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ABC-Paramount - Label Discography

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Eydie Gorme

Eydie Swings The Blues

A1: Blues In The Night
A2: The Man I Love
B1: When Your Lover Has Gone
B2: When The Sun Comes Out
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 55021958EP0 
Carlos Montoya

Flamenco Fire

A1: Huelva
A2: Variaciones De Cadiz
B1: Café De Chinitas
B2: Alorno Y Verdial
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 55091958EP0 
Carlos Montoya

Flamenco Fire

A1: Huelva
A2: Variaciones De Cadiz
B1: Café De Chinitas
B2: Alorno Y Verdial
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPAP 55091958EP0 
Paul Anka

Paul Anka Sings The Hits Vol. 1

A1: Diana
A2: Don't Gamble With Love
B1: I Love You Baby
B2: Tell Me That You Love Me
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 5504Mar 1958EP0 
Lloyd Price

The Exciting Lloyd Price 1

A1: Stagger Lee
A2: Where Were You
B1: You Need Love
B2: Is It Really Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 5514Aug 1959EP0 
Lloyd Price

A: I'm Gonna Get Married
B: Three Little Pigs
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.068X45Sep 19597"0 
Lloyd Price

The Exciting Lloyd Price 2

A1: Personality
A2: Mailman Blues
B1: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
B2: Oh, Oh, Oh
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 5515Sep 1959EP0 
Paul Anka

A: (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
B: That's Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.050X4519607"0 
Paul Anka

A: It's Time To Cry
B: Something Has Changed Me
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.075X45Jan 19607"0 
Lloyd Price And His Orchestra

A: Lady Luck
B: Never Let Me Go
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.079X45Feb 19607"0 
The Poni-Tails

A: Come On Be My Love
B: Before We Say Goodnight
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.080X45Mar 19607"0 
Ray Charles

A: Who You Gonna' Love
B: My Baby (I Love Her, Yes I Do)
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.081X45Mar 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: Adam And Eve
B: Puppy Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.082X45Mar 19607"0 
Lloyd Price

Mr. Personality

A1: I'm Gonna Get Married
A2: Three Little Pigs
B1: Yakety-Yak - Bing Bang
B2: I Only Have Eyes For You
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 5518Apr 1960EP0 
Lloyd Price

A: No If's No And's
B: For Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.085X45May 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: Something Happened
B: My Home Town
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.086X45Jun 19607"0 
Lloyd Price And His Orchestra

A: Question
B: If I Look A Little Blue
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.088X45Jul 19607"0 
Ray Charles

A: Sticks And Stones
B: Worried Life Blues
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.089X45Aug 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: Hello Young Lovers
B: I Love You In The Same Old Way
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.091X4519 Sep 19607"0 
Ray Charles with The Raelets

A: Carry Me Back To Old Virginny

Ray Charles

B: Georgia On My Mind
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.092X4519 Sep 19607"0 
Lloyd Price And His Orchestra

A: Just Call Me
B: Who Coulda' Told You
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.094X4519 Sep 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: White Christmas
B: Jingle Bells
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.097X4514 Nov 19607"0 
Paul Anka

A: Summer's Gone
B: I'd Have To Share
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.098X4514 Nov 19607"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Know What You're Doin'
B: That's Why Tears Come And Go
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.100X4527 Dec 19607"0 
Ray Charles

A: Hearthearted Hannah
B: Ruby
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.101X459 Jan 19617"0 
Ray Charles

A: Them That Got
B: I Wonder
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.103X456 Feb 19617"0 
Paul Anka

A: The Story Of My Love
B: Don't Say You're Sorry
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.105X456 Feb 19617"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Boo Hoo I'm Gonna Cry
B: I Made You Cry
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.106X456 Feb 19617"0 
Eydie Gorme And Steve Lawrence

A: This Could Be The Start Of Something
B: No Two People
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.10820 Feb 19617"0 
Paul Anka

A: Train Of Love
B: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.109X4517 Apr 19617"1 
Paul Anka

A: Tonight My Love, Tonight
B: I'm Just A Fool Anyway
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.1101 May 19617"0 
Paul Anka

A: Dance On Little Girl
B: I Talk To You (On The Telephone)
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.11214 Aug 19617"0 
Paul Anka

A: Kissin' On The Phone
B: Cinderella
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.11311 Sep 19617"0 
Barry Mann

A: Who Put The Bomp In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp
B: Love, True Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.11411 Sep 19617"0 
Brian Hyland

A: Let Me Belong To You
B: Let It Die
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.11511 Sep 19617"0 
Paul Anka

Adam And Eve

A1: It's That Time To Cry
A2: Something Has Changed Me
B1: Adam And Eve
B2: Puppy Love
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 5520Oct 1961EP0 
Ray Charles And His Orchestra

A: Hit The Road Jack
B: The Danger Zone
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.11616 Oct 19617"0 
The Impressions

A: Gypsy Woman
B: As Long As You Love Me
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.11827 Nov 19617"0 
Ray Charles

A: Unchain My Heart
B: But On The Other Hand Baby
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.12119627"0 
Teddy Randazzo

A: One More Chance
B: Teenage Senorita
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.13419627"0 
Paul Anka

A: Loveland
B: The Bells At My Wedding
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.12015 Jan 19627"0 
Ray Charles


A1: Sticks And Stones
A2: My Baby (I Love Her, Yes I Do)
B1: Chattanooga Choo-choo
B2: I Wonder
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPA 552112 Mar 1962EP0 
Paul Anka

A: The Fools Hall Of Fame
B: Far From The Lights Of Town
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.12226 Mar 19627"0 
Brian Hyland

A: Ginny Come Lately
B: Should Be Getting Better
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.1249 Apr 19627"3 
Ray Charles And His Orchestra

A: At The Club
B: Hide 'Nor Hair
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.12524 Apr 19627"0 
Paul Anka

A: Uh Huh
B: I'd Never Find Another You
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.12621 May 19627"0 
Ray Charles

A: I Can't Stop Loving You
B: Born To Lose
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.1284 Jun 19627"1 
Ray Charles

Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music

A1: Bye Bye Love
A2: Worried Mind
B1: Careless Love
B2: I Can't Stop Loving You
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsEPAP 552318 Jun 1962EP0 
Ray Charles

A: Nancy
B: Rosetta
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.1272 Jul 19627"0 
Brian Hyland

A: Sealed With A Kiss
B: Summer Job
ABC-Paramount NetherlandsAP 22.13013 Aug 19627"1 

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