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Wah! - Discography

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  UK  18
  Germany  3
  Ireland  3
  Belgium  2
  Canada  1
  France  1
  Italy  1
  Netherlands  1
  Norway  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  32

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Wah! Heat

A: Better Scream
B: Joe
Inevitable UKINEV 001Jan 19807"29.0
Wah! Heat

A: Seven Minutes To Midnight… To Be Continued
B: Don't Step On The Cracks
Inevitable UKINEV 004Nov 19807"17.7

A: Somesay
B: Forget The Down (This Time)
Eternal UKSIMEY 119817"09.5

A: Forget The Down!
B: The Checkmate Syndrome
Eternal UKSLATE 1Jun 19817"1 
Shambeko! Say Wah!

A: Remember
B: A Crack Is A Crack (Theme From 'Square One')
Eternal UKZAZU 119827"0 

A: The Story Of The Blues Part One
B: The Story Of The Blues Part Two (Talkin' Blues)
Eternal UKJF 1Dec 19827"310.0

A: Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me)
B: Sleep
Eternal UKX 988019837"1 
The Mighty Wah!

A: Come Back
B: The Devil In Miss Jones
Eternal / Beggars Banquet UKBEG 11119847"3 
The Mighty Wah!

A: Weekends (How Come We Always End Up Here?)
B: Shambeko The Original Orchestral Arrangement
Eternal / Beggars Banquet UKBEG 11719847"1 
Pete Wylie

A: Sinful!
B: I Want The Moon, Mother
MDM UKMDM 7Apr 19867"0 
Pete Wylie

A: Sinful!
B: I Want The Moon, Mother
C: Sophie's Sinful! (For Maurice And Isabelle)
D: The Joy Of Being Booed
MDM UKMDM D7Apr 1986Double Pack0 
Pete Wylie

A: Diamond Girl
B: Spare A Thought
MDM UKMDM 12Aug 19867"0 
Pete Wylie

A: Diamond Girl (Radio Edit)
B: Diamond Girl (7 Inch Version)
MDM UKMDM DJ12Aug 1986Promo Only 7"0 
Pete Wylie

A: Foureleven-Fortyfour
B: The Marksman
Siren UKSRN 5919877"0 
Pete Wylie

A: If I Love You
B: Never Fall For A Whore
Siren UKSRN 54Oct 19877"1 
Pete Wylie And Wah! The Mongrel

A: Don't Lose Your Dreams (Excerpt From A Teenage Opera Part 154)
B: Imperfect...
Siren UKSRN 14119917"0 
Pete Wylie And Wah! The Mongrel

A: Long Tall Scally ...And The Good Guys Don't Die
B: Everything (But The Wah) For Dennis Wilson
Siren UKSRN 14319917"2 
Pete Wylie

A: Sinful! (Scary Jiggin' With Doctor Love)
B: Fourelevenfortyfour
Siren UKSRN 13813 Apr 19917"0 

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