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20th Century Fox - Label Discography

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Rita Jean Bodine

A: That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You
B: Old Friend
20th Century UKBTC 215919747"0 
Ronnie Charles, Will Malone, With The London Symphony Orchestra And The London Symphony Choir

A: Layla (Complete Version)
B: Layla (Complete Version)
20th Century UKBTC 21611974Promo Only 7"310.0
The Eleventh Hour

A: Gorilla Rock
B: Nasty
20th Century UKBTC 210011 Oct 19747"0 
The DeFranco Family Featuring Tony DeFranco

A: Write Me A Letter
B: Baby Blue
20th Century UKBTC 212811 Oct 19747"0 
Maureen McGovern

A: Wherever Love Takes Me (From The Original Soundtrack Of The Film 'Gold')
B: If I Wrote You A Song
20th Century UKBTC 211918 Oct 19747"0 
The Younghearts

A: Wake Up And Start Standing
B: Dedicate (My Life To You)
20th Century UKBTC 213025 Oct 19747"1 
Barry White

A: You're The First, The Last, My Everything
B: More Than Anything, You're My Everything
20th Century UKBTC 213325 Oct 19747"28.6
Love Unlimited

A: It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)
B: I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go
20th Century UKBTC 214910 Jan 19757"78.0
Randy Edelman

A: Pistol Packin' Melody
B: You Are The Sunlight - I Am The Moon
20th Century UKBTC 215524 Jan 19757"0 
Ronnie Charles With The London Symphony Orchestra And London Symphony Choir

A: Layla (Part 1) Vocal

Will Malone With The London Symphony Orchestra And London Symphony Choir

B: Layla (Part 2) Instrumental
20th Century UKBTC 216124 Jan 19757"210.0
Maureen McGovern

A: We May Never Love Like This Again
B: Until It's Time For You To Go
20th Century UKBTC 215814 Feb 19757"09.0
Leon Haywood

A: Believe Half Of What You See (And None Of What You Hear)
B: The Day I Laid Eyes On You
20th Century UKBTC 214628 Feb 19757"26.0
Barry White

A: What Am I Gonna Do With You?
B: What Am I Gonna Do With You Baby?
20th Century UKBTC 217728 Feb 19757"38.3
Love Unlimited

A: I'm Under The Influence Of Love
B: I Belong To You
20th Century UKBTC 217828 Mar 19757"38.0
Lalo Schifrin

A: Ape Shuffle (Theme From 'Planet Of The Apes')
B: Escape From Tomorrow
20th Century UKBTC 215011 Apr 19757"11.0
The Love Unlimited Orchestra

A: Always Thinking Of You
B: Satin Soul
20th Century UKBTC 216818 Apr 19757"98.5
The Exciters

A: Love You Baby
B: Love You Baby (Instrumental)
20th Century UKBTC 10012 May 19757"1 
Barry White

A: For You I'll Do Anything You Want Me To
B: Anything You Want Me To
20th Century UKBTC 22089 May 19757"37.0
Billy Thunderkloud And The Chieftones

A: What Time Of Day
B: When Love Is Right
20th Century UKBTC218130 May 19757"1 
Jimmy Thomas

A: Beautiful Night
B: I Cant Live My Life Without You
20th Century UKBTC 100227 Jun 19757"0 

A: Do It Now
B: Pray For The People
20th Century UKBTC 10034 Jul 19757"0 
Leon Haywood

A: Come An' Get Yourself Some
B: B.M.F. Beautiful
20th Century UKBTC 219125 Jul 19757"08.0
Cotton, Lloyd And Christian

A: I Go To Pieces
B: Mr. Rock 'N' Roll
20th Century UKBTC 22171 Aug 19757"110.0
The Eleventh Hour

A: Hollywood Hot
B: Hollywood Hotter (Inst.)
20th Century UKBTC 22158 Aug 19757"09.0
Russ Regent And His Rhythmaires

A: The Happy Organ
B: Hello There
20th Century UKBTC 100415 Aug 19757"2 

A: Holdin' On To Yesterday
B: Make Us All Aware
20th Century UKBTC 220715 Aug 19757"0 
The Exciters

A: Reaching For The Best
B: Keep On Reachin'
20th Century UKBTC 100529 Aug 19757"0 
Debbie Stanford

A: Most Wonderful Summer
B: Sunshine Girl
20th Century UKBTC 100712 Sep 19757"2 
Martin Black

A: Sooner Or Later
B: In The Cover Of Darkness
20th Century UKBTC 100626 Sep 19757"0 

A: Run Run Run
B: Easy Come, Easy Go
20th Century UKBTC 10083 Oct 19757"09.0

A: Rebound
B: Pieces
20th Century UKBTC 100910 Oct 19757"1 
Bones [UK]

A: Twice A Week
B: I Cheated On You
20th Century UKBTC 101010 Oct 19757"0 
Ronnie Charles

A: Wishing Well
B: Mephistopheles
20th Century UKBTC 101124 Oct 19757"010.0
Cotton, Lloyd And Christian

A: (You've Given Me) Sunshine
B: Love Me Away
20th Century UKBTC 101224 Oct 19757"0 

A: You're Gonna Make Me Love You
B: Soul Over The Horizon
20th Century UKBTC 101314 Nov 19757"0 
Leon Haywood

A: I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You
B: I Know What Love Is
20th Century UKBTC 222821 Nov 19757"19.5
Barry White

A: Let The Music Play
B: Let The Music Play (Instrumental)
20th Century UKBTC 2265Dec 19757"28.5
Evelyn Thomas

A: Weak Spot
B: Dancin' Is My Weak Spot
20th Century UKBTC 10149 Jan 19767"27.0
Cotton, Lloyd And Christian

A: Don't Play With The One Who Loves You
B: I Can Sing, I Can Dance
20th Century UKBTC 101616 Jan 19767"1 
Chubby Checker

A: Reggae My Way
B: Gypsy
20th Century UKBTC 204023 Jan 19767"1 
Harriet Schock

A: Southern Belle
B: Alice Doesn't
20th Century UKBTC 223523 Jan 19767"0 
Randy Edelman

A: Concrete And Clay
B: Bring The Baby In With The Bacon
20th Century UKBTC 226130 Jan 19767"37.5
The Exciters

A: Suffering
B: Suffering (Disco Version)
20th Century UKBTC 101520 Feb 19767"1 
Barry White

A: You See The Trouble With Me
B: I'm So Blue And You Are Too
20th Century UKBTC 227727 Feb 19767"38.4
Evelyn Thomas

A: Doomsday
B: The Day After Doomsday
20th Century UKBTC 10179 Apr 19767"1 
B.C.G. (Bob Crewe Generation)

A: Street Talk
B: Street Talk (Var ll)
20th Century UKBTC 22719 Apr 19767"1 
Maureen McGovern

A: The Continental
B: Lullaby Of Broadway
20th Century UKBTC 222223 Apr 19767"38.4
Randy Edelman

A: Fresh Out'a Love
B: Blue Street
20th Century UKBTC 224630 Apr 19767"1 
Carol Woods

A: Heading Down Fools Road
B: Once More Down Fools Road
20th Century UKBTC 10187 May 19767"1 

A: Mama Told Me, Papa Told Me (Everyone Loves A Good Girl)
B: Lightning Lady
20th Century UKBTC 102521 May 19767"0 

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