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The Troggs - Discography

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  UK  52
  Germany  37
  USA  30
  Netherlands  22
  New Zealand  21
  France  20
  Australia  18
  Norway  13
  South Africa  13
  Canada  11
  Italy  9
  Japan  9
  Belgium  8
  Denmark  7
+ More Countries (23 Total)All Records  293
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The Troggs

A: Wild Thing
B: From Home
Parlophone AustraliaA8207Jul 19667"29.0
The Troggs

A: With A Girl Like You
B: I Want You
Parlophone AustraliaA8215Sep 19667"4 
The Troggs

A: I Can't Control Myself
B: Gonna Make You
Parlophone AustraliaA8226Oct 19667"1 
The Troggs

A: Any Way That You Want Me
B: 66-5-4-3-2-1
Parlophone AustraliaA8239Jan 19677"1 
The Troggs

Wild Things

A1: With A Girl Like You
A2: I Want You
B1: From Home
B2: Wild Thing
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70035Jan 1967EP09.0
The Troggs

A: Give It To Me
B: You're Lying
Parlophone AustraliaA8250Mar 19677"1 
The Troggs

A: Night Of The Long Grass
B: Girl In Black
Parlophone AustraliaA8258Jul 19677"0 
The Troggs

A: Hi, Hi Hazel
B: As I Ride By
Parlophone AustraliaA-8261Jul 19677"0 
The Troggs

A: Love Is All Around
B: When Will The Rain Come
Parlophone AustraliaA8271Nov 19677"1 
The Troggs

A1: Hi Hi Hazel
A2: I Can't Control Myself
B1: Anyway That You Want Me
B2: Give It To Me
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-70047Dec 1967EP0 
The Troggs

Love Is All Around

A1: Little Girl
A2: Surprise, Surprise (I Need You)
B1: You Can Cry If You Want To
B2: Love Is All Around
Parlophone AustraliaGEPO-700621968EP0 
The Troggs

A: Little Girl
B: Maybe The Madman?
Parlophone AustraliaA-8288Mar 19687"0 
The Troggs

A: Hip Hip Hooray
B: Say Darlin'!
Parlophone AustraliaA-8522Oct 19687"0 
The Troggs

A: Evil Woman
B: Sweet Madeleine
Parlophone AustraliaA-866319697"0 
The Troggs

A: Evil Woman
B: Sweet Madeleine
Page One AustraliaPGK-282219697"1 
Ronnie Bond Of The Troggs

A: Anything For You
B: Carolyn
Page One AustraliaPGK-288619697"0 
The Troggs

A: Easy Loving
B: Give Me Something
Page One AustraliaPGK-354519707"0 
The Troggs

A: Lover
B: Come Now
Page One AustraliaPGK-371419707"0 

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