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Trencher - Discography

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A1: Rhapsody Of Iron
A2: "Nani" - Caged Infant
A3: Shaved Primate On A Plate
A4: Penile Veteran Tube-Regeneration
A5: Tigers Face (Homage To '83)
A6: Life Soaked Shirt
A7: Diamond Ring Intra Uterine
A8: Midgets Grimace
A9: The War Of All Against All

Black Queen

B1: 3rd Key
B2: Curses Of The Witch
Erosive UKEROSIVE 0320027"0 

A1: Head Trauma
A2: Gastronomy
A3: Dead At Work
A4: Erotica Of Flies
A5: Tragedy Cycle

Kurt Schwitters

B1: Sonata In Urlauten, May 1932
Victory Garden UKER 4 / VG 17Oct 20027"1 
Kinetic Crash Cooperation

A1: Sailor Sailor, Your Ships Come


B1: Illuminated Dead
B2: Horse Race Amputee
Action Index UKAIR012003Five inch0 

A1: Will To Shit (Chew-Spazzi Remix)
A2: Luke Younger Remix
A3: Hispanic Telepathy Attack (Fielding Melish Remix)
A4: Illuminated Death (Marlon MCN Remix)

The Phil Collins 3

B1: Physical Prison
B2: DNT-Ention
Smoking Gun UKGUN 77"0 

Appears On

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The 7 Inch Stunt Record

L. Werdenberger

01: Sir Beezlebub

Hackepeter Finn

02: \\__!!***_/ø\

Happy Hippos Massaker

03: Eeeddd


04: Alarm In MY Panties

Krueger 23

05: Dead End Horovec


06: Theme From Wondercop


07: Nighttrain To Lamamini


08: 60sec With The Lord


09: Cast Me Out

Reizende Verkoper

10: De Reizende Verkoper Theme


11: I Like Koka, But In The Heartland Of Europe It's So Fukken Expensive, Therefore I'll Emmigrate To Columbia And Settle Down There To Get Koka And Chicks For Free


12: Dishonesty Template


13: Headshit


14: From The Gutter


15: Unreal City2

Embalming Theatre

16: My Justice Contains Bullits

The Phantom Limbs

17: Girl On Trapeze
Tree In A Field SwitzerlandTREE00220037"0 

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