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The Seekers - Discography

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See also Judith Durham; Keith Potger; Bruce Woodley;The New Seekers
  Australia  35
  UK  28
  New Zealand  24
  Germany  16
  Netherlands  16
  USA  15
  Denmark  9
  Canada  8
  Rhodesia  8
  Ireland  7
  Norway  7
  South Africa  6
  France  5
  Japan  5
+ More Countries (25 Total)All Records  206
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The Seekers

A: Waltzing Matilda
B: Wild Rover
W & G AustraliaWG-S-177519637"1 
The Seekers

A: Myra
B: With My Swag All On My Shoulder
W & G AustraliaWG-S-186719647"6 
The Seekers

A: What Have They Done To The Rain
B: Chilly Winds
W & G AustraliaWG-S-232319647"0 
The Seekers

I'll Never Find Another You

A1: I'll Never Find Another You
A2: This Train
B1: Kumbaya
B2: Open Up Dem Pearly Gates
W & G AustraliaWG-E-23541965EP0 
The Seekers

A World Of Our Own

A1: A World Of Our Own
A2: Chilly Winds
B1: I'll Never Find Another You
B2: The Light From The Lighthouse
W & G AustraliaWG-E.24131965EP0 
The Seekers

Morningtown Ride

A1: Morningtown Ride
A2: Chilly Winds
B1: Gypsy Rover
B2: Plaisir D' Amour
W & G AustraliaWG-E-24681965EP0 
The Seekers

A: Cotton Fields
B: Isa Lei
W & G AustraliaWG-S-246719657"0 
The Seekers

A: I'll Never Find Another You
B: Open Up Them Pearly Gates
W & G AustraliaWG-S-2334Feb 19657"510.0
The Seekers

A: A World Of Our Own
B: Sinner Man
W & G AustraliaWG-S-2381Apr 19657"110.0
The Seekers

A: Morning Town Ride
B: Kumbaya
W & G AustraliaWG-S-2374Jul 19657"1 
The Seekers

A: The Carnival Is Over
B: We Shall Not Be Moved
Columbia AustraliaDO-4626Oct 19657"310.0
The Seekers

The Seekers

A1: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
A2: This Land Is Your Land
B1: Two Summers
B2: The Times They Are A' Changin'
Columbia AustraliaSEGO-84651966EP0 
The Seekers

Hits From The Seekers

A1: Someday, One Day
A2: Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen
B1: The Carnival Is Over
B2: We Shall Not Be Moved
Columbia AustraliaSEGO 84961966EP0 
The Seekers

A: Someday, Oneday
B: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Columbia AustraliaDO-4666Mar 19667"0 
The Seekers

A: Walk With Me
B: We're Moving On
Columbia AustraliaDO-4721Sep 19667"0 
The Seekers

A: On The Other Side
B: I Wish You Could Be Here
Columbia AustraliaDO-502219677"1 
The Seekers

A1: Morningtown Ride
A2: Red Rubber Ball
B1: Walk With Me
B2: We're Moving On
Columbia AustraliaSEGO-85221967EP0 
The Seekers

A: Shake Up The Party Myra

Judith Durham

B: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
W & G AustraliaWG-S-807919677"3 
The Seekers

A: Georgy Girl
B: When The Stars Begin To Fall
Columbia AustraliaDO-4750Jan 19677"19.0
The Seekers

A: When Will The Good Apples Fall
B: Myra
Columbia AustraliaDO-5033Nov 19677"28.5
The Seekers

A: Emerald City
B: Music Of The World A Turnin'
Columbia AustraliaDO-5053Dec 19677"0 
The Seekers Featuring Judith Durham

A: Days Of My Life
B: Study War No More
Columbia AustraliaDO-836519687"0 
The Seekers

Georgy Girl

A1: On The Other Side
A2: Emerald City
B1: When Will The Good Apples Fall
B2: Georgy Girl
Columbia AustraliaSEGO-701501968EP0 
The Seekers

A: Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine
B: All I Can Remember
Columbia AustraliaDO-8308Apr 19687"0 
The Seekers

A: Kumbaya
B: This Land Is Your Land
Philips AustraliaBF-43319697"0 
The Seekers

A World Of Our Own

A1: I'll Never Find Another You
A2: Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine
B1: With My Swag All On My Shoulder
B2: A World Of Our Own
Columbia AustraliaSEGO-701801969EP0 
The Seekers

A: Sparrow Song
B: Every Road Leads Back To You
Astor AustraliaA-7247May 19757"6 
The Seekers

A: Reunion
B: Break These Chains
Astor AustraliaA-7259Oct 19757"0 
The Seekers

A: We Saw It All With Trans Tours (New Zealand Version)
B: We Saw It All With Trans Tours (Fiji Version)
EMI [Custom Pressing] AustraliaPRS-247919767"2 
The Seekers

A: Where In The World
B: If I Could Write A Fairy Tale
Astor AustraliaA-7266May 19767"0 
The Seekers

A: Giving And Taking
B: Country Rose
Astor AustraliaA-7271Jun 19767"0 
The Seekers

A: Vagabond
B: England
Astor AustraliaA-728519777"0 
The Seekers

A: The Loving Goes Drifting Away
B: Circle Of Life
Astor AustraliaA-7291Nov 19777"0 
The Seekers

A: Building Bridges
B: Georgy Girl
Polydor Australia871 994-7Mar 19897"0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Kevin Shegog

A: One Small Photograph

The Seekers

B: Waltzing Matilda
Sate Recordings Ltd. AustraliaAcetate1 

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