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The Rolling Stones - Discography

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See also Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood.
  USA  138
  UK  115
  Japan  93
  Netherlands  75
  France  73
  Germany  73
  Australia  70
  Canada  53
  Italy  48
  Belgium  36
  New Zealand  28
  Ireland  22
  Denmark  21
  Spain  20
More Countries (48 Total)All Records  1042
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The Rolling Stones

A: I Wanna Be Your Man
B: Stoned
Decca AustraliaY714619647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Not Fade Away
B: Little By Little
Decca AustraliaY714919647"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Poison Ivy
B: You Better Move On
Decca AustraliaY716419647"3 
The Rolling Stones

A: It's All Over Now
B: Good Times, Bad Times
Decca AustraliaY717119647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
B: I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Decca AustraliaY717219647"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Time Is On My Side
B: Congratulations
Decca AustraliaY718519647"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Little Red Rooster
B: Off The Hook
Decca AustraliaY719319647"1 
The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

A1: Bye Bye Johnny
A2: Money
B1: Poison Ivy
B2: You Better Move On
Decca AustraliaDFEA 8560Jul 1964EP0 
The Rolling Stones

Not Fade Away

A1: It's All Over Now
A2: Now I've Got A Witness
B1: Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
B2: Not Fade Away
Decca AustraliaDFEA-7519Aug 1964EP2 
The Rolling Stones

Five By Five

A1: If You Need Me
A2: Empty Heart
A3: 2120 South Michigan Avenue
B1: Confessin' The Blues
B2: Around And Around
Decca AustraliaDFEA-8590Nov 19647"0 
The Rolling Stones

Down The Road A-Piece

A1: Down The Road Apiece
A2: I Can't Be Satisfied
B1: Pain In My Heart
B2: You Can't Catch Me
Decca AustraliaDFEA-75221965EP0 
The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

A1: She Said "Yeah"
A2: Gotta Get Away
B1: Talkin' 'Bout You
B2: The Singer Not The Song
Decca AustraliaDFEA-75261965EP2 
The Rolling Stones

Ruby Tuesday

A1: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadows?
A2: Paint It Black
B1: Let's Spend The Night Together
B2: Ruby Tuesday
Decca AustraliaDFEA-75371965EP3 
The Rolling Stones

Got Live If You Want It!

A1: We Want The Stones
A2: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
A3: Pain In My Heart
A4: (Get Your Kicks) On Route 66
B1: I'm Moving On
B2: I'm Alright
Decca AustraliaDFEA-86201965EP0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Under The Boardwalk
B: Walking The Dog
Decca AustraliaY720019657"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: Heart Of Stone
B: What A Shame
Decca AustraliaY-720119657"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: The Last Time
B: Play With Fire
Decca AustraliaY721719657"19.0
The Rolling Stones

A: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Decca AustraliaY723719657"110.0
The Rolling Stones

A: Get Off Of My Cloud
B: I'm Free
Decca AustraliaY726119657"1 
The Rolling Stones

Route 66

A1: Mona
A2: Come On
B1: I Want To Be Loved
B2: Route 66
Decca AustraliaDFEA 7521Jan 1965EP1 
The Rolling Stones

A: As Tears Go By
B: 19th Nervous Breakdown
Decca AustraliaY728119667"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Fortune Teller
B: Sad Day
Decca AustraliaY729119667"6 
The Rolling Stones

A: Paint It, Black
B: Long Long While
Decca AustraliaY730019667"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Mother's Little Helper
B: Lady Jane
Decca AustraliaY731419667"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
B: Who's Driving Your Plane
Decca AustraliaY733019667"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Let's Spend The Night Together
B: Ruby Tuesday
Decca AustraliaY734319677"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: We Love You
B: Dandelion
Decca AustraliaY736719677"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: She's A Rainbow
B: 2000 Light Years From Home
Decca AustraliaY738519687"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Jumpin' Jack Flash
B: Child Of The Moon
Decca AustraliaY-837719687"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Street Fighting Man
B: No Expectations
Decca AustraliaY-849119687"2 
The Rolling Stones


A1: As Tears Go By
A2: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
B1: Fortune Teller
B2: 19th Nervous Breakdown
Decca AustraliaDFEA-75441969EP0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Honky Tonk Women
B: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Decca AustraliaY-8840Jul 19697"510.0
The Rolling Stones

Jumpin' Jack Flash

A1: Jumpin' Jack Flash
A2: Complicated
B1: Under the boardwalk
B2: Little Queenie
Decca AustraliaDFEA-75491971EP0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Brown Sugar
B: Bitch
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-1910019717"110.0
The Rolling Stones

A: Wild Horses
B: Sway
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-1910119717"1 
Rolling Stones

A: Little Queenie
B: Love In Vain
Decca AustraliaY-940919717"0 
The Rolling Stones

A1: Street Fighting Man
A2: Surprise, Surprise
B1: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
Decca AustraliaY-95771971EP6 
The Rolling Stones

A: Tumbling Dice
B: Sweet Black Angel
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS 1910319727"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: Angie
B: Silver Train
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-1910519737"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
B: Dancing With Mr. D
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-1910919747"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: It's Only Rock 'N' Roll
B: Through The Lonely Nights
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-1930119747"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Ain't Too Proud To Beg
B: Dance Little Sister
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-1911619757"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Out Of Time
B: Jiving Sister Fanny
Decca AustraliaY-109621 Dec 19757"0 
The Rolling Stones

A: Fool To Cry
B: Crazy Mama
Rolling Stones AustraliaRS-19305May 19767"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: Honky Tonk Women
B: Sympathy For The Devil
Decca AustraliaY-11129Jun 19767"0 
Rolling Stones

A: Miss You [3.31]
B: Faraway Eyes [3.43]
Rolling Stones AustraliaEMI-11727Jun 19787"3 
Rolling Stones

A: Miss You [4.50]
B: Faraway Eyes [4.25]
Rolling Stones AustraliaEMI-11727Jun 1978Promo Only 7"1 
Rolling Stones

A: Respectable
B: When The Whip Comes Down
Rolling Stones AustraliaEMI-1179925 Sep 19787"2 
The Rolling Stones

A: Emotional Rescue
B: Down In The Hole
Rolling Stones AustraliaRSR-287Jun 19807"1 
The Rolling Stones

A: She's So Cold
B: Send It To Me
Rolling Stones AustraliaRSR-374Oct 19807"0 

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