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Womack And Womack - Discography

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  UK  13
  Germany  7
  USA  6
  Australia  3
  New Zealand  2
  Canada  1
  France  1
  Ireland  1
  Netherlands  1
All Records  35
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Womack And Womack

A: Express Myself (Remix)
B: Woman
Elektra UKE 986519847"1 
Womack And Womack

A: Love Wars
B: Good Times
Elektra UKE 9799Apr 19847"27.7
Womack And Womack

A: Baby I'm Scared Of You (Edit)
B: A. P. B. (Edit)
Elektra UKE 9733Jun 19847"0 
Womack And Womack

A: Strange And Funny (Edit)
B: Radio M.U.S.C. Man
Elektra UKEKR 12Jun 19857"0 
Womack And Womack

A: Eyes
B: No Relief (Remixed Edit.)
Elektra UKEKR 20Aug 19857"0 
Womack And Womack

A: Soul Love/Soul Man
B: Soul Love/Soul Man (Instrumental)
Manhattan UKMT 16Nov 19867"0 
Womack And Womack

A: Teardrops (Remix)
B: Conscious Of My Conscience
4th + B'way [Fourth & Broadway] UKBRW 101Jun 19887"28.0
Womack And Womack

A: Life's Just A Ballgame (Radio Remix)
B: Slave (Just For Love)
4th + B'way [Fourth & Broadway] UKBRW 116Oct 19887"07.0
Womack And Womack

A: Celebrate The World
B: Friends (So Called)
4th + B'way [Fourth & Broadway] UKBRW 12513 Feb 19897"2 
Womack And Womack

A: MPB (Missin' Persons Bureau) (Remix)
B: MPB (Missin' Persons Bureau) (Original Version)
4th + B'way [Fourth & Broadway] UKBRW 138Jul 19897"1 
Womack And Womack

A: Uptown (Single Version)
B: Family Spirit
Arista UK114 032Mar 19917"1 
Womack And Womack

A: My Dear (The Letter)Edit
B: Keep On Climbing (Album Version)
Arista UK114 45715 Jul 19917"0 
The House Of Zekkariyas Aka Womack And Womack

A: Secret Star (Sasha's Radio Edit)
B: Secret Star (the House To House Remix) (Fade)
Warner Bros. UKWO 22219947"0 

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