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The Shadows - Discography

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See Cliff Richard And The Shadows or Cliff Richard And The Drifters for their releases backing Sir Cliff

Also see Tony Meehan; Jet Harris; Marvin, Welch And Farrar; Hank Marvin, etc.
  UK  106
  Australia  52
  Germany  51
  Netherlands  48
  New Zealand  32
  Denmark  28
  France  28
  Italy  18
  Ireland  17
  Canada  14
  Sweden  12
  USA  12
  Norway  9
  South Africa  7
More Countries (30 Total)All Records  464
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Expresso Bongo

Cliff Richard

A1: The Shrine On The Second Floor

The Shadows

A2: Bongo Blues

Cliff Richard

B1: Love-
B2: A Voice In The Wilderness
Columbia ItalySEMQ 1621959EP08.0
The Shadows

A: Apache
B: Quatermasster's Stores
Columbia ItalySCMQ 139019 Sep 19607"0 
The Shadows

A: The Stranger
B: Man Of Mystery
Columbia ItalySCMQ 145319617"0 
The Shadows

A: Back Home
B: The Frightened City
Columbia ItalySCMQ 148119617"0 
The Shadows

A: F. B. I.
B: Midnight
Columbia ItalySCMQ 149919617"2 
The Shadows

A: Kon Tiki
B: 36-24-36
Columbia ItalySCMQ 152919617"0 
The Shadows

A: Gonzales
B: Blue Star
Columbia ItalySCMQ 153619617"0 
The Shadows

A: Gonzales
B: Sleep Walk
Columbia ItalySCMQ-153619617"2 
The Shadows

A: The Savage
B: Peace Pipe
Columbia ItalySCMQ 154419617"0 
The Shadows

A1: Apache
A2: Man Of Mystery
B1: The Stranger
B2: F.B.I.
Columbia ItalySEMQ 1971961EP0 
The Shadows

A: Wonderful Land
B: Stars Fell On Stockton
Columbia ItalySCMQ 157119627"0 
The Shadows

A: Guitar Tango
B: Theme From Shane
Columbia ItalySCMQ 160019627"010.0
The Shadows

A: Theme From "The Boys"
B: The Boys
Columbia ItalySCMQ 161919627"09.0
The Shadows

A: Dance On
B: All Day
Columbia ItalySCMQ 163919627"09.0
The Shadows

A: Atlantis
B: I Want You To Want Me
Columbia ItalySCMQ 169319637"09.0
The Shadows

A: Shindig
B: It's Been A Blue Day
Columbia ItalySCMQ 170919637"010.0
The Shadows

A: Santa Ana
B: The Windjammer
Columbia ItalySCMQ 187330 Jul 19657"0 
The Shadows

Eurofestival 75

A: Let Me Be The One
B: Stand Up Like A Man
EMI Italy3C 006-0585224 Mar 19757"09.0

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