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Tom Paxton - Discography

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  UK  19
  USA  8
  France  3
  New Zealand  2
  Sweden  2
  Australia  1
  Brazil  1
  Germany  1
All Records  37
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Tom Paxton

A: The Last Thing On My Mind
B: Goin' To The Zoo
Elektra UKEKSN 45001Jul 19657"08.5
Tom Paxton

A: One Time And One Time Only
B: Bottle Of Wine
Elektra UKEKSN 4500319667"69.0
Tom Paxton

A: Leaving London
B: All The Way Home
Elektra UKEKSN 45006Dec 19667"0 
Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton

A1: The Marvellous Toy
A2: Beau John
B1: Deep Fork River
B2: My Dog's Better Than Your Dog
Elektra UKEPK 8021967EP0 
Tom Paxton

A: Jennifer's Rabbit
B: The Marvellous Toy
Elektra UKEKSN 45021Dec 19677"2 
Tom Paxton

A: Victoria Dines Alone
B: Clarissa Jones
Elektra UKEKSN 4504522 Nov 19687"0 
Tom Paxton

A: Crazy John
B: The Things I Notice Now
Elektra UKEKSN 450644 Jul 19697"0 
Tom Paxton

A: Forest Lawn
B: Jimmy Newman
Elektra UK2101 00224 Apr 19707"2 
Tom Paxton

A: Peace Will Come
B: California
Reprise UKK 1416912 May 19727"3 
Tom Paxton

A: Peace Will Come
B: Jesus Christ (Standing Room Only)
Reprise UKK 1417212 May 19727"19.0
Tom Paxton

A: The Last Thing On My Mind
B: My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove
Reprise UKK 1422226 Jan 19737"17.0
Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton

A1: Peace Will Come
A2: The Last Thing On My Mind
B1: I Had To Shoot That Rabbit
B2: General Custer
Reprise UKK 143491974EP1 
Tom Paxton

A: What A Friend Of Mine
B: I Lost My Heart On A 747
Reprise UKK 1437525 Oct 19747"1 
Tom Paxton

A: Engelbert The Elephant
B: Little Brand New Baby
Bradleys UKBRAD 742322 Nov 19747"3 
Tom Paxton

A: The Last Thing On My Mind
B: Saturday Night
MAM UKMAM 1535 Nov 19767"5 
Tom Paxton

A: The Death Of Stephen Biko
B: There Goes The Mountain
Vanguard UKVS 50096 Oct 19787"1 
Tom Paxton

A: Feed The Children
B: That's The Way It Seems To Me
Evolution Records UKEV 54 Apr 19807"0 
Tom Paxton

A: Be A Sport Afghanistan
B: Outlaw
Evolution Records UKEV 86 Jun 19807"0 
Tom Paxton

A: Bad Old Days
B: Early Morning (Monday)
Cherry Lane UKPIP 719Nov 19857"1 

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