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Tommy Sands - Discography

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  USA  43
  UK  27
  Australia  16
  New Zealand  12
  Canada  5
  Denmark  5
  Finland  3
  Unknown Country  2
  Germany  1
  Italy  1
  Japan  1
  Norway  1
All Records  117
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Tommy Sands

A: Love Pains
B: Transfer
RCA Victor USA47-5435Aug 19537"1 
Tommy Sands

A: Life Is So Lonesome
B: A Dime And A Dollar
RCA Victor USA47-5628Dec 19537"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Don't Drop It
B: A Place For Girls Like You
RCA Victor USA47-5800Jul 19547"2 
Tommy Sands

Sing Boy Sing

A1: I'm Gonna Walk And Talk With My Lord
A2: Who Baby
B1: Rock Of Ages
B2: Sing Boy Sing
Capitol USA1-9291957EP0 
Tommy Sands

Sing Boy Sing (Part 3)

A1: People In Love
A2: Crazy 'Cause I Love You
B1: Your Daddy Wants To Do Right
B2: That's All I Want From You
Capitol USA3-9291957EP0 
Tommy Sands

Steady Date With Tommy Sands

A1: Goin' Steady
A2: Teach Me Tonight
B1: Gonna Get A Girl
B2: Somewhere Along The Way
Capitol USAEAP 1-8481957EP0 
Tommy Sands

Teen-Age Crush Tommy Sands

A1: Teen-Age Crush
A2: Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding
B1: My Love Song
B2: Hep Dee Hootie (Cutie Wootie)
Capitol USAEAP 1-8511957EP3 
Tommy Sands

Steady Date With Tommy Sands Part 2

A1: Walkin' My Baby Back Home
A2: Too Young To Go Steady
B1: "A" - You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)
B2: Graduation Day
Capitol USAEAP 2-8481957EP0 
Tommy Sands

Steady Date With Tommy Sands Part 3

A1: Ring My Phone
A2: I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
B1: Too Young
B2: I Don't Care Who Knows It
Capitol USAEAP 3-8481957EP0 
Tommy Sands

From The New Tommy Sands Album Steady Date

A1: Goin' Steady
A2: I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
B1: Graduation Day
B2: "A" - You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)
Capitol USAPRO 3511957EP0 
Tommy Sands

A: People In Love
B: That's All I Want From You
Capitol USAT 9291957Promo Only 7"2 
Tommy Sands

A: Teen-Age Crush
B: Hep Dee Hootie (Cutie Wootie)
Capitol USAF3639Feb 19577"2 
Tommy Sands

A: My Love Song
B: Ring-A-Ding-Ding
Capitol USAF3690Mar 19577"2 
Tommy Sands

A: Goin' Steady
B: Ring My Phone
Capitol USAF3723May 19577"5 
Tommy Sands

A: Let Me Be Loved
B: Fantastically Foolish
Capitol USAF3743Jun 19577"1 
Tommy Sands

A: Man, Like Wow!
B: A Swingin' Romance
Capitol USAF3810Sep 19577"1 
Tommy Sands

A: Sing Boy Sing
B: Crazy 'Cause I Love You
Capitol USAF3867Dec 19577"1 
Tommy Sands

Sing Boy Sing Part 2

A1: A Bundle Of Dreams
A2: Just A Little Bit More
B1: Soda-Pop Pop
B2: Would I Love You
Capitol USAEAP 2-9291958EP0 
Tommy Sands

A: Teen-Age Doll
B: Hawaiian Rock
Capitol USAF3953Apr 19587"0 
Tommy Sands

A: After The Senior Prom
B: Big Date
Capitol USAF39852 Jun 19587"1 
Tommy Sands And The Raiders

A: Blue Ribbon Baby
B: I Love You Because
Capitol USAF4036Aug 19587"2 
Tommy Sands

A: The Worryin' Kind
B: Bigger Than Texas
Capitol USAF4082Nov 19587"510.0
Tommy Sands

A: Is It Ever Gonna Happen
B: I Ain't Gettin' Rid Of You
Capitol USAF4160Mar 19597"1 
Tommy Sands

A: Sinner Man
B: Bring Me Your Love
Capitol USAF4231Jun 19597"1 
Tommy Sands

A: I'll Be Seeing You
B: That's The Way I Am
Capitol USA4259Aug 19597"2 
Tommy Sands

A: You Hold The Future
B: I Gotta Have You
Capitol USA4316Nov 19597"2 
Tommy Sands

A1: This Could Be The Start Of Something
A2: What Is This Thing Called Love?
B1: Everything's Coming Up Roses
B2: Get Happy
Capitol USAPRO 15411960EP0 
Tommy Sands

A: The Old Oaken Bucket
B: These Are The Things You Are
Capitol USA4405Jul 19607"27.0
Tommy Sands

A: On And On
B: Doctor Heartache
Capitol USA4470Oct 19607"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Love In A Goldfish Bowl
B: I Love My Baby
Capitol USA4580Jun 19617"110.0
Tommy Sands

A: Remember Me (To Jennie)
B: Rainbow
Capitol USA4611Aug 19617"1 
Tommy Sands

A: Jimmy's Song
B: Wrong Side Of Love
Capitol USA4660Oct 19617"1 
Tommy Sands

A: A Young Man's Fancy
B: Connie
ABC-Paramount USA45-10466Jun 19637"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Only Cause I'm Lonely
B: Cinderella
ABC-Paramount USA45-10480Sep 19637"1 
Tommy Sands

A: Ten Dollars And A Clean White Shirt
B: Won't You Be My Girl
ABC-Paramount USA45-10539Mar 19647"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Kisses (Love Theme)
B: Something More
ABC-Paramount USA45-10591Sep 19647"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Love's Funny
B: One Rose Today, One Rose Tomorrow
Liberty USA55807Jun 19657"0 
Tommy Sands

A: The Statue
B: Little Rosita
Liberty USAF-55842Oct 19657"68.0
Tommy Sands

A: It's The Only One I've Got
B: As Long As I'm Travellin'
Imperial USA66174May 19667"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Candy Store Prophet
B: Second Star To The Left
Imperial USA66229Feb 19677"0 
Tommy Sands

A: Seasons In The Sun
B: Ain't No Big Thing
Superscope USA20719697"0 
United States Air Force Presents Music In The Air

Tommy Sands

A: Old Oaken Bucket

Eydie Gorme

B: When The Saints Go Marching In
United States Air Force USAPROGRAM No. 1277"0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Tommy Sands

A: The Statue
B: Little Rosita
Max-Dane USA101Bootleg / Repro 7"7 

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