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Yukio Yung - Discography

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Yukio Yung

Jeff Lynne EP

A1: Mr Blue Sky
A2: Xanadu
B1: 10538 Overture
B2: Livin' Thing
B3: The End Of The Road
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 715EP0 

Appears On

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A Tribute To Daniel Johnston Vol. 2


A1: Museum Of Love

Paisley Shirts

A2: Fate'll Get Done

Fellow Travelers

B1: It's Over

Yukio Yung

B2: I Feel So High
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7141993EP0 

M.O.T.O.(Masters Of The Obvious)

A1: Do You Remember


A2: What The Water Gave Me

Paul Bevoir

A3: Dear Mr. Weatherman

Paisley Shirts

A4: Weather's Changing


A5: Petra K

Baine Watson Orchestra

A6: X-mas Stomp

Behaviour Savior

A7: The Frog Song

Arne Hansen

B1: Ultimate Blues

Wimp Factor 14

B2: Hibachi

Yukio Yung

B3: Business Suit

Fondue Set

B4: Hapiness Is Just A Flaming Moe Away

Schwermut Forest

B5: Hüllenaudio

Kitchen Cynics

B6: Dedicated To Jack Frost

Tender Whiskers

B7: Ice Blue Pole


C1: Jailhouse Pop


C2: Tons Of Money

David E. Lucy

C3: You Don't Have To Act Butch Now

Six Cents And Natalie

C4: Spooky Circus

Jowe Head ESQ.

C5: Your Baby's Gone Down The Plughole

Cee Bee Beaumont

C6: Teen Girl Pizza Party


C7: You Put The Name Of R'n'R In Vain

Silly Pillows

D1: I'll Buy A Castle


D2: Sleigh Ride


D3: Zeit Triologie Teil 1

Chris Gretsch

D4: The Different Sun


D5: The Sweet One

Catfish II

D6: Xanadu

TV Personalities

D7: I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod
Little Teddy GermanyLITE 7281994Double Pack0 

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