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Tommy Leonetti - Discography

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  USA  15
  UK  12
  Australia  11
  Canada  1
  New Zealand  1
All Records  40
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Tommy Leonetti

A: Security
B: Go Buy The Ring
Capitol USAF3510Aug 19567"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: The Other Man
B: Look At 'Er
Vik USA4X-0270May 19577"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Moonlight Serenade
B: Two Faces In The Dark
RCA Victor USA47-745519597"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: I'll Forgive You But I Won't Forget
B: Magic Mountain
RCA Victor USA47-756719597"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Without Love
B: Blue Bird Of Happiness
Atlantic USA45-2065Jun 19607"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: On The Other Side Of The Tracks
B: I've Got Your Number
RCA Victor USA47-8110Nov 19627"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Summer Around The World
B: A Girl Named Tamiko
RCA Victor USA47-8165Apr 19637"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Soul Dance
B: Somebody Loves You
RCA Victor USA47-8251Oct 19637"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Three Heartaches For A Quarter
B: Walk Don't Run
RCA Victor USA47-8353Apr 19647"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Don't Stand Up In A Canoe
B: Down By The Ocean
RCA Victor USA47-8404Jul 19647"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: I Believe You
B: I Remember Her So Well
RCA Victor USA47-8567May 19657"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: What Good Am I
B: On The Beach
RCA Victor USA47-8626Jul 19657"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: I'm Taking You With Me
B: The Sweetheart Tree
RCA Victor USA47-879919667"0 
Tommy Leonetti

A: All The Brave Young Faces Of The Night

Tommy Leonetti With Daughter Kim

B: Let's Take A Walk
Columbia USA4-445684 Jun 19687"1 
Tommy Leonetti

A: Sometime
B: Heartless
Capitol USAF32747"0 

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