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Wanda Jackson - Discography

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  USA  72
  Germany  24
  Netherlands  19
  UK  14
  Australia  13
  Japan  10
  Canada  7
  Denmark  2
  France  2
  New Zealand  2
  Norway  1
  Spain  1
  Sweden  1
  Unknown Country  1
  Bootleg  1
All Records  170
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Wanda Jackson

A: Lovin' Country Style

Wanda Jackson And Billy Gray

B: You Can't Have My Love
Decca USA9-29140May 19547"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: The Right To Love
B: If You Knew What I Know
Decca USA9-29253Sep 19547"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Wasted
B: I Cried Again
Decca USA9-2980319557"3 
Wanda Jackson

A: Tears At The Grand Ole Op'ry
B: Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
Decca USA9-29514May 19557"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Don't Do The Things He'd Do
B: It's The Same World (Wherever You Go)
Decca USA9-29677Nov 19557"2 
Wanda Jackson

A: I Gotta Know
B: Half As Good A Girl
Capitol USAF3485Jul 19567"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Silver Threads And Golden Needles
B: Hot Dog ! That Made Him Mad
Capitol USAF3575Oct 19567"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Cool Love
B: Did You Miss Me
Capitol USAF376419577"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Cryin' Thru The Night
B: Baby Loves Him
Capitol USAF3637Feb 19577"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: No Wedding Bells For Joe
B: Fujiyama Mama
Capitol USAF3843Dec 19577"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: Honey Bop
B: Just A Queen For A Day
Capitol USAF394119587"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Mean Mean Man
B: (Every Time They Play) Our Song
Capitol USAF402619587"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Sinful Heart
B: Rock Your Baby
Capitol USAF4081Sep 19587"2 
Wanda Jackson

A: Savin' My Love
B: You've Turned To A Stranger
Capitol USAF4142Jan 19597"28.0
Wanda Jackson

A: Reaching
B: I'd Rather Have You
Capitol USA4286Oct 19597"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Please Call Today
B: My Destiny
Capitol USA4354Mar 19607"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Let's Have A Party
B: Cool Love
Capitol USA4397Jun 19607"310.0
Wanda Jackson

A: Mean, Mean Man
B: Happy, Happy Birthday
Capitol USA4469Nov 19607"18.5
Wanda Jackson

A: Riot In Cell Block Number Nine
B: Little Charm Bracelet
Capitol USA4520Feb 19617"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: Right Or Wrong
B: Funnel Of Love
Capitol USA4553Apr 19617"39.0
Wanda Jackson

A: In The Middle Of A Heartache
B: I'd Be Ashamed
Capitol USA4635Sep 19617"18.0
Wanda Jackson

A: A Little Bitty Tear
B: I Don't Wanta Go
Capitol USA4681Dec 19617"38.0
Wanda Jackson

A: If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me
B: Let My Love Walk In
Capitol USA4723Mar 19627"19.0
Wanda Jackson

A: Between The Window And The Phone
B: I Misunderstood
Capitol USA4785Jun 19627"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: The Greatest Actor
B: You Bug Me Bad
Capitol USA48333 Sep 19627"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: One Teardrop At A Time
B: Whirlpool
Capitol USA48843 Dec 19627"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Sympathy
B: But I Was Lying
Capitol USA491711 Feb 19637"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: This Should Go On Forever
B: We Haven't A Moment To Lose
Capitol USA497313 May 19637"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Let Me Talk To You
B: Memory Mountain
Capitol USA501529 Jul 19637"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: Let's Have A Party
B: Mean, Mean Man
Capitol Starline USA60389 Sep 19637"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: Slippin'
B: Just For You
Capitol USA507228 Oct 19637"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: The Violet And A Rose
B: To Tell You The Truth
Capitol USA51422 Mar 19647"18.0
Wanda Jackson

A: I'm Mad At Me
B: Leave My Baby Alone
Capitol USA522813 Jul 19647"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Weary Blues From Waitin'
B: Candy Man
Capitol USA5287Oct 19647"210.0
Wanda Jackson

A: My Baby's Gone
B: If I Were You
Capitol USA5364Feb 19657"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Have I Grown Used To Missing You
B: Take Me Home
Capitol USA5433Jun 19657"1 
Wanda Jackson

A: Send Me No Roses
B: My First Day Without You
Capitol USA5491Sep 19657"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: The Box It Came In
B: Look Out Heart
Capitol USA5559Jan 19667"210.0
Wanda Jackson

A: This Gun Don't Care
B: I Wonder If She Knows
Capitol USA5712Aug 19667"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine
B: Reckless Love Affair
Capitol USA5789Nov 19667"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Because It's You
B: Long As I Have You
Capitol USA564519677"2 
Wanda Jackson

A: Both Sides Of The Line
B: Famous Last Words
Capitol USA5863Mar 19677"07.0
Wanda Jackson

A: My Heart Gets All The Breaks
B: You'll Always Have My Love
Capitol USA5960Jul 19677"0 
Wanda Jackson And The Party Timers

A: A Girl Don't Have To Drink To Have Fun
B: My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights
Capitol USA2021Oct 19677"4 
Wanda Jackson And The Party Timers

A: By The Time You Get To Phoenix
B: Wishing Well
Capitol USA2085Jan 19687"1 
Wanda Jackson And The Party Timers

A: My Baby Walked Right Out On Me
B: No Place To Go But Home
Capitol USA2151Apr 19687"2 
Wanda Jackson And The Party Timers

A: Little Boy Soldier
B: I Talk A Pretty Story
Capitol USA2245Aug 19687"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: I Wish I Was Your Friend
B: Poor Ole Me
Capitol USA2315Oct 19687"4 
Wanda Jackson

A: If I Had A Hammer
B: The Pain Of It All
Capitol USA2379Jan 19697"0 
Wanda Jackson

A: Your Tender Love
B: As The Day Wears On
Capitol USA2472Apr 19697"0 

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