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The Shamen - Discography

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  UK  22
  Belgium  2
  Denmark  1
  Italy  1
All Records  26
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The Shamen

Wayward Wednesday In May Affair

A1: Four Letter Girl
A2: Stay In Bed
Skipping Kitten UKSKIT 1May 1986Flexi0 
The Shamen

A1: Young Till Yesterday
B1: World Theatre
B2: Golden Hair
Moksha UKSOMA 1Nov 19867"1 
The Shamen

A: Something About You
B: Do What You Will
Moksha UKSOMA 2May 19877"0 
The Shamen

A: Christopher Mayhew Says
B: Shitting On Britain
Moksha UKSOMA 3Sep 19877"0 
The Shamen

A: Knature Of A Girl
B: Happy Days
Moksha UKSOMA 4Feb 19887"1 
The Shamen

A: Jesus Loves Amerika
[none] UK23 May 1988Promo Only 7"0 
The Shamen

A: Jesus Loves Amerika
B: Darkness In Zion
Ediesta UKCALC 069Jun 19887"09.0
The Shamen

A1: Synergy
B1: Misinformation
B2: Adam Strange
Demon UKD 1063PDec 1988Promo Only 7"0 
The Shamen

A: You, Me And Everything
B: Reraptyouare
Moksha UKSOMA 6Apr 19897"0 
The Shamen

The S&N Sessions

A: Knature Of A Girl
B: Happy Days
Moksha UKSOMA 7May 1989Bonus 7"0 
The Shamen

A: Pro>Gen (Beatmasters Mix)
B: Pro>Gen (Dub Edit)
One Little Indian UK36 TP726 Mar 19907"1 
The Shamen

A: Make It Mine (V 1.3 Lenny D Vox)
B: Make It Mine (V 2.1 Evil Ed)
One Little Indian UK46 TP710 Sep 19907"0 
The Shamen

A: Hyperreal (Orbit Edit)
B: Hyperreal (LP Edit)
One Little Indian UK48 TP725 Mar 19917"1 
The Shamen

Move Any Mountain - Progen 91

A: Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)
B: Move Any Mountain (Rude Edit)
One Little Indian UK52 TP7Jul 19917"19.0
The Shamen

A: L.S.I. (Beat Edit)
B: L.S.I. (Alternative Edit)
One Little Indian UK68 TP7Jun 19927"19.0
The Shamen

A: Ebeneezer Goode (Beat Edit)
B: Ebeneezer Goode (Shamen Dub)
One Little Indian UK78 TP724 Aug 19927"39.0
The Shamen

A: Boss Drum (Beatmasters Radio Mix)
B: Possible Worlds
One Little Indian UK88 TP7DOct 1992Promo Only 7"0 
The Shamen

A1: Boss Drum (The Beatmasters Radio Mix)
A2: Boss Drum (The Shamen 12 Inch Mix
B1: Omega Amigo (Steve Osborne Mix)
B2: Boss Drum (Justin Robertson Lion Rock Mix)
One Little Indian UK88 TP731 Oct 1992EP0 
The Shamen

A: Phorever People (Beatmasters Heavenly Edit)
B: Hyperreal Orbit
One Little Indian UK98 TP7DDec 1992Promo Only 7"2 
The Shamen

A1: Phorever People (Beatmasters Heavenly Edit)
A2: Phorever People (Shamen Mix)
B1: Phorever People (Shamen Dub)
B2: Hyperreal Orbit
One Little Indian UK98 TP77 Dec 19927"18.0

Appears On

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Given Away With Sniffin' Rock #9

The Fall

A1: Guest Informant (Live In Vienna)

The Shamen

B1: Christopher Mayhew Says

Silver Chapter

B2: Teenage Screamer
Sniffin' Rock UKSR 006A7Jul 1989Bonus 7"0 
The Shamen

A1: Purple Haze

Sleeping Dogs Wake

A2: This Little Piggy

The Sugarcubes

B1: Cindy

Kitchens Of Distinction

B2: Margaret's Injection


B3: Voulez Vous
The Catalogue UKCAT 074Sep 1989Flexi0 

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