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Various Artists - Discography

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  UK  1591
  USA  828
  Germany  382
  France  226
  Sweden  225
  Australia  187
  Thailand  184
  Netherlands  170
  Italy  116
  Denmark  95
  Spain  86
  Norway  71
  Czechoslovakia  70
  Finland  65
  Iran  63
  Unknown Country  51
  India  49
  Malaysia  41
  Canada  40
  New Zealand  37
  Japan  27
  USSR  26
  Poland  22
  Austria  20
  Israel  20
  Bootleg  14
  Brazil  14
  Ireland  14
  Mexico  14
  Switzerland  14
  Belgium  12
  East Germany  12
  Portugal  12
  Yugoslavia  10
  Greece  9
  Argentina  8
  South Africa  6
  Pakistan  5
  Uruguay  5
  Bolivia  4
  Bulgaria  4
  Chile  3
  Turkey  3
  Colombia  2
  Hungary  2
  Liechtenstein  2
  Peru  2
  Romania  2
  Singapore  2
  South Korea  2
  Cuba  1
  Ecuador  1
  Haiti  1
  Indonesia  1
  Jamaica  1
  Nigeria  1
  Sri Lanka  1
  Venezuela  1
  Vietnam  1
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Appears On

  Click to View LabelCat#DateFormatCommentsRating
G Mitchell

A1: Crazy With Love

J Rogers

A2: Rock This House

Sandra Alfred

B1: 6 Day Rock

The Versatones

B2: Tight Skirt And Sweater
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 0011982EP0 
The Jumpin' Jacks

A1: You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went

Snooky Lanson

A2: Stop (Let Me Off The Bus)

Billy Williams

B1: Shame, Shame, Shame

Georgia Gibbs

B2: I Want You To Be My Baby
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 0081982EP0 
Gene And Eunice

A1: Bom Bom Lulu
A2: Hi Diddle Diddle

The Jaye Sisters

B1: G3

J Hill

B2: Bump
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 10021982EP0 
Johnnie Gray And His Band

A1: She Loves To Rock

C. Lee

A2: Beverly Jean

The Four Buddies

B1: Look Out

The Flamingos

B2: Jump Children
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 31982EP0 
The Deep River Boys

A1: Shake Rattle And Roll

The Heartbeats [Doo Wop]

A2: Hurry Home Baby

The Checkers

B1: Oh Oh Oh Baby

The Medallions

B2: Speeding
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 41982EP0 
The Lancers

A1: Alphabet Rock
A2: Rock Around The Island

The Jivers

B1: Ray Pearl

The Savoys [Sonny Brooks]

B2: Rocka Rolla Rock
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 51982EP1 
The Bell-aires

A1: Louisiana Rug Roll

Maria Knight

A2: Grasshopper Baby

The Dingalings

B1: Red Lips Green Eyes

Valetta Dillard

B2: Promise Mr Thomas
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 61982EP0 
The Prophets

A1: Baby Come Back

The Five Stars

A2: Pickin' On The Wrong Chicken

George Williams ['50s]

B1: Jack Hammer Drill

Elmore Nixon

B2: If You'll Be My Love
Cat Unknown CountryCAT 71982EP0 
El Gran Combo

A1: Bomba Navidena

Trio Los Condes

A2: Me Gustan Las Navidades

El Gran Combo

B1: La Cabeza Del Lechon

Felipe Rodriguez

B2: Amanecer En Mi Tierra
Gema Unknown CountryEPG-18261982EP0 
Rock Baby Rock Vol 2

The Cheers

A1: Big Feet

Art Mooney

A2: Mama Guitar

Ray Anthony

B1: Rock Around The Rockpile

Ton Edwards

B2: Goodnight Rock N Roll
Revival Unknown CountryEAP 8531986EP0 
Rock Baby Rock Vol. 4

Freddie Hart

A1: Juke Joint Boogie

Ress Shipley

A2: Catfish Boogie

The Fontaine Sisters

B1: Rhumba Boogie

The Tennessee Ramblers

B2: Spookie Boogie
Revival Unknown CountryEPA 8551986EP0 
Jackie Wilson

A1: Etcetera

Ella My Morse

A2: When Boy Kiss Girl

Five Keys

B1: You're For Me

Boots Randolph

B2: Percolator
Rrr Unknown Country15 Dec 1999EP1 
Lone Star Kats Volume 2

Johnny Dollar

A1: That's What A Little Girl Done To Me

Unknown Flipster

A2: Dig Baby Dig

Johnny Fuller

B1: Wild Dog

Unknown Hep-kat

B2: Steady As A Clock
Boparama Unknown Country2012EP0 
Jack Scott

A1: Flakey John

Gene Brown

A2: Big Door

Joe South

B1: I'm Snowed

The Sounds Lane

B2: Tracks Of Your Minf
Maverick Unknown CountryEP0 
Vaughn Monroe

A1: The Rock'n'Roll Express

The Hi-Liters

A2: Cha Cha Rock

The Ink Spots

B1: Rock'n'Roll Rag

Ralph Marterie

B2: Rock Rock
Rock Unknown Country001EP0 
Bop 1

Ric Cartey

A1: Scratching On My Screen

Billy Barrix

A2: Almost

The Laurie Sisters

B1: Jump Junior Jump

Dwain Bell

B2: Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night
B & J Unknown Country1001EP0 
Christine Kailer

A1: I Am A Good Girrl

Los Poco Locos

A2: Toi L'Andalou

Elvis Presley

B1: You're The Devil In Disguise

Del Shannon

B2: Hey Little Girl
Christine Unknown Country241EP5 
The Mints

A1: Night Air

Dale Hawkins

A2: Little Pig

Bonnie Davis

B1: Pepper Hot Baby

Bobby Lewis

B2: Mumbles Blues
Groove Unknown CountryBF001EP0 
Bobby Dean [US 50´s]

A1: Dime Store Pony Tail
A2: Just Go Wild Over Rock-n-roll

Roy Brown

B1: Fannie Brown Got Married

Smiley Lewis

B2: Bumpity Bump
Groove Unknown CountryBF003EP0 
Groove 5

The Kingsmen [50s]

A1: Better Believe It

Nappy Brown

A2: Don't Be Angry

Frank Virtuoso's Rockets

B1: Rollin And Rockin
B2: Toodle Oo Kangaroo
B.F. Unknown CountryBF005EP010.0
Groove 2

Pat Patton

A1: Blue Jean Bop

Billy Graves

A2: The Shag

The Cheers

B1: Whaddaya Want

The Cordettes

B2: No Wheels
Groove Unknown CountryBG 002EP0 
Country Rock N Roll

Frankie Starr

A1: Elevator Baby

Clint Miller

A2: Bertha Lou

Rick Cartey

B1: Born To Love One Woman

Little Jimmy Dickens

B2: Stinky Pass The Hat Around
Jumpin Unknown CountryCRREP001EP110.0
Drivin'n'jivin Vol1

Bobby Day

A1: Three Young Rebs From Georgia

Bill Peach

A2: Peg Pants

Big T Tyler

B1: King Kong

Vernon Green And The Medallions

B2: 59 Volvo
Georgia Unknown CountryDJ01EP0 
Oscar Harris

A1: I Didn't Wanna Listen
A2: T.O.P.

The Mighty Sparrow

B1: Only A Fool

Jimmy Cliff

B2: Goodbye Yesterday
FBC Unknown CountryFEP 7008EP8 
Cool And Crazy

Rex Allen

A1: Knock Knock Rattle

Ted Newman

A2: Plaything

Bill Tracey

B1: One Chance

Billy Williams

B2: Red Hot Love
Geneva Unknown CountryGVEP 101EP0 
Cool And Crazy


A1: Chicken Chicken


A2: Who's Gonna Take You To The Prom

Snooky Lanson

B1: Tippety Top

Dean Kelly

B2: If The Shoe Fits
Geneva Unknown CountryGVEP 103EP0 

R. Randolph

A1: Percolator

The Esquires [The Four Esquires]

A2: Chopstick Rock

Joe Hendricks

B1: You Baby You

The Cues

B2: Destination 2165
Hep Unknown CountryHEP3EP0 
Home Party EP

Hazy Osterwald

A1: Solid Man

Bob Crosby's Bob Cats

A2: Big Noise From Winnetka

Boyd Bennett And His Rockets

B1: Rockin' Up A Storm

The Keynotes [New York City]

B2: Bye Bye Baby
Home Party Unknown CountryHPEP001EP0 
The Cues

A1: Crazy Crazy Party

The Calvanes

A2: Crazy Over You

Tommy Sands

B1: Soda Pop Pop

Wayne Handy

B2: Say Yeah
Jive Unknown CountryJIVE 1EP0 
The Jaye Sisters

A1: Pitter Patter Boom Boom

The La Dell Sisters

A2: Rockin' Robert

The Jaye Sisters

B1: Going To The River

The Four Jacks

B2: The Last Of The Good Rocking Men
Jive Unknown CountryJIVE 2EP0 
Tennessee Ernie Ford

A1: Country Junction

Goody Goody Gum Drop

A2: Nappy Brown

Tommy Sands

B1: I'm The Worrying Kind


B2: What Is Love
Jumpin Unknown CountryJSEP001EP0 
Jive And Stroll Vol 2

The Beverley Sisters

A1: Long Black Nylons

Ruth Brown

A2: Lucky Lips

Gary Mills

B1: Top Teen Baby

Linda Scott

B2: I Told Every Little Star
Jumpin Unknown CountryJSEP 002EP0 
The D.v's

A1: No Hoo Hoo

The Tunesmiths

A2: Baby I'm Ready

The Belmonts

B1: I Need Someone

Lola Ameche

B2: Walk Right In
Jumpin Unknown CountryJSEP003EP0 
Anita Tucker

A1: Slow Smooth And Easy

The Crew Cuts

A2: Bie Mir Bist Du Schon

Georgia Gibbs

B1: Twenty Four Hours A Day

The Juniors

B2: Pony Express
Jumpin Unknown CountryJSEP004EP0 
Charlie Feathers

A1: Stuttering Cindy

Harold Shutters

A2: Bunny Honey

Robert Harshman

B1: Stop Talkin' Start Lovin'

Billy Match

B2: I Want My Baby
Kool Unknown CountryKOOL 1EP0 
Get With The Beat Vol.1

Jack Huddle

A1: Starlight

Herbie Duncan

A2: Little Angel
B1: Hot Lips Baby

Ray Lynn

B2: Mean Mean Woman
Lonestar Records Unknown CountryLSR 002EP2 
Berühmte Ouverturen

Orchester Der "Concerts De Paris" Leitung: Pierre-Michel Le Conte

A1: Ouvertüre "Carmen"

Symphonie Orchester Radio Genf, Leitung: Gianfranco Rivoli

A2: Ouvertüre "Der Barbier Von Sevilla"

Orchester Der Tonhalle Zurich Leitung: Josef Krips

B1: Ouvertüre "Figaros Hochzeit"

Orchester Der Wiener Staatsoper Leitung: Gianfranco Rivoli

B2: Ouvertüre "La Traviata"
MMS (Musical Masterpiece Society) Unknown CountryMMS-957EP1 
Marty Robbins

A1: Baby

Tyrone Schmidling

A2: You're Gone

Rusty Howard

B1: No Help Wanted

Lorellie Lynn

B2: Rock A Bop
Reb Unknown CountryR 101EP0 
The Surf Riders

A1: I'm Out

Tyrone Schmidling

A2: Honey Don't

Frank Deaton

B1: Just A Little Bit More

Ford Nix

B2: Ain't No Sign
Reb Unknown CountryREB104EP0 
Dennis Herrold

A1: Hip Hip Baby

Bill Lehman

A2: Take It Easy Greasy

Larry Donn

B1: Honey Bun

The Duals

B2: Stick Shift
Rockin´ Unknown CountryREP 001EP0 
Bill Carlisle

A1: Down Boy

Ernie Maresca

A2: Mary Jane

Bob Taylor

B1: Taylors Rock

Dennis Herrold

B2: Make With The Lovin'
Rockin´ Unknown CountryREP002EP0 
Country Style Vol.2

Tex Williams

A1: Let's Go Rock-a-billy

Phil Baugh

A2: One Man Band

Leon McAuliff

B1: Three Bears

Randy Atcher

B2: Indian Rock
Stop Look Listen Unknown CountrySLL 002EP0 
Vol 3 - Hot Rockin

Bill Hayes

A1: Bop Boy

Little Murph

A2: Little Murph Walks

"Scat Man" Crothers

B1: Rock Roma Rock It

Curley Langley

B2: Linda Lou
Stop Look Listen Unknown CountrySLL 003EP0 
Stop Look And Listen Vol. 5 Hot Rockin

Peter Debree

A1: Hey Mr Presley

Rio Cartey

A2: I Want You To Know

The Sophomores

B1: Play Those Oldies Mr D. J.

The Four Jokers [Diamond]

B2: Transfusion
Stop Look Listen Unknown CountrySLL 005EP0 
Rock-a-Billy Vol. 1

Joe Clay

A1: 16 Chicks
A2: Duck Tail

Cliff Blakley

A3: Want To Be With You

George Hamilton IV

A4: If You Don't Know

Narvel Felts

B1: Foolish Thoughts

Buddy Holly

B2: Holly Hop

Art Adams

B3: Rock Crazy Baby

Jim McDonald

B4: Let's Have A Ball
Gypsy Records Unknown CountryTRG-101EP0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

  Click to View LabelCat#DateFormatCommentsRating
Still Hate Your Neighbour - 4 Blasts Of Dumb NZ Punk Rork 1980 To 1983


A1: Adults + Children

No Tag

A2: No Tag

Flesh D-Vice

B1: Baby Of My Mind

Bored Games

B2: I Don't Get It
Mussy Puncher Unknown Country1Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Perry Como

A1: Love Makes The World Go Round

Sammy Salvo

A2: Say Yeah

Louis Prima

B1: 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days

Mel Robbins

B2: Save It
Top Hits Unknown Country1850Bootleg / Repro 7"4 
Big Dave

A1: Rock Roll Ball And Wail

Lil Greenwood

A2: Granpa Can Boogie Too

The Four Knights

B1: Honey Bunch

Bill Craddock

B2: Bird Doggin
Groove Unknown CountryBF004Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Oscar Moore

A1: Hot Rod

The Wheels [USA]

A2: Loco

Louis Prima

B1: Oh! Babe

Billy Mack

B2: I Refuse To Cry
Hep Unknown CountryHEP.2Bootleg / Repro 7"0 
Rock And Bop - Vol. 4

Werly Fairburn

A1: All The Time

Nan Wynn

A2: 13 Black Cats

Mike Pedicin

B1: You Gotta Go

The Rock And Roll School Teacher

B2: Lesson 1 - A Lesson In Geography
Stop Look Listen Unknown CountrySLL004Bootleg / Repro 7"0 

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