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The Rattles - Discography

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  Germany  49
  UK  11
  Sweden  7
  USA  6
  France  4
  Japan  4
  Italy  3
  New Zealand  3
  Belgium  2
  Netherlands  2
  Spain  2
  Australia  1
  Iran  1
  Ireland  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  97
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The Rattles

Twist Im "Star-Club" - 3. Folge

A: Mashed Potatoes
B: Hello
Philips Germany345 593 PFApr 19637"110.0
The Rattles

Twist Im "Star-Club"

A: The Stomp
B: Zip-A Die Doo Dah
Philips Germany345 617 PFNov 19637"09.0
The Rattles

Star Club Sound Serie

A: The Stomp
B: Zip-A Die Doo Dah
Philips Germany345 617 PFNov 19637"1 
The Rattles

Twist Im "Star-Club" - 7. Folge

A: Bye Bye Johnny
B: Sticks And Stones
Philips Germany345 620 PFNov 19637"08.0
The Rattles

Twist Im "Star-Club" - 9. Folge

A: Go To Him
B: Cryin' Waitin' Hopin'
Philips Germany345 623 PFNov 19637"38.0
The Rattles

A: Baby, That Is Rock 'n Roll
B: Everybody Loves A Lover
Ariola Germany10 586 ATMar 19647"08.0
The Rattles

A: Tell Me What Can I Do
B: Sunbeam At The Sky
Ariola Germany10 638 ATApr 19647"09.0
The Rattles

A: What Do You Want With My Baby
B: My Gal Is Red Hot
Ariola Germany10 640 ATApr 19647"18.0
The Rattles

A: Bye Bye Johnny
B: Sweet Little Sixteen
Ariola Germany10 698 ATJul 19647"37.0
The Rattles

A: Geh´ zu ihm
B: Bye, Bye Baby
Star-Club Germany148 502 STFNov 19647"18.0
The Rattles

A: Do Wah Diddy Diddy
B: Betty Jean
Star-Club Germany148 503 STFNov 19647"17.0
The Rattles

Live At The Star-Club Hamburg

A1: Zip-A Dee Doo Dah
A2: The Stomp
B1: Baby That's Rock And Roll
B2: Go To Him
Philips Germany423 560 PENov 1964EP1 
The Rattles

A: Memphis Tennessee
B: Twist And Shout
Ariola Germany10 934 ATDec 19647"08.0
The Rattles

A: Shame, Shame, Shame
B: Someone Who Is Just Like You
Star-Club Germany148 512 STFJan 19657"07.0
The Rattles

A: Spanish Harlem
B: Bo Diddley
Ariola Germany18 010 ATJan 19657"07.0
The Rattles

A: La La La
B: There Goes My Heart Again
Star-Club Germany148 522 STFMar 19657"08.0
Johnny Hallyday Meets The Rattles

A: Lass Die Leute Doch Reden (Keep Searchin')
B: It's Monkeytime (Monkeyshine)
Philips Germany345 826 PFMay 19657"010.0
The Rattles

A: (Stopping In) Las Vegas
B: Lean Jean 17
Star-Club Germany148 541 STFNov 19657"09.0
The Rattles

A: Come On And Sing
B: Candy To Me
Star-Club Germany148 536 STFJan 19667"19.5
The "In" Crowd

A: Sha-La-La-La-Lee
B: Old McDonald
Star-Club Germany148 547 STFFeb 19667"78.0
The Rattles

A: Love Of My Life
B: Say Allright
Star-Club Germany148 555 STFJun 19667"210.0
The Fixx [Germany]

A: Land Of 1,000 Dances
B: Looking For The Right Girl
Top Ten Germany1101 WFAug 19667"07.0
Our Gang [Germany]

A: Take This Hammer
B: Tell Her
Top Ten Germany1102 WFAug 19667"07.5
The Rattles

A: It Is Love
B: Hey Sally
Star-Club Germany148 571 STFNov 19667"29.0
The Rattles

A: Cauliflower
B: I Will Always Stay Your Friend
Star-Club Germany148 583 STFMay 19677"19.0
The Rattles

A: Raindrop
B: I'll Catch Her
Fontana Germany269 364 TFDec 19677"010.0
The Rattles

A: After Tea
B: Thank You
Fontana Germany269 379 TFMay 19687"09.5
The Rattles

A: Fought The Lord
B: Lady Angeline
Fontana Germany269 384 TFSep 19687"07.5

A: Mr. ...
B: ...Keep Your Hands Off My Sister
Fontana Germany269 392 TFDec 19687"110.0
The Rattles

A: Geraldine
B: The Witch
Fontana Germany269 398 TFApr 19697"39.5
The Rattles

A: Lady Love
B: Ice On Fire
Fontana Germany269 407 TFOct 19697"05.0
The Rattles

A: Shop Fifteen
B: Yellow Shoepaste
Shop 15 Germany11161970Special Edition 7"06.7
The Rattles

A: Silly Lilly
B: Papa-San
Fontana Germany6004 001Mar 19707"07.0
The Rattles

Deutsche Funkausstellung 1970 Düsseldorf 21. Bis 30. August

A: Funk '70
B: Funk '70
Emton GermanyAA 6832 010.1 FJul 19707"1 

A: The Witch
B: Get Away
Fontana Germany6004 010Sep 19707"29.0

A: You Can't Have Sunshine Everyday
B: Where Is The Friend
Philips Germany6003 095Dec 19707"06.0

A: Devil's On The Loose
B: I Know You Don't Know
Philips Germany6003 170Sep 19717"28.0

A: Money Making Machine
B: Playing With Fire
Philips Germany6003 23319727"1 

A: Somethin' Else
B: What Do I Care
Philips Germany6003 27919737"0 

A: Alabama
B: Devil's Son
Philips Germany6003 30419737"0 

A: Hot Banana
B: Countryman's Blues
RCA GermanyPPBO-401519747"0 
The Rattles

Legendary Oldies

A: The Witch
B: Devil's On The Loose
Philips Germany6005 05119807"0 

A: Hot Wheels
B: Let's Act Together
Act / Mercury Germany872 037-719887"05.5

A: The Witch
B: Kingdom Of Love
Act / Mercury Germany872 532 - 719887"07.0
The Rattles

A: Hot Wheels
B: Mashed Potatoes
Act / Mercury Germany872 044-726 Sep 19887"0 

A: Little Miss Wunderbar (Remix '89)
B: Welcome Home
Act / Mercury Germany874 352-719897"04.0

A: Painted Warrior
B: One Night In Paris
RCA GermanyZB4362919907"0 

A: I Drove All Night
B: White Sharks In The Whirlpool
Titan Germany0260-719927"08.0

Appears On

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Teenbeat 1

The Rattles

A1: I'm Talkin' About You
A2: Got To Find My Baby

The Broomtown Band

B1: Good Golly Miss Molly

The Four Randers

B2: Hippy Hippy Shake
Ariola Germany41 173 CT1964EP0 

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