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The Kinks - Discography

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Formed by brothers Ray Davies and Dave Davies.
  UK  110
  USA  103
  Germany  61
  Netherlands  45
  France  39
  Australia  36
  Canada  25
  Norway  23
  Ireland  18
  Italy  18
  Spain  17
  Denmark  16
  Japan  14
  New Zealand  14
More Countries (32 Total)All Records  600
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The Kinks

A: Long Tall Sally
B: I Took My Baby Home
Pye UK7N 156117 Feb 19647"268.5
The Kinks

A: You Still Want Me
B: You Do Something To Me
Pye UK7N 1563617 Apr 19647"97.0
The Kinks

A: You Really Got Me
B: It's All Right
Pye UK7N 156734 Aug 19647"169.4
The Kinks

A: All Day And All Of The Night
B: I Gotta Move
Pye UK7N 1571423 Oct 19647"48.9
The Kinks

Kinksize Session

A1: Louie Louie
A2: I Gotta Go Now
B1: I've Got That Feeling
B2: Things Are Getting Better
Pye UKNEP 2420027 Nov 1964EP49.0
The Kinks

Kinksize Hits

A1: You Really Got Me
A2: It's Alright
B1: All Day And All Of The Night
B2: I Gotta Move
Pye UKNEP 24203Jan 1965EP010.0
The Kinks

A: Tired Of Waiting For You
B: Come On Now
Pye UK7N 1575915 Jan 19657"28.6
The Kinks

A: Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy
B: Who'll Be The Next In Line
Pye UK7N 1581319 Mar 19657"17.5
The Kinks

A: Set Me Free
B: I Need You
Pye UK7N 1585421 May 19657"18.8
The Kinks

A: See My Friend
B: Never Met A Girl Like You Before
Pye UK7N 1591930 Jul 19657"138.8
The Kinks

Kwyet Kinks

A1: Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
A2: Such A Shame
B1: A Well Respected Man
B2: Don't You Fret
Pye UKNEP 2422117 Sep 1965EP1010.0
The Kinks

A: Till The End Of The Day
B: Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Pye UK7N 1598119 Nov 19657"99.3
The Kinks

A: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
B: Sittin' On My Sofa
Pye UK7N 1706425 Feb 19667"58.3
The Kinks

A: Sunny Afternoon
B: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Pye UK7N 171253 Jun 19667"148.9
The Kinks

Dedicated Kinks

A1: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
A2: Till The End Of The Day
B1: See My Friend
B2: Set Me Free
Pye UKNEP 2425815 Jul 1966EP010.0
The Kinks

A: Dead End Street
B: Big Black Smoke
Pye UK7N 1722218 Nov 19667"29.4
The Kinks

A: Waterloo Sunset
B: Act Nice And Gentle
Pye UK7N.173215 May 19677"89.9
The Kinks

A: Autumn Almanac
B: Mr. Pleasant
Pye UK7N 1740013 Oct 19677"139.1
The Kinks

The Kinks

A1: David Watts
A2: Two Sisters
B1: Situation Vacant
B2: Lazy Old Sun
Pye UKNEP 24296Apr 1968EP19.6
The Kinks

A: Wonderboy
B: Polly
Pye UK7N 174685 Apr 19687"148.2
The Kinks

A: Day's
B: She's Got Everything
Pye UK7N 1757328 Jun 19687"199.3
The Kinks

A: Plastic Man
B: King Kong
Pye UK7N 1772428 Mar 19697"38.3
The Kinks

A: Drivin'

The Kinks Featuring Dave Davies

B: Mindless Child Of Motherhood
Pye UK7N 1777620 Jun 19697"58.7
The Kinks

A: Shangri-La
B: Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
Pye UK7N 17812Sep 1969Unreleased29.6
The Kinks

A: Shangrila
B: This Man He Weeps Tonight
Pye UK7N 1781212 Sep 19697"129.6
The Kinks

A: Victoria
B: Mr. Churchill Says
Pye UK7N 178655 Dec 19697"99.0
The Kinks

A: Lola
B: Berkeley Mews
Pye UK7N 1796112 Jun 19707"149.1
The Kinks

A: Apeman
B: Rats
Pye UK7N 4501620 Nov 19707"178.3
The Kinks


A1: God's Children
A2: The Way Love Used To Be
B1: Moments
B2: Dreams
Pye UK7NX 80012 Apr 1971EP19.5
The Kinks

A1: You Really Got Me
A2: Set Me Free
B1: Wonder Boy
B2: Long Tall Shorty
Pye Mini Monster UKPMM 100Aug 1971EP210.0
The Kinks

A: Supersonic Rocket Ship
B: You Don't Know My Name
RCA UKRCA 221112 May 19727"18.5
The Kinks

A: Celluloid Heroes
B: Hot Potatoes
RCA UKRCA 229924 Nov 19727"59.0
The Kinks

A: Sitting In The Midday Sun
B: One Of The Survivors
RCA UKRCA 238729 Jun 19737"28.2
The Kinks

A: Sweet Lady Genevieve
B: Sitting In My Hotel
RCA UKRCA 241821 Sep 19737"19.5
The Kinks

A: Where Have All The Good Times Gone
B: Lola
Pye UK7N 4531316 Nov 19737"4 
The Kinks

A: Mirror Of Love
B: Cricket
RCA UKLPBO 50158 Mar 19747"77.5
The Kinks

A: Mirror Of Love
B: He's Evil
RCA UKLPBO 50422 Aug 19747"06.0
The Kinks

A: Holiday Romance
B: Shepherds Of The Nation
RCA UKRCA 247811 Oct 19747"36.5
The Kinks

A: Ducks On The Wall
B: Rush Hour Blues
RCA UKRCA 254618 Apr 19757"25.0
The Kinks

A: You Can't Stop The Music
B: Have Another Drink
RCA UKRCA 25676 Jun 19757"07.0
The Kinks

A: Sunny Afternoon
B: Sittin' On My Sofa
Pye UK7N 4548213 Jun 19757"1 
The Kinks

A1: No More Looking Back
B1: Jack The Idiot Dunce
B2: The Hard Way
RCA UKRCM 123 Jan 19767"18.0
The Kinks

A: Sleepwalker
B: Full Moon
Arista UKARISTA 9718 Mar 19777"08.0
The Kinks

A: Juke Box Music
B: Sleepless Nights
Arista UKARISTA 11410 Jun 19777"18.5
The Kinks

A: Father Christmas
B: Prince Of The Punks
Arista UKARISTA 15325 Nov 19777"58.9
The Kinks

A: Rock N Roll Fantasy (Edited For Radio Use Only)
B: Rock N Roll Fantasy
Arista UKARIST 189 A1DJMay 1978Promo Only 7"0 
The Kinks

A: Rock N Roll Fantasy
B: Artificial Light
Arista UKARIST 18919 May 19787"19.0
The Kinks

A: Waterloo Sunset
B: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
Pye UK7N 46102Jul 19787"0 
The Kinks

A: Live Life
B: In A Foreign Land
Arista UKARIST 1997 Jul 19787"08.0
The Kinks

A: Black Messiah
B: Misfits
Arista UKARIST 21013 Oct 19787"110.0

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