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The Tremeloes - Discography

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See also Brian Poole And The Tremeloes
  UK  43
  Germany  34
  Netherlands  33
  USA  23
  New Zealand  14
  Norway  13
  France  11
  Ireland  9
  Australia  8
  Rhodesia  8
  Spain  8
  Canada  5
  Denmark  5
  Italy  5
+ More Countries (29 Total)All Records  248
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The Tremeloes

A: Blessed
B: The Right Time
Decca UKF 1242310 Jun 19667"05.5
The Tremeloes

A: Good Day Sunshine
B: What A State I'm In
CBS UK202242Aug 19667"39.0
Simon And Garfunkel

A: The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

The Tremeloes

B: Here Comes My Baby
CBS Special Products UKWB 72819677"38.0
The Tremeloes

A: Here Comes My Baby
B: Gentleman Of Pleasure
CBS UK20251913 Jan 19677"78.5
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Let Your Hair Hang Down
CBS UK272321 Apr 19677"119.7
The Tremeloes

A: Even The Bad Times Are Good
B: Jenny's Alright
CBS UK2930Aug 19677"59.0
The Tremeloes

A: Be Mine (Mi Seguirai)
B: Suddenly Winter
CBS UK304327 Oct 19677"210.0
The Party Starter

The Tremeloes

A: Even The Bad Times Are Good

Anita Harris

B: The Clapping Song
CBS Special Products UKWB 73519687"07.0
The Tremeloes

A: Suddenly You Love Me
B: As You Are
CBS UK323412 Jan 19687"118.7
The Tremeloes

A: Helule Helule
B: Girl From Nowhere
CBS UK28893 May 19687"39.0
The Tremeloes

A: My Little Lady
B: All The World To Me
CBS UK3680Sep 19687"35.7
The Tremeloes

My Little Lady

A1: My Little Lady
A2: Helule Helule
B1: Suddenly You Love Me
B2: Even The Bad Times Are Good
CBS UKEP 6402Nov 1968EP0 
The Tremeloes

A: I Shall Be Released
B: I Miss My Baby
CBS UK387329 Nov 19687"2 
The Tremeloes

A: Hello World
B: Up, Down, All Around
CBS UK40657 Mar 19697"37.7
The Tremeloes

A: Once On A Sunday Morning (Cuando Sali De Cuba)
B: Fa La La, La La, La Le
CBS UK431313 Jun 19697"18.0
The Tremeloes

A: (Call Me) Number One
B: Instant Whip
CBS UK458217 Oct 19697"19.0
The Tremeloes

A: By The Way
B: Breakheart Motel
CBS UK481527 Feb 19707"28.0
The Tremeloes

A: Me And My Life
B: Try Me
CBS UK513921 Aug 19707"29.0
The Tremeloes

A: Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham
B: Take It Easy
CBS UK542922 Jan 19717"1 
The Tremeloes

A: Hello Buddy
B: My Woman
CBS UKCBS 729418 Jun 19717"010.0
The Tremeloes

A: Too Late (To Be Saved)
B: If You Ever
CBS UKCBS 757922 Oct 19717"110.0
The Tremeloes

A: I Like It That Way
B: Wakamaker
CBS UKCBS S 8048Feb 19727"2 
The Tremeloes

A: Blue Suede Tie
B: Yodel Ay
Epic UKEPC S 101917 Nov 19727"07.0
The Tremeloes

A: Ride On
B: Hands Off
Epic UKEPC 13996 Apr 19737"3 
The Tremeloes

A: Here Comes My Baby
B: Silence Is Golden
CBS UKS CBS 113920 Apr 19737"07.0
The Trems

A: Make Or Break
B: Movin' On
Epic UKEPC 166027 Jul 19737"3 

A: Do I Love You
B: Witchcraft
Epic UKS EPC 204725 Jan 19747"07.0
The Tremeloes

A: Good Time Band
B: Hard Woman
DJM UKDJS 33611 Oct 19747"0 
The Tremeloes

A: Someone Someone
B: My Friend Delaney
DJM UKDJS 34814 Feb 19757"29.0
Space [The Tremeloes]

A: Rocking Circus
B: Don't Let The Music Die
DJM UKDJS 37325 Apr 19757"1 

A: Be Boppin' Boogie
B: Ascot Cowboys
DJM UKDJS 4068 Aug 19757"27.0
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Here Comes My Baby
CBS UKM CBS 501018 Feb 19777"0 
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden .
B: Here Comes My Baby .
CBS UKM CBS 5965Feb 19787"29.0
The Tremeloes

The Golden Decade 1967-1976

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Here Comes My Baby
CBS UKM CBS 7072Mar 19797"2 
The Tremeloes

A: The Lights Of Port Royal
B: Silas
AMI UKAIS 1004 Apr 19807"16.0
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Here Comes My Baby
Old Gold UKOG 9200Aug 19827"19.0
The Tremeloes

A: Words
B: I Will Return
CBS UKCBS A3133Mar 19837"35.0
The Tremeloes

A1: Here Comes My Baby
A2: Me And My Life
A3: Silence Is Golden
B1: Even The Bad Times Are Good
B2: (Call Me) Number One
B3: Words
Scoop 33 UK7SR 5034Mar 1984EP0 
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden
B: Even The Bad Times Are Good
CBS UKA4577Jul 19847"1 
The Tremeloes

A: Silence Is Golden
B: The Last Word
Meteor / Magnum Music Group UKMTS 002Oct 19847"0 

Appears On

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The Tremeloes

A1: Even The Bad Times Are Good

The Peddlers

A2: People

Simon And Garfunkel

B1: Mrs. Robinson

Aretha Franklin

B2: Walk On By
CBS Special Products UKWEP 11371968EP18.0
Four You Coronet Yogurt EP

Gary Puckett And The Union Gap

A1: The Mighty Quinn

Johnny Mathis

A2: Up, Up And Away

Simon And Garfunkel

B1: The Times They Are A Changing

The Tremeloes

B2: Good Day Sunshine
CBS Special Products UKWEP 11381968EP17.0
A Constellation Of Stars

Petula Clark

A1: Downtown

Val Doonican

A2: If The Whole World Stopped Loving

The Tremeloes

A3: Be Mine

Anita Harris

A4: Just Loving You

Sandie Shaw

B1: Puppet On A String

The Love Affair

B2: Everlasting Love

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity

B3: This Wheel's On Fire

Georgie Fame

B4: When I'm 64
Tepee UKLS 1EP6 

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