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4AD - Label Discography

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  UK  182
  Netherlands  6
  USA  5
  Australia  3
  France  2
  Belgium  1
  Greece  1
  New Zealand  1
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A: Dark Entries
B: Untitled
4AD UKAD 3Feb 19807"27.0

A: Dark Entries
B: Untitled
4AD UKBEG 37Feb 19807"3 
Modern English

A: Swans On Glass
B: Incident
4AD UKAD 6May 19807"0 

A1: Terror Couple Kill Colonel
B1: Scopes
B2: Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Version)
4AD UKAD 7Jun 19807"15.0

A1: Terror Couple Kill Colonel
B1: Scopes
B2: Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Version)
4AD UKAD 7Jun 19807"1 
In Camera

A: Final Achievement
B: Die Laughing
4AD UKAD 8Jun 19807"0 
The The

A: Controversial Subject
B: Black And White
4AD UKAD 10Aug 19807"1 
The Birthday Party

A1: The Friend Catcher
B1: Waving My Arms
B2: Cat Man
4AD UKAD 12Sep 19807"0 
Mass [4AD]

A: You And I
B: Cabbage
4AD UKAD 14Nov 19807"1 
Modern English

A: Gathering Dust
B: Tranquility Of A Summer Moment (Vice Versa)
4AD UKAD 15Nov 19807"3 

A: Telegram Sam
B: Crowds
4AD UKAD 17Dec 19807"010.0
Dance Chapter

A: Anonimity
B: New Dance
4AD UKAD 18Dec 19807"0 
Sort Sol

A: Marble Station
B: Misguided
4AD UKAD 101Feb 19817"1 
The Past Seven Days

A: Raindance
B: So Many Others
4AD UKAD 102Mar 19817"1 
My Captains

A1: Fall
A2: Converse
B1: History
B2: Nothing
4AD UKAD 103Mar 1981EP0 
BC Gilbert / G Lewis

A: Ends With The Sea
B: Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch
4AD UKAD 106Apr 19817"1 
Modern English

A: Smiles And Laughter
B: Mesh And Lace
4AD UKAD 110Aug 19817"1 
The Birthday Party

A: Release The Bats
B: Blast Off
4AD UKAD 111Aug 19817"07.0
René Halkett And David Jay

A: Nothing
B: Armour
4AD UKAD 112Aug 19817"0 
The Birthday Party

A: Mr Clarinet
B: Happy Birthday
4AD UKAD 114Sep 19817"07.5
The Happy Family

A1: Puritans
B1: Innermost Thought
B2: The Mistake
4AD UKAD 204Mar 19827"0 
Colin Newman

A: We Means We Starts
B: Not To
4AD UKAD 209Jul 19827"1 
Modern English

A: I Melt With You
B: The Prize
4AD UKAD 212Oct 19827"09.5
Colour Box

A: Breakdown
B: Tarantula
4AD UKAD 215Nov 19827"08.0
Cocteau Twins

A: Peppermint Pig
B: Laugh Lines
4AD UKAD 303Apr 19837"07.0
Colour Box

A: Breakdown
B: Tarantula
4AD UKAD 304May 19837"110.0
Modern English

A: Someone's Calling
B: Life In The Gladhouse
4AD UKAD 309Sep 19837"010.0
This Mortal Coil

A: Song To The Siren
B: Sixteen Days (Reprise)
4AD UKAD 310Sep 19837"310.0
Xmal Deutschland

A: Incubus Succubus II
B: Vito
4AD UKAD 311Sep 19837"0 
Cocteau Twins

A: Sugar Hiccup
4AD UKAD 314Oct 1983Promo Only 7"09.3
Modern English

A: Chapter 12
B: Ringing In The Change
4AD UKAD 401Jan 19847"0 

A: Say You
B: Fast Dump
4AD UKAD 403Mar 19847"18.0
Cocteau Twins

A: Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops
B: Pepper-Tree
4AD UKAD 405Apr 19847"19.0

A: Punch
B: Keep On Pushing
4AD UKAD 406Jun 19847"08.0
This Mortal Coil

A: Kangaroo
B: It'll End In Tears
4AD UKAD 410Aug 19847"210.0
Cocteau Twins

A: Aikea-Guinea
B: Kookaburra
4AD UKAD 501Mar 19857"08.6

A: The Moon Is Blue
B: You Keep Me Hanging On
4AD UKAD 507Jul 19857"010.0
Voix Bulgares

Extracted From The Forthcoming Album Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares

A: Prïtourïtze Planinata (Chant FromThe Thracian Plain) With Orchestra
B: Polegnala E Todora (Love Chant)
4AD UKAD 603Mar 1986Promo Only 7"110.0

A: Baby, I Love You So
B: Looks Like We're Shy One Horse
4AD UKAD 604Apr 19867"110.0

A: The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme
B: Philip Glass
4AD UKAD 605Jun 19867"28.3
Cocteau Twins

A: Love's Easy Tears
B: Those Eyes, That Mouth
4AD UKAD 610Nov 19867"08.7

A: Pump Up The Volume
B: Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)
4AD UKAD 707Aug 19877"710.0
Frazier Chorus

A: Sloppy Heart
B: Typical
4AD UKAD 708Oct 19877"0 
Throwing Muses

A: Dizzy
B: Santa Claus
4AD UKAD 903Feb 19897"19.0

A: Monkey Gone To Heaven
B: Manta Ray
4AD UKAD 904Mar 19897"39.4
Ultra Vivid Scene

A: Something To Eat
B: H Like In Heaven
4AD UKAD 908May 19897"1 

A: Here Comes Your Man
B: Into The White
4AD UKAD 90919 Jun 19897"210.0
Ultra Vivid Scene

A: Staring At The Sun
B: Three Stars
4AD UKAD 00049 Apr 19907"110.0
His Name Is Alive

A: How Ghosts Affect Relationships
B: If July
4AD UKHNIA 125 Jun 1990Promo Only 7"010.0

A: Velouria
B: I've Been Waiting For You
4AD UKAD 000917 Jul 19907"09.0

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