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The Marmalade - Discography

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  UK  40
  Germany  23
  USA  21
  Netherlands  20
  New Zealand  13
  Ireland  10
  Canada  9
  Belgium  8
  France  6
  Australia  4
  Portugal  4
  South Africa  4
  Thailand  4
  Denmark  3
+ More Countries (29 Total)All Records  194
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The Marmalade

A: It's All Leading Up To Saturday Night
B: Wait A Minute, Baby
CBS UK20234016 Sep 19667"86.5
The Marmalade

A: Can't Stop Now
B: There Ain't No Use In Hanging On
CBS UK202643Feb 19677"310.0
The Marmalade

A: I See The Rain
B: Laughing Man
CBS UK2948Aug 19677"39.4
The Marmalade

A: Man In A Shop
B: Cry (The Shoob Doroorie Song)
CBS UK308824 Nov 19677"38.8
The Marmalade

A: Lovin' Things
B: Hey Joe
CBS UK341226 Apr 19687"98.7
The Marmalade

A: Wait For Me Mary-Anne
B: Mess Around
CBS UK370820 Sep 19687"49.0
The Marmalade

A: Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
B: Chains
CBS UK38926 Dec 19687"410.0
The Marmalade

A: Baby Make It Soon
B: Time Is On My Side
CBS UK428730 May 19697"210.0
The Marmalade

A: Butterfly
B: I Shall Be Released
CBS UK461524 Oct 19697"410.0
The Marmalade

A: Reflections Of My Life
B: Rollin' My Thing
Decca UKF 1298214 Nov 19697"159.3
The Marmalade

A: Rainbow
B: The Ballad Of Cherry Flavar
Decca UKF 1303519 Jun 19707"18.2
The Marmalade

A: My Little One
B: Is Your Life Your Own?
Decca UKF 1313519 Feb 19717"1 
The Marmalade

A: Man In A Shop
B: Cry (The Shoob Dororie Song)
CBS UKCBS 7200Jul 19717"2 
The Marmalade

A: Cousin Norman
B: Lonely Man
Decca UKF 1321413 Aug 19717"68.8
The Marmalade

A: Back On The Road
B: Love Is Hard To Re-Arrange
Decca UKF 1325112 Nov 19717"38.0
The Marmalade

A1: Radancer
B1: Sarah
B2: Just One Woman
Decca UKF 1329717 Mar 19727"79.5

A: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
B: Lovin' Things
CBS UKS CBS 820511 May 19737"15.0

A: (Your Wish Is In) The Wishing Well
B: Engine Driver
EMI UKEMI 20331 Jun 19737"110.0

A: (Your Wish Is In) The Wishing Well
EMI UKEMI 2033 DJ1 Jun 1973Promo Only 7"1 

A: Our House Is Rockin'
B: Hallelujah Freedom Blues
EMI UKEMI 207112 Oct 19737"2 

A: Come Back Jo
B: The Way It Is
EMI UKEMI 21318 Apr 19747"1 

A: Falling Apart At The Seams
B: Fly, Fly, Fly
Target UKTGT 10516 Jan 19767"79.2

A: Walking A Tightrope
B: My Everything
Target UKTGT 11014 May 19767"4 

A: What You Need Is A Miracle
B: The Rusty Hands Of Time
Target UKTGT 11320 Aug 19767"110.0

A: Hello Baby
B: Seafaring Man
Target UKTGT 11529 Oct 19767"14 

A: The Only Light On My Horizon Now
B: Louisiana
Target UKTGT 12625 Feb 19777"0 

A: Hello Baby
B: Sentimental Value
Target UKTGT 128May 19777"1 

A: Mystery Has Gone
B: Wasting My Time
Target UKTGT 13615 Jul 19777"0 

A: Talking In Your Sleep
B: Make It Really Easy
Target UKTGT 13813 Jan 19787"0 

A: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
B: Loving Things
CBS UKS CBS 5963Feb 19787"05.0
The Marmalade

A: Heavens Above
B: You're A Lady
Sky UKSKY 101017 Nov 19787"0 
The Marmalade

A: Made In Germany
B: Ooh Baby
EMI UKEMI 50112 Nov 19797"1 

A1: Reflections Of My Life
A2: Rainbow
B1: Radancer
B2: Cousin Norman
Decca UKF 13898Oct 1980EP2 

A: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
B: Lovin' Things
Old Gold UKOG 9195Jul 19827"05.0

A: Reflections Of My Life
B: Rainbow
Old Gold UKOG 9334Oct 19837"110.0

A: Heartbreaker
B: I Listen To My Heart
Just Records UKJUST 119847"1 
The Marmalade

A: Heartbreaker
B: I Listen To My Heart
Just Songs UKJST 1Jun 19847"2 

A1: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
A2: I Shall Be Released
A3: Summer In The City
B1: Loving Things
B2: Wait For Me (Marianne)
B3: Baby Make It Soon
Scoop 33 UK7SR 5045Aug 1984EP05.0
The Marmalade

A: Golden Shreds (Lovin' Things - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - Radancer)
B: Golden Shreds (Reflections Of My Life - Baby Make It Soon - My Little One - Heartbreaker)
EMI UKMSSR 4Nov 19857"05.0

Appears On

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Six No 1 Chart Hits

Tina Charles

A1: I Love To Love

The Three Degrees

A2: When Will I See You Again

Scott McKenzie

A3: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)

Johnny Logan

B1: What's Another Year


B2: Ob La Di Ob La Da


B3: Yellow River
Scoop 33 UK7SR 5052Oct 1984EP15.0

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