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The Supremes - Discography

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  USA  111
  UK  73
  Netherlands  54
  Germany  46
  Australia  38
  Canada  35
  Italy  23
  New Zealand  23
  France  19
  Spain  18
  Sweden  16
  Japan  15
  Ireland  12
  Norway  12
More Countries (33 Total)All Records  537
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The Supremes

A: When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
B: Standing At The Crossroads Of Love
His Master's Voice AustraliaEA-461219647"0 
The Supremes

A: Where Did Our Love Go
B: He Means The World To Me
Stateside AustraliaOSS-13319647"0 
The Supremes

A: Baby Love
B: Ask Any Girl
Stateside AustraliaOSS-14619647"0 
The Supremes

Baby Love

A1: When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
A2: Come See About Me
B1: Where Did Our Love Go
B2: Baby Love
Stateside AustraliaOSE-10011965EP2 
The Supremes

A: Come See About Me
B: Always In My Heart
Stateside AustraliaOSS-15319657"1 
The Supremes

A: Stop! In The Name Of Love
B: I'm In Love Again
Stateside AustraliaOSS-16819657"2 
The Supremes

A: Back In My Arms Again
B: Whisper You Love Me, Boy
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-10519657"09.0
The Supremes

A: Nothing But Heartaches
B: He Holds His Own
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-11219657"0 
The Supremes

A: I Hear A Symphony
B: Who Could Ever Doubt My Love
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-11619657"0 
The Supremes

I Hear A Symphony

A1: Stop! In The Name Of Love
A2: I'm In Love Again
B1: Back In My Arms Again
B2: I Hear A Symphony
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMEO-10011966EP1 
The Supremes


A1: Shake
A2: Chain Gang
B1: Havin' A Party
B2: Good News
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMEO-10021966EP0 
The Supremes

You Can't Hurry Love

A1: Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
A2: You Keep Me Hangin' On
B1: There's No Stopping Us Now
B2: You Can't Hurry Love
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMEO-10041966EP0 
The Supremes

A: My World Is Empty Without You
B: Everything Is Good About You
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-11819667"0 
The Supremes

A: Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
B: He's All I Got
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-12819667"1 
The Supremes

A: You Can't Hurry Love
B: Put Yourself In My Place
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-14219667"0 
The Supremes

A: You Keep Me Hangin' On
B: Remove This Doubt
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-14619667"010.0
The Supremes

Supremes A Happening

A1: This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)
A2: Hang On, Sloopy
B1: I Can't Help Myself
B2: The Happening
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMEO-10051967EP0 
The Supremes

A: Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
B: There's No Stopping Us Now
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-15519677"2 
The Supremes

A: The Happening
B: All I Know About You
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-16219677"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: Reflections
B: Going Down For A Third Time
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-17519677"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: In And Out Of Love
B: I Guess I'll Always Love You
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-18619677"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: Forever Came Today
B: Time Changes Things
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-831119687"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: Some Things You Never Get Used To
B: You've Been So Wonderful To Me
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-839819687"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: Love Child
B: Will This Be The Day
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-8560Nov 19687"37.0
Diana Ross And The Supremes

Love Child

A1: Reflections
A2: Forever Came Today
B1: Time Changes Things
B2: Love Child
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMEO-10101969EP0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: I'm Livin' In Shame
B: I'm So Glad I Got Somebody (Like You Around)
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-866519697"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: The Composer
B: The Beginning Of The End
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-878019697"0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A: Someday We'll Be Together
B: He's My Sonny Boy
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-896419697"1 
The Supremes

A: Up The Ladder To The Roof
B: Bill, When Are You Coming Home
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-908619707"0 
The Supremes

A: Everybody's Got The Right To Love
B: But I Love You More
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-917719707"0 
The Supremes

A: Stoned Love
B: Shine On Me
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-930519 Nov 19707"1 
The Supremes And Four Tops

A: River Deep, Mountain High
B: Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-932419717"0 
The Supremes And The Four Tops

A: You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart
B: I'm Glad About It
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-955219717"0 
The Supremes

A: Nathan Jones
B: Happy (Is A Bumpy Road)
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-9516Jun 19717"1 
The Supremes

Nathan Jones

A1: Nathan Jones
A2: Touch
B1: Floy Joy
B2: Automatically Sunshine
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMEO-10171972EP0 
The Supremes

A: Floy Joy
B: This Is The Story
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-98193 Feb 19727"1 
The Supremes

A: I Guess I'll Miss The Man
B: Over And Over
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-1003419747"0 
The Supremes

A: Early Morning Love
B: I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking
Tamla Motown AustraliaTMO-1116019757"0 

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