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The Upsetters - Discography

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  UK  216
  Jamaica  176
  USA  23
  Germany  4
  Switzerland  4
  Australia  2
  Belgium  2
  Netherlands  2
  Denmark  1
  France  1
  Italy  1
  New Zealand  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  434
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David Isaacs

A: Place In The Sun

Upsetter All Stars

B: Handy-Cap
Trojan UKTR 61619687"18.5
The Upsetters

A: For A Few Dollars More

Monty Morris

B: Can't Get No Peace
Camel UKCA 1219697"1 
The Upsetters

A: Taste Of Killing
B: My Mob
Camel UKCA 1319697"2 

A: What A Botheration
B: Stand By Me
Duke UKDU 1019697"1 
Pat Satchmo

A: Goosy

The Upsetters

B: Soul Stew
Punch UKPH 161969Promo Only 7"0 
The Upsetters

A: Games People Play
B: Serious Joke
Punch UKPH 171969Promo Only 7"0 
The Upsetters

A: Dry Acid

Reggae Boys

B: Selassie
Punch UKPH 1919697"010.0
Dave Barker

A: Prisoner Of Love

The Upsetters

B: Soul Juice
Punch UKPH 2019697"18.0
The Upsetters

A: Clint Eastwood

Lenox Brown

B: Lenox Mood
Punch UKPH 2119697"29.7
Tommy And The Upsetters

A: Lock Jaw

Yard Brooms With Tommy McCook And The Supersonics

B: My Desire
Trojan UKTR 771719697"39.0
The Upsetters

A: Eight For Eight
B: You Know What I Mean
Upsetter UKUS 30019697"1 

A: Return Of Django
B: Dollar In The Teeth
Upsetter UKUS 30119697"119.1

A: Ten To Twelve

Lee Perry

B: People Funny Fi True
Upsetter UKUS 30319697"1 
Busty Brown

A: To Love Somebody


B: Farmers In The Den
Upsetter UKUS 30819697"2 

A: Man From M.I.5

West Indians

B: Oh Lord
Upsetter UKUS 31019697"29.0

A: Medical Operation


B: Babam Bam
Upsetter UKUS 31219697"1 

A: A Live Injection


B: Everything For Fun
Upsetter UKUS 31319697"410.0

A: Cold Sweat
B: Pound Get A Blow
Upsetter UKUS 31519697"2 
The Upsetters

A: The Vampire

The Bleechers

B: Check Him Out
Upsetter UKUS 31719697"510.0

A: Soulful I

Milton Morris

B: No Bread And Butter
Upsetter UKUS 31819697"2 

A: The Night Doctor


B: I'll Be Waiting
Upsetter UKUS 307May 19697"19.0

A: Stranger On The Shore
B: Drugs And Poison
Upsetter UKUS 321Oct 19697"1 
The Upsetters

A: Return Of The Ugly
B: I've Caught You
Punch UKPH 1819707"1 
The Upsetters

A: The Result
B: Feel The Spirit
Punch UKPH 2719707"0 
Roland Alphanso And The Upsetters

A: Roll On

Carl Dawkins

B: True Love
Punch UKPH 3919707"0 

A: Haunted House
B: Double Wheel
Spinning Wheel UKSW 10019707"1 

A: The Miser

Chuck Jnr.

B: Do It Madly
Spinning Wheel UKSW 10119707"0 

A: Choking Kind

Chuck Jnr.

B: Penny Wise
Spinning Wheel UKSW 10219707"0 

A: Family Man
B: Mellow Mood
Trojan UKTR 774819707"2 
The Upsetters

A: Capo
B: Mama Look (Monkey Man)
Trojan UKTR 774919707"47.0

A: Kill Them All
B: Soul Walk
Upsetter UKUS 32519707"0 

A: Bronco (Ol' Man River)
B: One Punch
Upsetter UKUS 32619707"210.0

A: Do You Like It


B: Touch Of Fire
Upsetter UKUS 32719707"0 

A: Melting Pot


B: Kinky Mood
Upsetter UKUS 32919707"0 

A: Shocks Of A Mighty

Dave Barker

B: Set Me Free
Upsetter UKUS 33119707"1 

A: Pick Folk Kinkiest
B: Na Na Hey Hey
Upsetter UKUS 33219707"1 

A: Granny Show (Vers. I)
B: Granny Show (Vers II)
Upsetter UKUS-33319707"1 
The Upsetters

A: Fire, Fire
B: The Jumper
Upsetter UKUS 33419707"1 
The Upsetters

A: The Pillow
B: Grooving
Upsetter UKUS 33519707"0 
The Upsetters

A: Self Control
B: The Pill
Upsetter UKUS 33619707"2 
The Soulettes

A: Let It Be

The Upsetters

B: Big Dog Bloxie
Upsetter UKUS 33719707"0 

A: Fresh Up
B: Tooth Aches
Upsetter UKUS 33819707"1 
The Upsetters

A: The Thanks We Get
B: Hurry Up
Upsetter UKUS 33919707"0 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: My Cup

Lee Perry And The Upsetters

B: Son Of Thunder
Upsetter UKUS 34019707"0 
The Upsetters

A: Blood Poison
B: Thunder Version
Upsetter UKUS 3411970Unreleased2 
The Upsetters

A: Dreamland
B: Version Of Cup
Upsetter UKUS 3421970Unreleased1 

A: Sipreano
B: Ferry Boat
Upsetter UKUS 34319707"0 
The Untouchables [Jamaica]

A: Same Thing All Over

The Upsetters

B: Its Over Version
Upsetter UKUS 34519707"0 
The Upsetters

A: Return Of The Vampire
B: Bigger Joke
Upsetter UKUS-34619707"2 
Bob Marley And The Wailers

A: Doppy Conqueror

The Upsetters

B: Justice
Upsetter UKUS 34819707"28.0

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