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ABC-Paramount - Label Discography

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Dick Duane

A: Siboney
B: Now
ABC-Paramount USA45-965619557"1 
Annette Warren

A: Circle
B: Tame Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-965719557"0 
The Rover Boys

A: Come To Me
B: Love Me Again
ABC-Paramount USA45-965919557"1 
Trio Shmeed

A: Polka Yodel
B: Yodel Cha Cha
ABC-Paramount USA45-966019557"0 
Bert Parks

A: Abdul Abulbul Amir
B: Oiee Dolee Doff
ABC-Paramount USA45-966119557"0 
Eydie Gorme

A: Sincerely Yours
B: Come Home
ABC-Paramount USA45-9655Nov 19557"3 
Bobby Scott

A: Chain Gang
B: Shadrach
ABC-Paramount USA45-9658Dec 19557"210.0
Rex Trailer

A: Hoofbeats
B: Cowboys Don't Cry
ABC-Paramount USA45-9662Dec 19557"2 
Bernadine Read

A: Hold On To Your Heart
B: Let Me Give You One Last Kiss
ABC-Paramount USA45-9663Dec 19557"0 
Moose Charlap

A: It Was My Father's Habit
B: (I Want Some) Good Old Fashioned Lovin'
ABC-Paramount USA45-967419567"1 
The Rover Boys

A: My Queen
B: 16 Teens
ABC-Paramount USA45-967819567"0 
Don "Mr. Butter" Virgil

A: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
B: I Cried For You
ABC-Paramount USA45-968619567"0 
Johnny Rion

A: Our Love Is Fading
B: You're The One For Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-969419567"0 
The Flairs

A: Steppin' Out
B: Aladdin's Lamp
ABC-Paramount USA45-974019567"0 
Jimmie Dodd And Mouseketeer Chorus

A: Mouseketeer Theme
B: Hi To You (Hej For Dig)
ABC-Paramount USA45-9665Jan 19567"0 
John Leslie

A: Fortune Teller
B: My Impossible Castle
ABC-Paramount USA45-9666Jan 19567"2 
The Toppers [Ampar]

A: Honey, Honey (Bless Your Heart)
B: George Washington
ABC-Paramount USA45-9667Jan 19567"0 
Lael And Cab Calloway

A: Little Child

Cab Calloway

B: The Voice
ABC-Paramount USA45-9671Jan 19567"3 
Bette Anne Steele

A: Mr. Wonderful
B: Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo
ABC-Paramount USA45-9669Feb 19567"1 
Dick Duane

A: Blue Prelude
B: To Make A Mistake
ABC-Paramount USA45-9677Feb 19567"0 
Jimmie Dodd

A1: The Mickey Mouse Mambo

Jimmie Dodd and Ruth Carrell

B1: The Humphrey Hop
B2: The Pussy Cat Polka
ABC-Paramount USA45-9680Feb 19567"0 
Danny Dill

A: My Girl And His Girl
B: Geisha Sweetheart
ABC-Paramount USA45-9681Mar 19567"0 
Bobby Scott

A: I Had A Lover
B: I Don't Have To Worry (No More)
ABC-Paramount USA45-9683Mar 19567"0 
Eydie Gorme

A: That's How
B: Too Close For Comfort
ABC-Paramount USA45-9684Mar 19567"0 
Alvy West And His Little Band With The Roslyn Teen-Agers

A: Ya Ya Ya

Alvy West And His Little Band

B: Blue Bongo
ABC-Paramount USA45-9688Mar 19567"1 
Don Costa His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Heart Of Paris
B: Flamenco Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9693Mar 19567"0 
Cornel Gunter And The Flairs

A: In Self Defense
B: She Loves To Rock
ABC-Paramount USA45-9698Apr 19567"410.0
The Rover Boys

A: Graduation Day
B: I Hear Music
ABC-Paramount USA45-9700May 19567"1 
Steve Gibson And The Red Caps - Featuring Damita Jo

A: Love Me Tenderly

Steve Gibson And The Red Caps - Featuring Dave Patillo

B: Rock And Roll Stomp
ABC-Paramount USA45-9702May 19567"18.0
Dick Duane

A: Fame And Fortune
B: Men Don't Cry
ABC-Paramount USA45- 9709Jun 19567"0 
John Leslie

A: I'll Be Laughing Tonight
B: To Love You
ABC-Paramount USA45-9713Jun 19567"0 
Ronnie Self

A: Pretty Bad Blues
B: Three Hearts Later
ABC-Paramount USA45-9714Jun 19567"0 
Eydie Gorme

A: Mama Teach Me To Dance
B: You Bring Out The Lover In Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-9722Jul 19567"1 
Stan Wolowic And The Polka Chips

A: Whoo Pie Shoo Pie
B: Dreamy Fish Waltz
ABC-Paramount USA45-9728Jul 19567"0 
Bobby Madera

A: Mama, Teach Me To Dance
B: Watch Your Step
ABC-Paramount USA45-9731Aug 19567"0 
The Rover Boys

A: From A School Ring To A Wedding Ring
B: Young Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9732Aug 19567"0 
Danny Dill

A: I'm Hungry For Your Lovin'
B: The Stranger Of Abilene
ABC-Paramount USA45-9734Aug 19567"0 
Wayne Walker

A: All I Can Do Is Cry
B: It's My Way
ABC-Paramount USA45-9735Aug 19567"09.0
Ginny Gibson

A: Two Innocent Hearts
B: Miracle Of Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9739Aug 19567"0 
Johnny Nash

A: A Teenager Sings The Blues
B: Out Of Town
ABC-Paramount USA45-9743Sep 19567"0 
The Marksmen [ABC]

A: Hands
B: The Story Of A Star
ABC-Paramount USA45-9745Sep 19567"0 
John Leslie

A: Don't Trade Your Love For Gold
B: All That Is Left Of Our Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9749Oct 19567"0 
Cab Calloway

A: I'll Be Worthy Of You
B: The Music Goes Round And Round
ABC-Paramount USA45-9757Oct 19567"0 
Eydie Gorme

A: Soda Pop Hop
B: I've Got A Right To Cry
ABC-Paramount USA45-9758Oct 19567"0 
The Rover Boys

A: The Piano Tuner
B: Whoop Doodly Baby
ABC-Paramount USA45-9760Oct 19567"0 
Micki Marlo

A: Little By Little
B: It All Started With Your Kiss
ABC-Paramount USA45-9762Oct 19567"17.0
Freddie Montell

A: Lonely Winter
B: A Broken Pin
ABC-Paramount USA45-9763Oct 19567"0 
George Hamilton IV

A: A Rose And A Baby Ruth
B: If You Don't Know
ABC-Paramount USA45-976520 Oct 19567"1210.0
Dick Roman

A: Never Leave Me
B: Comme Ca
ABC-Paramount USA45-9748Nov 19567"0 
Joan Shaw

A: Just Kiss Me
B: Don't You Remember?
ABC-Paramount USA45-9751Nov 19567"1 

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