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The Maytals - Discography

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See Toots And The Maytals for main discography
  UK  82
  Jamaica  69
  Netherlands  3
  USA  3
  Belgium  1
  Brazil  1
  Kenya  1
All Records  160
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The Maytals

A: Hallelujah
B: Helping Ages
Blue Beat UKBB 17619637"1 
Tommy McCook

A: Adams Apple

The Maytals

B: Everytime
Island UKWI 10219637"110.0
Don Drummond

A: Royal Flush

The Maytals

B: Mathew Mark
R & B UKJB 10320 Sep 19637"0 
The Maytals

A: He Is Real
B: Domino
Blue Beat UKBB 21519647"19.0
The Maytals

A: I've Got A Pain

Buster All Stars

B: City Riot
Blue Beat UKBB 22019647"0 
The Maytals

A: Dog War

Reco And The Creators

B: I'll Be Home
Blue Beat UKBB 23119647"0 
The Maytals

A: Judgment Day
B: Goodbye Jane
Blue Beat UKBB 25519647"0 
The Maytals

A: Hurry Up
B: Love Divine
R & B UKJB 13019647"0 
The Maytals

A: Another Chance

Frankie Anderson And His Group

B: Always On Sunday
R & B UKJB 14119647"0 
Winston Stewart

A: But I Do

The Maytals

B: Four Seasons
R & B UKJB 14719647"3 
Lester Sterling And His Group

A: Hot Cargo

The Maytals

B: Marching On
R & B UKJB 15019647"08.0
Lester Sterling And His Group

A: Baskin Hop

The Maytals

B: Shining Light
R & B UKJB 15519647"1 
Roland Alphanso And His Group

A: The President

The Maytals

B: A Man Who Knows
R & B UKJB 16119647"0 
Roland Alphanso And His Group

A: Crime Wave

The Maytals

B: Hello Honey
R & B UKJB 16419647"2 
The Maytals

A: Christmas Feelings
B: Let's Kiss
R & B UKJB 17419647"0 
Lord Creator

A: Wicked Lady

The Maytals

B: My Little Ruby
Black Swan UKWI 46319647"3 
The Maytals

A: Give Me Your Love
B: He Will Provide
R & B UKJB 1531 May 19647"0 
The Maytals

A: Looking Down King Street

Prince Buster

B: Blues Market
Blue Beat UKBB 28119657"19.0
The Maytals

A: The Light Of The World
B: Lovely Walking
Blue Beat UKBB 29919657"09.0
The Maytals

A: Ska War

The Skatalites

B: Perhaps
Blue Beat UKBB 30619657"6 
Stranger Cole With Baba Brooks Band

A: Pussy Cat

The Maytals

B: Sweet Sweet Jenny
Ska Beat UKJB 19219657"19.0
The Maytals

A: Let's Jump
B: Joy And Jean
Ska Beat UKJB 20219657"19.0
The Maytals

A: My New Name
B: It's No Use
Island UKWI 21319657"19.0
Philip James And The Blues Busters

A: Wide Awake In A Dream

The Maytals

B: Tell Me The Reason
Island UKWI 21919657"18.0
The Maytals

A: John And James

Theo Beckford

B: Sailing On
Black Swan UKWI 46429 Jan 19657"0 
The Maytals

A: Never You Change
B: What's On Your Mind
Island UKWI 2004 Jun 19657"0 
Sir Lord Comic And His Cowboys

A: Ska-ing West (Riding West)

The Maytals

B: If You Act This Way
Doctor Bird UKDB 101919667"47.0
The Maytals

A: My Darling

The Charmers

B: Best Friend
Ska Beat UKJB 23719667"0 
The Maytals

A: Struggle

Roland Alphonso And The Beverly's All Stars

B: Stream Of Life
Pyramid UKPYR 604319687"0 
The Maytals

A: Just Tell Me
B: Reborn
Pyramid UKPYR 604819687"0 
The Maytals

A: Bim Today
B: Hold On
Pyramid UKPYR 605019687"0 
The Maytals

A: We Shall Overcome

Desmond Dekker And The Aces

B: Foo Manchu
Pyramid UKPYR 605219687"0 
The Maytals Beverley's All Stars

A: School Days

The Maytals

B: Big Man
Pyramid UKPYR 605519687"0 
The Maytals

A: Do The Reggay

Beverley's All Stars

B: Motoring
Pyramid UKPYR 605719687"1 
The Maytals

A: Scare Him
B: In My Heart
JJ UKPYR 606419687"1 
The Maytals

A: 54-46, That's My Number

Roland Alphonso And The Beverly's All Stars

B: Dreamland
Pyramid UKPYR 6030Mar 19687"910.0
The Maytals

A: My Testamony

The Johnson Boys [Reggae]

B: One Dollar Of Soul
Nu Beat UKNB 03119697"0 
The Maytals

A: Don't Trouble Trouble

Beverley All Stars

B: Double Action
Pyramid UKPYR 606619697"0 
The Maytals

A: Alidina
B: Hold On
Pyramid UKPYR 607019697"0 
The Maytals

A: Pressure Drops

Beverley All Stars

B: Express
Pyramid UKPYR 607319697"210.0
The Maytals

A: Sweet And Dandy
B: Oh - Yea
Pyramid UKPYR 607419697"0 

A: Monkey Man
B: Night And Day
Trojan UKTR 771119697"79.3
Larry Marshall

A: Stay A Bit Longer


B: He'll Provide
Banana UKBA 30019707"0 
Brentford Rd All Stars

A: Love At First Sight


B: Life Could Be A Dream
Bamboo UKBAM 2319707"0 
The Maytals

A: Peeping Tom
B: Peeping Tom Version
Summit UKSUM 851019707"19.5

A: Sweet And Dandy
B: 54 46
Trojan UKTR 772619707"0 

A: Pressure Drop

Beverley's All Stars

B: Smoke Screen
Trojan UKTR 7709Jan 19707"29.3
The Maytals

A: Bla Bla Bla
B: Reborn
Trojan UKTR 7741Apr 19707"19.0

A: Water Melon
B: She's My Shocker
Trojan UKTR 7757May 19707"19.0
The Maytals

A: Dr. Lester
B: Sun, Noon And Star
Trojan UKTR 7786Sep 19707"210.0

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