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UT - Discography

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  Italy  2
  USA  1
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A: Homo
B: NEL 3000 D.C.
Erre ItalyRR 306819747"0 

A: Homo

The Ghosts Of Nottingham

B: Varsawa Concert
Erre ItalyYD 37319747"0 

A: Evangelist

Dinosaur Jr

B: Bulbs Of Passion
Blast First UKBFDJ 519897"0 

A: Griller


B: Amnesia
The Catalogue UKCAT 075/3Oct 1989Flexi0 

Appears On

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The Devil's Jukebox

Sonic Youth

A: Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis
B: Magic Wand

Head Of David

C: Bugged
D: Snake Domain

Big Black

E: Kerosene
F: He's A Whore


G: Dutch Courage

Big Stick

H: Drag Racing


I: Evangelist

Dinosaur Jr

J: Bulbs Of Passion

Ciccone Youth

K: ****


L: Little Hitlers

Big Stick

M: Devil's Jukebox

Beme Seed

N: Universe In The Room

Band Of Susans

O: Hope Against Hope

A C Temple

P: Sheik

Sun Ra

Q: Out There A Minute

Glenn Branca

R: Third Movement

Butthole Surfers

S: Jimi


T: Jan Brady
Blast First UKBFDJ119897"59.0
Band Of Susans

A1: Child Of The Moon


B1: Sharktown

Sun Ra

B2: Out There A Minute
Chemical Imbalance USACI006Bonus 7"0 

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