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War - Discography

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  USA  48
  UK  30
  Canada  20
  Germany  14
  Netherlands  14
  Australia  5
  New Zealand  5
  Belgium  4
  Thailand  4
  Italy  3
  Spain  3
  France  2
  Japan  2
  Norway  2
All Records  156
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Eric Burdon And War

A: Spill The Wine
B: Magic Mountain
Polydor Germany2001 07219707"09.5
Eric Burdon And War

A: Home Cookin'
B: Jimbo
Liberty Germany15 435Feb 19717"09.0
Eric Burdon And War

A: Paint It Black
B: Spirit
Liberty Germany15 441Apr 19717"0 
Eric Burdon And War


A: Tobacco Road
B: Spill The Wine
United Artists Germany35 96119727"0 
Big Hit

Eric Burdon And War

A: Paint It Black
B: Spirit

Eric Burdon And Jimmy Witherspoon

C: Soledad
D: Headin' For Home
United Artists Germany35 8091973Double Pack0 

A: The Cisco Kid
B: Beetles In The Bog
United Artists GermanyUA 35 521 A19737"0 

A: Me And My Baby Brother
B: In Your Eyes
United Artists GermanyUA 35 62319737"0 

A: The World Is A Ghetto
B: Four Cornered Room
United Artists Germany35 4692 Feb 19737"09.0

A: Ballero
B: Slippin' Into Darkness
United Artists GermanyUA 35 69219747"0 

A: Galaxy Pt. 1
B: Galaxy Pt. 2
MCA Germany0032.03919777"0 
Eric Burdon And War

The Original Oldies

A: Spill The Wine
B: Love Is All Around
LA Records Germany0030.14719787"0 

A: You Got The Power
B: Cinco De Mayo
RCA Victor GermanyPB 306119827"2 

A: Groovin' (Vocal)
B: Groovin' (Instrumental)
Bluebird Germany107 35119857"0 

Export Issue

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A: Galaxy Part 1
B: Galaxy Part 2
MCA GermanyMCA 33930 Dec 1977Export Issue0 

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