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The Kinks - Discography

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Formed by brothers Ray Davies and Dave Davies.
  UK  107
  USA  92
  Germany  57
  Netherlands  41
  Australia  36
  France  24
  Norway  22
  Canada  21
  Ireland  17
  Spain  16
  Sweden  9
  Denmark  8
  New Zealand  6
  South Africa  6
More Countries (27 Total)All Records  490

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The Kinks

A: You Really Got Me
B: It's All Right
Pye Norway7N 15673Sep 19647"0 
The Kinks

A: Everybody Is Gonna Be Happy
B: Who'll Be The Next In Line
Pye Norway7N 15813Apr 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: Set Me Free
B: I Need You
Pye Norway7N 15854Jun 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: See My Friend
B: Never Met A Girl Like You Before
Pye Norway7N 15919Aug 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: Till The End Of The Day
B: Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Pye Norway7N 15981Dec 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
B: Sittin' On My Sofa
Pye Norway7N 17064Apr 19667"38.0
The Kinks

A: Sunny Afternoon
B: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Pye Norway7N 17125Jul 19667"0 
The Kinks

A: Dead End Street
B: Big Black Smoke
Pye Norway7N 17222Dec 19667"010.0
The Kinks

A: Party Line
B: Dandy
Pye Norway7N 317Feb 19677"2 
The Kinks

A: Waterloo Sunset
B: Act Nice And Gentle
Pye Norway7N 17321Jul 19677"3 
The Kinks

A: Autumn Almanac
B: David Watts
Pye Norway7N 17405Oct 19677"0 
The Kinks

A: Wonder Boy
B: Pretty Polly
Pye Norway7N 17468Apr 19687"1 
The Kinks

A: Day's
B: She's Got Everything
Pye Norway7N 17573Jul 19687"0 
The Kinks

A: Shangrila
B: This Man He Weeps Tonight
Pye Norway7N 1781219697"0 
The Kinks

A: Plastic Man
B: King Kong
Pye Norway7N 17724Apr 19697"0 
The Kinks

A: Starstruck
B: Picture Book
Pye Norway7N 319Dec 19697"0 
The Kinks

A: Lola
B: Berkely Mews
Pye Norway7N 17961Jul 19707"310.0
The Kinks

A: Apeman
B: Rats
Pye Norway7N 45016Dec 19707"0 
The Kinks

A: God's Children
B: Moments
Pye Norway7N 8001Jun 19717"0 
The Kinks

A: Come Dancing
B: Noise
Arista NorwayARI 8301Apr 19837"0 
The Kinks

A: Don't Forget To Dance
B: Noise
Arista NorwayARI 8314Oct 19837"1 
The Kinks

A: Do It Again
B: Guilty
Arista NorwayARI 840719847"0 

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