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The Spinners [UK] - Discography

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The Spinners [UK]

A: On Ilkla Moor Baht At
B: Green Grow The Rushes O
Columbia UKDB 4048Dec 19577"69.0
The Spinners [UK]

A: This Old Man (Nick-Nack-Paddy-Whack)
B: Alive And Kicking
Columbia UKDB 4243Jan 19597"2 
The Spinners [UK]

Songs Spun In Liverpool

A1: Whip Jamboree
A2: The Liverpool Barrow Boy
A3: Hayarden
B1: The Champion Of The Seas
B2: Judy Drownded
B3: John Peel
Topic UKTOP 691961EP3 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Maggie May
B: Linstead Market
Fontana UKTF 450Mar 19647"4 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Dirty Old Town
B: Fi-Li-Mi-Oo-Re-Ay
Fontana UKTF 4944 Sep 19647"1 
The Spinners [UK]

A: I've Been On The Road
B: Blue Nose
Fontana UKTF 54326 Feb 19657"1 
The Spinners [UK]

A: The Orange And The Green
B: Mrs Houlighan's Christmas Cake
Fontana UKTF 616Oct 19657"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Amen
B: Shine Eye Gal
Fontana UKTF 629Nov 19657"1 
The Spinners [UK]

The Singing City

A1: The Orange And The Green
A2: The Leaving Of Liverpool
B1: In My Liverpool Home
B2: Dirty Old Town
Fontana UKTE 174681966EP0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: The Family Of Man
B: Shortness Of Sight
Fontana UKTF 720Jul 19667"2 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Seth Davey
B: All For Me Grog
Fontana UKTF 758Oct 19667"1 
The Spinners [UK]

The City Sings Back

A1: Maggie May
A2: Marco Polo
B1: Liverpool Lullaby
B2: The Harriers Song
Fontana UKTE.174871967EP0 
The Spinners [UK]

Flowers Of Manchester

A1: Flowers Of Manchester
A2: Sunshine
B1: Droylsden Wakes
B2: Manchester Rambler
Fontana UKTE.174931967EP0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Theme From 'Funeral In Berlin'
B: Diamonds And Pearls
Fontana UKTF 80717 Mar 19677"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Uncle Sigmund's Clockwork Storybook (Stop, Look, Listen)
B: Mechanical Blackbird
Fontana UKTF 888Nov 19677"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: When The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire
B: Hold 'Im Joe
Fontana UKTF 10189 May 19697"3 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Why-O
B: The Fox
Fontana UKTF 106214 Nov 19697"1 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Black And White
B: Strangest Dream
Philips UK6006 09029 Jan 19717"37.0
The Spinners [UK]

A: Malaika
B: If I Had The Wings Of A Dove
Philips UK6006 1914 Feb 19727"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Here's To The Couple
B: Deep Blue Sea
EMI UKEMI 206912 Oct 19737"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Castles In The Air
B: Lamorna
EMI UKEMI 224824 Jan 19757"210.0
The Spinners [UK]

A: In My Liverpool Home
B: Liverpool Lullaby
Philips UK6006 45211 Apr 19757"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A: The Last Thing On My Mind
B: We Shall Not Be Moved
EMI UKEMI 26765 Aug 19777"1 
The Spinners [UK]

A: The Wind Is Blowing
B: The Wren Boys Song
PRT UK7P 316Oct 19847"0 
The Spinners [UK]

A1: Liverpool Lou
A2: Going To The Zoo
B1: Island In The Sun
PRT UK7P 353May 19867"1 
The Spinners [UK]

A: Hold Out Your Hand (To Your Neighbour)

Els Valldemossas

B: Les Mans Al Cel
Lyntone UKITP 00119877"1 

Appears On

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'Here's To The Couple' A Tribute By The Original Artists

Sheila Southern With The Michael Sammes Singers

A1: White Wedding

Ruby Murray, Michael Holliday, Eddie Calvert

A2: Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You

The Spinners [UK]

B1: Here's To The Couple

Solomon King

B2: She Wears My Ring
EMI UKMIEP 4001May 1981EP1 

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