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The Sports - Discography

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  Australia  16
  UK  4
  USA  3
  Netherlands  2
  Germany  1
All Records  26
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The Sports

Fair Game

A1: (Right) Thru Her Heart
A2: Twist Senorita
B1: In Trouble With The Girls
B2: Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
Zak AustraliaZR 0011977EP0 
The Sports

A: Boys! (What Did The Detective Say?)
B: Modern Don Juan
Mushroom AustraliaK-7089Mar 19787"0 
The Sports

A1: When You Walk In The Room
B1: True Stories
B2: Taxi Rank
Mushroom AustraliaK7187Jul 19787"16.0
The Sports

A: Who Listens To The Radio
B: So Obvious
Mushroom AustraliaK7300Oct 19787"0 
The Sports

A: Reckless
B: Mailed It To Your Sister
Mushroom AustraliaL368441979Bonus 7"1 
The Sports

A: Don't Throw Stones (Edited Version)
B: Terror Hits
Mushroom AustraliaK7383Feb 19797"0 
The Sports

A: Suspicious Minds
B: Bruises
Mushroom AustraliaK7463Apr 19797"0 
The Sports

A1: Wedding Ring
A2: Live, Work And Play
B1: Little Girl
B2: Radio Show
Mushroom AustraliaK7609Aug 19797"0 
The Sports

A: Poor Mouth
B: Heart Of Darkness
Mushroom AustraliaL371311980Bonus 7"0 
The Sports

A: Strangers On A Train
B: Can't Ever Decide (Live)
Mushroom AustraliaK7767Jan 19807"0 
The Sports

A1: Perhaps
B1: Regular
B2: Daddy's Little Thief
Mushroom AustraliaK7907Apr 19807"0 
The Sports

A: Stop The Baby Talking!
B: Big City Lights
Mushroom AustraliaK-8098Oct 19807"0 
The Sports

A: How Come
B: Drug Sluts
Mushroom AustraliaK-8237Mar 19817"1 
The Sports

A: When We Go Out Tonight
B: Some Brass Thing
Mushroom AustraliaK-8388Jul 19817"0 
The Sports

A: Sunshine Superman
B: Cargo Cult
Mushroom AustraliaK-8497Oct 19817"0 
The Sports

A: Black Stockings (For Chelsea)
B: Last House On The Left
Mushroom AustraliaK-8945Nov 19827"0 

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