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The Tams - Discography

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  USA  46
  UK  16
  Canada  8
  Australia  3
  France  3
  Germany  3
  Ireland  2
  Netherlands  2
  New Zealand  2
  Belgium  1
  Norway  1
  Portugal  1
  Sweden  1
  Turkey  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  91
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The Tams

A: Vacation Time
B: If Love Were Like Rivers
Heritage USA10119617"0 
The Tams

A: Untie Me
B: Disillusioned
Arlen [Philadelphia] USA7-11Aug 19627"210.0
The Tams

A: Deep Inside Me
B: If You're So Smart (Why Do You Have A Broken Heart)
Arlen [Philadelphia] USA717Dec 19627"15.0
The Tams

A: You'll Never Know
B: Blue Shadows
Arlen [Philadelphia] USA720Mar 19637"0 
The Tams

A: Find Another Love
B: Don't Ever Go
Arlen [Philadelphia] USA729Jun 19637"0 
The Tams

A: What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
B: Laugh It Off
ABC-Paramount USA45-10502Nov 19637"4 
The Tams

A: You Lied To Your Daddy
B: It's All Right (You're Just In Love)
ABC-Paramount USA45-10533Mar 19647"1 
The Tams

A: Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
B: Take Away
ABC-Paramount USA45-10573Jun 19647"1 
The Tams

A: Silly Little Girl
B: Weep Little Girl
ABC-Paramount USA45-10601Oct 19647"1 
The Tams

A: Find Another Love

The Tams With Little Floyd

B: My Baby Loves Me
General American [Philadelphia] USA714Oct 19647"0 
The Tams

A: Why Did My Little Girl Cry
B: The Truth Hurts
ABC-Paramount USA45-10614Jan 19657"0 
The Tams

A: Unlove You
B: What Do You Do (When Your Lover Leaves You)
ABC-Paramount USA45-10635Mar 19657"0 
The Tams

A: Concrete Jungle
B: Till The End Of Time
ABC-Paramount USA45-10702Jul 19657"0 
The Tams

A: I've Been Hurt
B: Carryin' On
ABC-Paramount USA45-10741Oct 19657"1 
The Tams

A: Untie Me
B: Find Another Love
King USA45-6012Oct 19657"58.0
The Tams

A: Got To Get Used To A Broken Heart
B: Riding For A Fall
ABC-Paramount USA45-10779Mar 19667"0 
The Tams

A: Holding On
B: It Is Better To Have Loved A Little
ABC USA45-10825Aug 19667"1 
The Tams

A: Shelter
B: Get Away (Leave Me Alone)
ABC USA45-10885Dec 19667"2 
The Tams

A: Breaking Up
B: How 'Bout It
ABC USA45-10929Apr 19677"3 
The Tams

A: Mary, Mary, Row Your Boat
B: Everything Else Is Gone
ABC USA45-10956Jul 19677"1 
The Tams

A: A Little More Soul
B: All My Hard Times
ABC USA45-11019Dec 19677"2 
The Tams

A: Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy
B: That Same Old Song
ABC USA45-11066Apr 19687"110.0
The Tams

A: Trouble Maker
B: Laugh At The World
ABC USA45-11128Sep 19687"2 
The Tams

A: Sunshine, Rainbow, Blue Sky, Brown Eyed Girl
B: There's A Great Big Change In Me
ABC USA45-11183Mar 19697"1 
The Tams

A: Love, Love, Love
B: Love Maker
ABC USA45-11228Jul 19697"0 
The Tams

A: Too Much Foolin' Around
B: How Long Love
123 USA1726Jun 19707"2 
The Tams

A: The Tams Medley
B: Wire Help
Capitol USA3050Feb 19717"0 
The Tams

A: Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me
B: Weep Little Girl
Dunhill USAD-4290Oct 19717"0 
The Tams

A: Numbers
B: Long Distance Operator
Apt USA45-26010Apr 19727"0 
The Tams

A: Numbers [Mono]
B: Numbers [Stereo]
Apt USAAPT-26010Apr 1972Promo Only 7"0 
The Tams

A: What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
B: Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
Roulette Golden Goodies Hits Series USAGG-14019737"0 
The Tams

A: Don't You Just Know It
B: Making Music
ABC USAABC 11358Apr 19737"27.0
The Tams

A: Don't You Just Know It [Mono]
B: Don't You Just Know It [Stereo]
ABC USAABC-11358Apr 1973Promo Only 7"0 
The Tams

A: This Precious Moment
B: Hey Girl Don't Bother Me (Disco Version)
Sounds South USASO 1409819787"0 

A: You Lied To Your Daddy
B: Laugh It Off
Ripete USAR-10519807"0 
The Tams

A: Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven
B: It Happens Everytime
Ripete USAR45-101419827"0 
The Tams

A: My Baby Sure Can Shag
B: Making True Love
Compleat USACP-109Jul 19837"0 
The Tams

A1: Too Much Foolin' Around
A2: Concrete Jungle

Sam And Dave

B1: No More Pain
B2: It Was Nice While It Lasted
Ripete USAREP-10351991EP0 
The Tams Featuring Joe Pope

A: Down And Dirty Love

The Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose

B: Let's Catch Up On Some Lovin'
Surfside USASR92040119927"1 
The Tams

A: What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
B: Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
MCA USAD-24007"0 
The Tams

A: Tell You For The Last Times
B: Hideaway
Passion USAP-1237"0 
The Tams

A: I've Been Hurt

Little Walter And The The Truetones

B: Come On Back To Me
Ripete USAR45-1207"0 
Bertie Higgins

A: Key Largo

The Tams

B: Tams Medley
Ripete USAR45-2417"3 
The Tams

A: Tam's Tunes
B: I've Been Hurt
Wonder [Georgia] USAWR 10017"0 

Appears On

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Carl Gardner And The Coasters

A1: If I Had A Hammer

The Tams

B1: It's Better To Have Loved

Clarence Carter

B2: Can We Slip Away Again
Ripete USAREP-10391992EP0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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The Impressions

A: You've Been Cheating

The Tams

B: Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy
ABC USA45-10869Bootleg / Repro 7"4 

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