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10 Records - Label Discography

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  UK  287
  Germany  72
  Australia  33
  France  2
  Japan  2
  New Zealand  1
  Spain  1
  Sweden  1
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Stephen 'Tin-Tin' Duffy

A: She Makes Me Quiver
B: Push It
10 Records AustraliaTEN-2819847"0 
Gary Moore

A: Hold On To Love
B: Devil In Her Heart
10 Records AustraliaTEN 13Feb 19847"0 
The Pookah Makes 3

A: Lucky Lucky Lucky
B: Fanfare For A Cowboy
10 Records AustraliaTEN 15Mar 19847"0 
P. P. Arnold

A: Electric Dreams
B: Electric Dreams (Esperanto Mix)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 29Sep 19847"0 
Gary Moore And Phil Lynott

A: Out In The Fields
B: Military Man
10 Records AustraliaTEN 4919857"0 
Roger Daltrey

A: After The Fire
B: It Don't Satisfy Me
10 Records AustraliaTEN-6919857"0 
The Flying Pickets And John Sherry

A: Who's That Girl?

The Flying Pickets

B: Remember This (Jara Mix)
10 Records AustraliaGIRL 1Jan 19857"0 
The Pookah Makes 3

A: Take It Back
B: I Can Do Anything
10 Records AustraliaTEN 31Mar 19857"0 

A: Fighting For The Earth
B: Only The Strong Survive
10 Records AustraliaTEN 38Apr 19857"0 
Stephen 'TinTin' Duffy

A: Kiss Me
B: In This Twilight
10 Records AustraliaTIN2Apr 19857"0 
Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy

A: Icing On The Cake
B: Broken Home
10 Records AustraliaTIN 3Jun 19857"0 
Carl Bean

A: I Was Born This Way
B: I Was Born This Way (Instrumental)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 11019867"2 
Gary Moore

A: Over The Hills And Far Away
B: Crying In The Shadows
10 Records AustraliaTEN 13419867"0 
Roger Daltrey

A: Under A Raging Moon
B: Move Better In The Night
10 Records AustraliaTEN-8119867"0 
Stephen Duffy

A: I Love You (Aversion)
B: Love Is Driving Me Insane
10 Records AustraliaTEN-9119867"0 

A: Everlasting Love
B: Change Your Mind
10 Records AustraliaTEN 14919877"0 
Gary Moore

A: Wild Frontier
B: Run For Cover (The Live Version)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 15919877"0 
Gary Moore

A: Friday On My Mind
B: Reach For The Sky (Live Version)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 16419877"2 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

A: Geronimo's Cadillac
B: Two Friends (From Mars And Saturn)
10 Records AustraliaTEN19619877"0 
Morris Minor And The Majors

A: Stutter Rap (No Sleep Til Bedtime)
B: Another Boring 'B' Side
10 Records AustraliaTEN 20319877"3 
Maxi Priest

A: Wild World
B: On And On
10 Records AustraliaTEN22119887"0 
Morris Minor And The Majors

A: This Is The Chorus
B: This Is The Chorus (Japanese Writing)
10 Records AustraliaTEN22919887"0 
Inner City (Featuring Kevin Saunderson)

A: Big Fun (Radio Fun)
B: Big Fun (Juan's Magic Mix)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 24019887"0 

A: It's Gonna Change
B: Think Love
10 Records AustraliaTEN 28819897"0 
Inner City

A: Ain't Nobody Better (Duane Bradley Awesome Mix)
B: Ain't Nobody Better ("Master Reese" Mix)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 252May 19897"0 
Soul II Soul

A: Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)
B: Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (Instrumental)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 265Jul 19897"0 
Jermaine Stewart

A: Tren De Amor
B: When Sex Becomes A Religion
10 Records AustraliaTEN 292Nov 19897"0 
Soul II Soul

A: Get A Life
B: Jazzie's Groove (New Version)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 284Dec 19897"0 
Soul II Soul

A: A Dreams A Dream
B: A Dreams A Dream (Instrumental)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 300May 19907"0 
Maxi Priest

A: Close To You

Maxi Priest And Tiger

B: I Know Love
10 Records AustraliaTEN 294Jun 19907"0 
Spider [Rap]

A: Together As One
B: Together As One (Instrumental)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 322Oct 19907"2 
Soul II Soul

A: Missing You (The Healer Mix)
B: Missing You (The Healer Instrumental)
10 Records AustraliaTEN 345Nov 19907"0 
Soul II Soul

A: People
B: Feelin' Free
10 Records AustraliaTEN 320Dec 19907"0 

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