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White Plains - Discography

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  UK  19
  USA  13
  Germany  12
  New Zealand  11
  Netherlands  6
  Belgium  4
  Portugal  4
  Australia  3
  Canada  2
  Ireland  2
  South Africa  2
  Denmark  1
  Italy  1
  Kenya  1
  Sweden  1
  Thailand  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  84
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White Plains

A: My Baby Loves Lovin'
B: Show Me Your Hand
Deram UKDM 2802 Jan 19707"58.7
White Plains

A: I've Got You On My Mind
B: Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know
Deram UKDM 2913 Apr 19707"39.4
White Plains

A: Lovin' You Baby
B: Noises (In My Head)
Deram UKDM 31214 Aug 19707"0 
White Plains With Pete Nelson

A: Julie Do Ya Love Me
B: I Need Your Everlasting Love
Deram UKDM 3159 Oct 19707"147.5
White Plains

A: Every Little Move She Makes
B: Carolina's Comin' Home
Deram UKDM 32519 Feb 19717"68.0
White Plains

A: When You Are A King
B: The World Gets Better With Love
Deram UKDM 3337 May 19717"89.5
White Plains

A: Gonna Miss Her Mississippi
B: I'll Go Blind
Deram UKDM 34027 Aug 19717"19.0
White Plains

A: I Can't Stop
B: Julie Anne
Deram UKDM 3487 Jan 19727"0 
White Plains

A: Dad You Saved The World
B: Beachcomber
Deram UKDM 3656 Oct 19727"0 
White Plains

A: Step Into A Dream
B: Look To See
Deram UKDM 37112 Jan 19737"49.0
White Plains

A: Does Anybody Know Where My Baby Is?
B: Just For A Change
Deram UKDM 38811 May 19737"19.0
White Plains

A: Julie Anne
B: Sunny, Honey Girl
Deram UKDM 40516 Nov 19737"09.0
White Plains

A: Ecstasy
B: A Simple Man
Deram UKDM 41531 May 19747"0 
White Plains

A: Summer Nights
B: Wildest Dreams
Bradleys UKBRAD 760930 Apr 19767"0 
White Plains

A: Dance With You
B: Plains
PVK UKPV 1026 May 19787"0 
White Plains

A: Wanna Fall In Love
B: Plains
PVK UKPV 1917 Nov 19787"0 
White Plains

A: My Baby Loves Lovin'

White Plains With Peter Nelson

B: Julie Do Ya Love Me
Old Gold UKOG 9333Oct 19837"0 
Karon Young

A: Nobody's Child

White Plains

B: When You Are A King
Old Gold UKOG 9531Sep 19857"2 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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White Plains

A: Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know

Roger Cook

B: Today I Killed A Man I Didn't Know
Emidisc UK1970Acetate1 

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