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Uriah Heep - Discography

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  UK  33
  Germany  24
  USA  22
  Italy  12
  Japan  12
  Australia  11
  Netherlands  8
  France  7
  South Africa  6
  Austria  5
  New Zealand  5
  Norway  3
  Greece  2
  Mexico  2
+ More Countries (21 Total)All Records  159
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Uriah Heep

A: Lady In Black
B: Simon The Bullet Freak
Vertigo UK6059 037Mar 1971Unreleased2 
Uriah Heep

A: Look At Yourself
B: Simon The Bullet Freak
Bronze UKWIP 611117 Sep 19717"28.3
Uriah Heep

A: The Wizard
B: Gypsy
Bronze UKWIP 612610 Mar 19727"99.5
Uriah Heep

A: Easy Livin'
B: Why
Bronze UKWIP 614028 Jul 19727"39.2
Uriah Heep

A: Stealin'
B: Sunshine
Bronze UKBRO 717 Aug 19737"08.0
Uriah Heep

A: Something Or Nothing
B: What Can I Do
Bronze UKBRO 1010 May 19747"3 
Uriah Heep

A: Prima Donna
B: Shout It Out
Bronze UKBRO 1713 Jun 19757"1 
Uriah Heep

A: Make A Litle Love
B: Weep In Silence
Bronze UKBRO 2819767"0 
Uriah Heep

A: One Way Or Another
B: Misty Eyes
Bronze UKBRO 2725 Jun 19767"58.0
Uriah Heep

A: Wise Man
B: Crime Of Passion
Bronze UKBRO 3715 Apr 19777"1 
Uriah Heep

A: Free Me
B: Masquerade
Bronze UKBRO 4721 Oct 19777"19.0
Uriah Heep

A: Love Or Nothing
B: Gimme Love
Bronze UKBRO 5519787"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Come Back To Me
B: Cheater
Bronze UKBRO 6213 Oct 19787"27.0
Uriah Heep

A: One More Night
B: Fallen Angel
Bronze UKBRO 6919797"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Feelings
B: Been Hurt
Bronze UKBRO 9119807"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Carry On
B: Been Hurt
Bronze UKBRO 8825 Jan 19807"1 
Uriah Heep

A: Love Stealer
B: No Return
Bronze UKBRO 96Jun 19807"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Think It Over
B: My Joanna Needs Tuning
Bronze UKBRO 112Jan 19817"1 
Uriah Heep

Abominog Junior

A1: On The Rebound
B1: Tin Soldier
B2: Song Of A Bitch
Bronze UKBRO 143Feb 1982EP1 
Uriah Heep

A: That's The Way That It Is
B: Hot Persuasion
Bronze UKBRO 148May 19827"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Lonely Nights
B: Weekend Warriors
Bronze UKBRO 166Jun 19837"1 
Uriah Heep

A: Lonely Nights
B: Weekend Warriors
Bronze UKBROP 166Jun 1983Picture Disc0 
Uriah Heep

A: Stay On Top
B: Playing For Time
Bronze UKBRO 1685 Aug 19837"0 
Uriah Heep

A1: Stay On Top
B1: Playing For Time
C1: Gypsy
C2: Easy Livin'
D1: Sweet Lorraine
D2: Stealin'
Bronze UKBROG 1685 Aug 1983Double Pack1 
Uriah Heep

A1: Gypsy
A2: Easy Livin'
B1: Sweet Lorraine
B2: Stealin'
Bronze UKHEEP 15 Aug 1983EP1 
Uriah Heep

A: Rockarama
B: Backstage Girl
Portrait UKA 6103Mar 19857"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Rockarama
B: Backstage Girl
Portrait UKWA 6103Mar 1985Shaped Disc0 
Uriah Heep

A: Poor Little Rich Girl
B: Bad Blood
Portrait UKA 6309May 19857"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Easy Livin'
B: Corina
Legacy UKLGY 65Sep 19887"1 
Uriah Heep

A: Hold Your Head Up
B: Miracle Child
Legacy UKLGY 67Apr 19897"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Blood Red Roses
B: Rough Justice
Legacy UKLGY 101Jul 19897"1 
Uriah Heep

A: Gypsy
B: Come Away Melinda
Earmark UK41051-220067"18.0
Uriah Heep

Wake Up - The Singles Collection

A: Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
B: Come Away Melinda
C: Gypsy
D: Come Away Melinda
E: Lady In Black
F: Simon The Bullit Freak
G: Bird Of Prey
H: Lady In Black
I: Look At Yourself
J: What Should Be Done
K: July Morning
L: Love Machine
Earmark UK410517 Feb 2006Box Set 7"110.0

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