
Pye Denmark7N 319Dec 19687"0 
The Kinks

A: Lola
B: Berkeley Mews
Pye Denmark7N 17961Jul 19707"010.0

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