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U.K. Subs - Discography

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  UK  17
  Germany  2
  France  1
  Netherlands  1
  Spain  1
  Sweden  1
  USA  1
All Records  24
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UK Subs

A1: C.I.D
B1: Live In A Car
B2: B.1.C
City UKNIK 5Oct 19787"1210.0
U.K. Subs

A1: C.I.D.
B1: Live In A Car
B2: B.I.C.
Pinnacle UKPIN 2219797"07.0
U.K. Subs

A1: Stranglehold
B1: World War
B2: Rockers
Gem UKGEMS 5Jun 19797"37.5
U.K. Subs

A1: Tomorrows Girls
B1: Scum Of The Earth
B2: Telephone Numbers
Gem UKGEMS 10Aug 19797"67.8
U.K. Subs

A1: She's Not There
A2: Kicks
B1: Victim
B2: The Same Thing
Gem UKGEMS 14Nov 1979EP29.0
U.K. Subs

A1: Warhead
B1: The Harper
B2: I'm Waiting For The Man
Gem UKGEMS 23Feb 19807"39.0
U.K. Subs

A1: Teenage
B1: Left For Dead
B2: New York State Police
Gem UKGEMS 30May 19807"88.0
U.K. Subs

A: Party In Paris
B: Fall Of The Empire
Gem UKGEMS 42Oct 19807"88.3
U.K. Subs

A: Party In Paris
Ramkup UKCAC 0021981Special Edition 7"0 
U.K. Subs

A1: Keep On Running (Till You Burn)
A2: Ice Age
B1: Perfect Girl
B2: Party In Paris (French Version)
Gem UKGEMEP 45Apr 1981EP0 
U.K. Subs

A: Keep On Running (Til You Burn)
B: Perfect Girl
Gem UKGEMS 45Apr 19817"06.0
U.K. Subs

A: Countdown
B: Plan Of Action
NEMS UKNES 304Nov 19817"0 
U.K. Subs

Shake Up The City

A1: Self Destruct
B1: Police State (Part 1)
B2: War Of The Roses
Abstract UKABS 012Oct 19827"0 
U.K. Subs

A: Another Typical City
B: Still Life
Fallout UKFALL 017Aug 19837"0 
U.K. Subs

A1: This Gun Says
B1: Speak For Myself
B2: Wanted
Fallout UKFALL 03619857"0 
U.K. Subs

Live In Holland

A1: Stranglehold
A2: New Barbarians
B1: Tomorrow's Girls
B2: Betrween The Eyes
RFB Recordings UKRFB SIN 11986EP0 
UK Subs

Riot 98 EP

A1: Riot
A2: It's A Scam
B1: Bathroom Messiah
B2: UK Subversives
Fall Out UKFALL 05627 Apr 1998EP0 

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