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The Pebbles [Belgium] - Discography

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  Belgium  10
  Netherlands  6
  France  3
  UK  3
  USA  2
  Germany  1
  Spain  1
All Records  26
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The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: Seven Horses In The Sky
B: To The Rising Sun
Barclay BelgiumBE 111-302119697"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: Mackintosh
B: Street Named Love
Barclay BelgiumBE 6120719697"1 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: 24 Hours At The Border
B: Lynch Party
Barclay BelgiumBE 6129319707"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: To The Rising Sun
B: Is There No One
Barclay BelgiumBE 6139719717"1 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: Down At Kiki
B: Jelly Mama
Barclay BelgiumBE 6145519717"2 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: Some Kind Of Joker
B: You're My Sunshine
United Artists Belgium4C 006-9471819737"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: No Time At All
B: You Can Have The Thing Called Love
United Artists Belgium4C 006-9508819737"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: Huma La La La La
B: Geneveve
Cannon Belgium50137"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A: Incredible George
B: Playing Chess
Barclay BelgiumBE 610807"0 
The Pebbles [Belgium]

A1: Beggar
B1: Amontillado
B2: Fire (It's The Bosses Daughter)
Barclay BelgiumBE 615207"0 

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