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Wingtip Sloat - Discography

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Wingtip Sloat

A1: M31
A2: Turbine Mother
B1: Aspermicle
B2: Blessed Nimbus, Churning
Sweet Portable You USAS. P. Y. 003EP0 
Wingtip Sloat

A1: Teapot Dome
A2: Mass Fucking In The Haystacks
B1: They Came With Margarine And In-Laws
B2: It Reminds Me
C1: Nada Dry Lemo
C2: I Wish I'd Been There To Make It A Cliche
C3: Kill The Klansmen
D1: Full Vamka
D2: Um Ba Winga (Umba Go)
D3: You're Happier Than You Realize
D4: Purple Martini
D5: Pit Caple Castle
D6: Black Motorist
Vhf / Sweet Portable Junket USAVHF NO. 2 / SWEET PORTABLE JUNKET NO. 8Double Pack1 

Appears On

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Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins And Lo-Fi Whores

Wingtip Sloat

A2: Rake / Sickle


B1: Towerblock


B2: A Piano As An Object


B3: Where The Drifts Get Deeper

Small Things

B4: Glow In The Dark Prisoner

Geiger Counter

C1: Two


C2: Abuse Of Celebrity

Scaredy Cat

C3: Ice Cream Cone

Richard Youngs And Simon Wickham-Smith

D1: Walking The Mongoose


D2: F.S.F.pt A (2600) To The Top

The Negative Kite

D3: I'm On A Streak Of Dumb Luck Y'Wouldn't Believe

The Shadow Ring

E1: Back-Combed Lines

Tea Culture

E2: Better Than Socks


E3: New Complaints


F1: He Gets Really Bad Allergies And Symmetries And A Lot Of Peanuts

Prick Decay

F2: 3 Variations Of Chronic Delerium


G1: Our Dwarvish Nightmare


G2: Cilla Bull

Mother Tongue

G3: See You Next Tuesday

I'm Being Good

H1: Three : Ten

The Glands Of External Secretion

H2: A Total Plate Of Shrimp
Fisheye UKSCHOOL 21997EP1 

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