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  USA  99
  UK  43
  Canada  29
  Australia  28
  Netherlands  22
  France  17
  New Zealand  13
  Japan  6
  Germany  5
  Sweden  5
  Chile  4
  Israel  4
  Spain  4
  Denmark  3
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The Shirelles

A: I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde)
B: I Want You To Be My Boyfriend
Tiara [New York] USAT45-6112Feb 19587"310.0 
The Shirelles

A: I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde-Ronde)
B: I Want You To Be My Boyfriend
Decca USA9-30588Mar 19587"109.0 
The Shirelles

A: My Love Is A Charm
B: Slop Time
Decca USA9-30669Jun 19587"69.0 
The Shirelles

A: I Got The Message
B: Stop Me
Decca USA9-30761Nov 19587"1  
The Shirelles

A: Dedicated To The One I Love
B: Look A Here Baby
Scepter USA1203May 19597"119.3 
The Shirelles

A: A Teardrop And A Lollipop
B: Doin' The Ronde
Scepter USA1205Sep 19597"39.0 

A: Please Be My Boyfriend
B: I Saw A Tear
Scepter USA1207Feb 19607"0  
The Shirelles

A: The Dance Is Over
B: Tonight's The Night
Scepter USA1208Apr 19607"49.8 
The Shirelles

A: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
B: Boys
Scepter USA1211Nov 19607"1110.0$10
The Shirelles

A: I Met Him On Sunday (Ronde-Ronde)
B: My Love Is A Charm
Decca USA25506Feb 19617"3  
The Shirelles

A: Mama Said
B: Blue Holiday
Scepter USA1217Apr 19617"69.8 
The Shirelles

A: What A Sweet Thing That Was
B: A Thing Of The Past
Scepter USA1220Jun 19617"48.4 
The Shirelles

A: Big John
B: Twenty-One
Scepter USA1223Sep 19617"69.0 
The Shirelles

A: Baby It's You
B: The Things I Want To Hear (Pretty Words)
Scepter USA1227Nov 19617"39.3 
The Shirelles

A: Soldier Boy
B: Love Is A Swingin' Thing
Scepter USA1228Mar 19627"69.3 
The Shirelles

A: Welcome Home Baby
B: Mama, Here Comes The Bride
Scepter USA1234Jun 19627"37.0 
The Shirelles

A: It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run)
B: Stop The Music
Scepter USA1237Aug 19627"79.3 
The Shirelles

A: Everybody Loves A Lover
B: I Don't Think So
Scepter USA1243Nov 19627"29.0 
The Shirelles

A: Everybody Loves A Lover
B: Everybody Loves A Lover
Scepter USA1243Nov 1962Promo Only 7"1  
The Shirelles

A: Foolish Little Girl
B: Not For All The Money In The World
Scepter USA1248Mar 19637"59.1 
The Shirelles

A: Don't Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye
B: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Scepter USA1255Jun 19637"58.0 
The Shirelles

A: What Does A Girl Do?
B: Don't Let It Happen To Us
Scepter USA1259Aug 19637"210.0 
The Shirelles

A: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
B: 31 Flavors
Scepter USA1260Oct 19637"810.0 
The Shirelles

A: Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me
B: 20th Century Rock N' Roll
Scepter USA1264Dec 19637"610.0 
The Shirelles

A: Sha-La-La
B: His Lips Get In The Way
Scepter USA1267Mar 19647"38.5 
The Shirelles

A: Thank You Baby
B: Dooms Day
Scepter USA127829 Jun 19647"57.0 
The Shirelles

A: Maybe Tonight
B: Lost Love
Scepter USA1284Oct 19647"27.0 
The Shirelles

A: Are You Still My Baby
B: I Saw A Tear
Scepter USA1292Dec 19647"27.0 
The Shirelles

A: Shhh, I'm Watching The Movie
B: A Plus B
Scepter USA1296Mar 1965Unreleased3  
The Shirelles

A: March (You'll Be Sorry)
B: Everybody's Goin' Mad
Scepter USASR 12101May 19657"36.0 

A: My Heart Belongs To You
B: Love That Man
Scepter USASCE 12114Sep 19657"27.0 
The Shirelles

A: Soldier Boy
B: (Mama) My Soldier Boy Is Coming Home
Scepter USASCE 12123Dec 19657"010.0 
The Shirelles

A: I Met Him On A Sunday - '66
B: Love That Man
Scepter USASCE 12132Feb 19667"28.5 
The Shirelles

A: Till My Baby Comes Home
B: Que Sera Sera
Scepter USASCE 12150Jun 19667"1  
The Shirelles

A: When The Boys Talk About The Girls
B: Shades Of Blue
Scepter USASCE 12162Sep 19667"87.5 
The Shirelles

A: After Midnight
B: Shades Of Blue
Scepter USASCE 12162Sep 1966Promo Only 7"4  
The Shirelles

A: Teasin' Me
B: Look Away
Scepter USASCE 12178Nov 19667"27.0 
The Shirelles

A: Don't Go Home (My Little Darlin')
B: Nobody Baby After You
Scepter USASCE 12185Jan 19677"28.0 
The Shirelles

A: Bright Shiny Colors
B: Too Much Of A Good Thing
Scepter USASCE-12192Apr 19677"1  
The Shirelles

A: Last Minute Miracle
B: No Doubt About It
Scepter USASCE-1219826 Jun 19677"69.0$63
The Shirelles

A: Wild And Sweet
B: Wait Till I Give The Signal
Scepter USASCE-12209Jan 19687"0  
The Shirelles

A: Don't Mess With Cupid
B: Sweet Sweet Lovin'
Blue Rock USAB-4051Jun 19687"2  

A: Soldier Boy
B: My Heart Belongs To You
Hip Pocket USAH.P. 30Jun 1968Flexi0  
The Shirelles

A: Call Me (If You Want Me)
B: There's A Storm Going On In My Heart
Blue Rock USAB-4066Nov 19687"27.0 
The Shirelles

A: Call Me (If You Want Me) [Mono]
B: Call Me (If You Want Me) [Stereo]
Blue Rock USADJB-4Nov 1968Promo Only 7"0  
Shirley And The Shirelles

A: A Most Unusual Boy
B: Look What You've Done To My Heart
Bell USA760Jan 19697"18.0$19
Shirley And The Shirelles

A: Playthings
B: Looking Glass
Bell USA787Apr 19697"1  
Shirley And The Shirelles

A: Go Away And Find Yourself
B: Never Give You Up (Never Gonna Give You Up)
Bell USA815Aug 19697"3  
The Shirelles

A: There Goes My Baby - Be My Baby
B: Strange, I Still Love You
United Artists USAUA 50648Mar 19707"2  
The Shirelles

A: It's Gonna Take A Miracle
B: Lost
United Artists USAUA 50693Jul 19707"3  

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