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Tony Martin - Discography

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Actor and singer, 1913 - 2012
See also his son, Tony Martin, Jr.
  USA  76
  UK  29
  Australia  14
  Canada  4
  Argentina  1
  Germany  1
  Japan  1
  Spain  1
All Records  127
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Tony Martin

A: You And The Night And The Music
B: Good Night, Sweetheart
RCA Victor USA47-278719497"08.0
Tony Martin

A: Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
B: Deep Night
RCA Victor USA47-278819497"0 
Tony Martin

A: Night And Day
B: The Night Was Made For Love
RCA Victor USA47-278919497"0 
Tony Martin

A: Angels Never Leave Heaven
B: My Heart Beats Faster
RCA Victor USA47-291819497"0 
Tony Martin

A: Marta (Rambling Rose Of The Wildwood)
B: Bye Bye Baby
RCA Victor USA47-310419497"0 
Tony Martin

A: There's No Tomorrow
B: A Thousand Violins
RCA Victor USA47-3078Oct 19497"1 
Tony Martin And Fran Warren

A: I Said My Pajamas (And Put On My Pray'rs)
B: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
RCA Victor USA47-3119Dec 19497"0 
Tony Martin

A: That Old Black Magic
B: Tea For Two
Mercury USA1038X4519507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Ramona
B: Laura
RCA Victor USA47-380219507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Dolores
B: Rosalie
RCA Victor USA47-380819507"0 
Tony Martin

A: La Vie En Rose
B: Tonight
RCA Victor USA47-381919507"0 
Tony Martin And Fran Warren

A: Take A Letter Miss Smith
B: Till We Meet Again
RCA Victor USA47-387419507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Music, Maestro, Please
B: The Big Dipper
RCA Victor USA47-388319507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Begin The Beguine
B: September Song
Decca USA9-2501819507"0 
Tony Martin And Frances Langford

A: Why Do I Love You

Tony Martin

B: All The Things You Are
Decca USA9-2526219507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Roulette
B: It's Easy For You To Say (Just Forget Her)
RCA Victor USA47-3219Feb 19507"0 
Dinah Shore And Tony Martin

A: In Your Arms

Tony Martin And Dinah Shore

B: A Penny A Kiss
RCA Victor USA47-4019Feb 19507"1 
Tony Martin With The Honeydreamers

A: I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)

Tony Martin

B: Peace Of Mind
RCA Victor USA47-3799May 19507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Johannesburg
B: Fascination
RCA Victor USA47-3941Oct 19507"0 
Tony Martin

Tony Martin Sings Arthur Freed

A: Singin' In The Rain
B: Pagan Love Song
RCA Victor USA47-404819517"0 
Tony Martin

Tony Martin Sings Arthur Freed

A: I Cried For You
B: You Are My Lucky Star
RCA Victor USA47-404919517"0 
Tony Martin

Tony Martin Sings Arthur Freed

A: You Were Meant For Me
B: It Was So Beautiful
RCA Victor USA47-405019517"2 
Tony Martin

A: Faithfully Yours
B: No One But You
RCA Victor USA47-409819517"0 
Dinah Shore And Tony Martin

A: I Wish, I Wish

Tony Martin And Dinah Shore

B: The Kissing Song
RCA Victor USA47-412619517"0 
Tony Martin

A: There's No Tomorrow
B: Prologue From Pagliacci
RCA Victor USA47-427819517"0 
Dinah Shore And Tony Martin

A: If You Catch A Little Cold (I'll Sneeze For You)

Tony Martin And Dinah Shore

B: Manhattan
RCA Victor USA47-434519517"0 
Tony Martin

A: Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
B: I Apologize
RCA Victor USA47-4056Feb 19517"0 
Tony Martin

A: I Get Ideas
B: Tahiti My Island
RCA Victor USA47-4141May 19517"1 
Tony Martin

A: Domino
B: It's All Over But The Memories
RCA Victor USA47-4343Oct 19517"0 
Tony Martin

A: At Last! At Last!
B: Make With The Magic
RCA Victor USA47-4477Jan 19527"0 
Tony Martin

A: The Closer You Are
B: Prologue From Pagliacci
RCA Victor USA47-4488Jan 19527"2 
Tony Martin

A: Jump Through The Ring
B: I Could Write A Book
RCA Victor USA47-4544Feb 19527"0 
Tony Martin

A: Kiss Of Fire
B: For The Very First Time
RCA Victor USA47-4671Apr 19527"0 
Tony Martin

A: Some Day
B: Luna Rossa (Blushing Moon)
RCA Victor USA47-4836Jul 19527"0 
Tony Martin

A: Dance Of Destiny
B: Sleepy Time Gal
RCA Victor USA47-5008Oct 19527"0 
Tony Martin With Lennie Hayton's Orchestra And Chorus

A: April In Portugal (The Whisp'ring Serenade)
B: Now Hear This
RCA Victor USA47-527919537"0 
Tony Martin

A: The Ghost Of A Rose
B: You're So Dangerous
RCA Victor USA47-5116Jan 19537"1 
Tony Martin

A: Relax
B: Caribbean
RCA Victor USA47-5414Aug 19537"0 
Tony Martin

A: There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie
B: I Just Love You
RCA Victor USA47-5473Oct 19537"0 
Tony Martin

A: Stranger in Paradise
B: I Love Paris
RCA Victor USA47-5535Dec 19537"1 
Tony Martin

A: Here
B: Philosophy
RCA Victor USA47-5665Feb 19547"0 
Tony Martin

A: Angels In The Sky
B: Boulevard Of Nightingales
RCA Victor USA47-5757Jun 19547"1 
Tony Martin

A: Uno
B: Let's Try Again
RCA Victor USA47-5841Sep 19547"0 
Tony Martin And Dinah Shore

A: Melody Of Love

Dinah Shore And Tony Martin

B: You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
RCA Victor USA47-5975Dec 19547"2 
Tony Martin

A: There's No Tomorrow
B: Begin The Beguine
RCA Gold Standard USA447-019219557"2 
Tony Martin With Henri Rene's Orchestra And The Interludes

"This Is His Life"

A: Just A Man
B: Do, Do, Do (What Your Heart Says)
RCA Victor USA47-6039Feb 19557"0 
Tony Martin

A: Domani
B: What's The Time In Nicaragua
RCA Victor USA47-6167Jun 19557"0 
Tony Martin

A: Walk Hand In Hand
B: Flamenco Love
RCA Victor USA47-6493Mar 19567"1 
Tony Martin

A: Here
B: Manhattan
RCA Gold Standard USA447-019419577"0 
Tony Martin

A1: My Budapest
A2: The Rainmaker

Jaye P. Morgan

B1: I Thought It Was Over
B2: I Pledge Allegiance To Your Heart
RCA Victor USA47-67971957EP0 

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