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Alaska - Label Discography

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Gulliver [UK]

A: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
B: San Diego
Alaska UKALA 1Feb 19737"1 
Chance [UK 1970s]

A: Wash My Mem'ries
B: Gonna Make It
Alaska UKALA 219737"07.0
Mike Rose And The Colours

A: When You're Asleep
B: Take Me Back
Alaska UKALA 316 Mar 19737"5 

A: The Message
B: Zion I
Alaska UKALA 416 Mar 19737"47.5

A: Nevada Style
B: It's A Beautiful Sunday Morning
Alaska UKALA 518 May 19737"0 
Brian Keith

A: First Cut Is The Deepest
B: San Francisco Woman
Alaska UKALA 619737"0 
Colours [Alaska]

A: He's In Town
B: Greaser's Bop
Alaska UKALA 722 Jun 19737"0 

A: Josephine
B: Emptiness
Alaska UKALA 829 Jun 19737"1 
Bullet [Alaska]

A: Push Just A Little Bit Harder
B: That's Rock And Roll
Alaska UKALA 917 Aug 19737"2 

A: Bra
B: Rastafarian Folk Song
Alaska UKALA 1021 Sep 19737"09.0
Brass Alley

A: You Better Run
B: Be My Friend
Alaska UKALA 112 Nov 19737"0 
Mike Rose

A: Mary Mary
B: Take Me Back
Alaska UKALA 12Nov 19737"0 
Erasmus Chorum

A: Jungle
B: That Is Why
Alaska UKALA 1323 Nov 19737"09.0
Joey Dee

A: Baby Don't You Know (I Need You)
B: Half Moon
Alaska UKALA 141 Feb 19747"2 
Alan Lee Shaw

A: She Moans
B: Bollweevil
Alaska UKALA 1515 Feb 19747"1 
The Dooley Family

A: Hands Across The Sea
B: Oo Pa Pa Doo
Alaska UKALA 1622 Mar 19747"2 
Marie Toland

Marie Toland Sings The British Eurovision Six

A1: Have Love - Will Travel
A2: Someday
A3: Long Live Love
B1: Angel Eyes
B2: Loving You Ain't Easy
B3: Hands Across The Sea
Alaska UKALA 1715 Mar 1974EP1 

A: Kick Out The Jams
B: Kahoutec
Alaska UKALA 1826 Apr 19747"27.0

A: I Don't Want Our Loving To Die
B: That Is Why
Alaska UKALA 1926 Jul 19747"0 
Mel Nixon

A: Put It In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Astra Nova Orchestra

B: Soul Sleeper
Alaska UKALA 2013 Sep 19747"1 
Danny McCree

A: There Must Be A Way
B: A Million Miles Away
Alaska UKALA 2125 Oct 19747"59.0
Gulliver [UK]

A: So Good Together
B: The Way I Feel
Alaska UKALA 2215 Nov 19747"0 
Vic Lezal's Professionals

A: Blitz At The Ritz
B: Big Brother
Alaska UKALA 236 Dec 19747"0 
Barry Blood

A: Poor Annie
B: On The Run
Alaska UKALA 2419757"0 
The Dooley Family

A: Sha La La Lullaby
B: (Your Love Is) Sneaking Up On Me
Alaska UKALA 258 Nov 19747"0 
Mel Nixon

A: Ev'ry Little Beat Of Your Heart

Astra Nova Orchestra

B: Soul Sleeper
Alaska UKALA 2628 Feb 19757"07.7
Black Pearl

A: Malaika
B: I Guess It's Useless
Alaska UKALA 2721 Mar 19757"0 
John Schroeder Orchestra

A: I'm Gonna Change
B: First Love
Alaska UKALA 100128 Mar 19757"2 
Main Attraction [UK]

A: Cast Your Fate To The Wind
B: City Girl
Alaska UKALA 100211 Apr 19757"08.0
Scarlet Jade

A: You And Me
B: The Wishing Well
Alaska UKALA 10039 May 19757"16 
Carol Crosbie

A: Would I Be Happy Loving You
B: What Can I Say
Alaska UKALA 100416 May 19757"0 
Intimate Strangers [1970s]

A: Love Sounds
B: The Track
Alaska UKALA 100523 May 19757"28.0
Spider [Alaska]

A: Come Back Baby
B: Stay A Little Longer
Alaska UKALA 10064 Jul 19757"1 
Magic [UK]

A: Oo-Pa-Pa-Doo
B: First Love
Alaska UKALA 100725 Jul 19757"0 
Marie Toland

A: My Days Of Loving You (Anima Mia)
B: What About Tomorrow
Alaska UKALA 100811 Jul 19757"1 

A: The Last Bus Home
B: Baby You've Got Everything I Need
Alaska UKALA 100925 Jul 19757"0 
Velvet Love

A: Symphony Of Dreams
B: Ridin' High
Alaska UKALA 10101 Aug 19757"1 
John Schroeder Orchestra

A: All Night (Baby Do It All Night)
B: All Night (Instrumental)
Alaska UKALA 101112 Sep 19757"0 
Joanne Williams

A: Jack Of All Trades
B: Can't We Get Back
Alaska UKALA 101219 Sep 19757"0 
Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers

A: Got To Get You Into My Life

The R.R's

B: Working My Way (Into Your Heart)
Alaska UKALA 101310 Oct 19757"4 
The Escorts [USA 70s Soul]

A: Disrespect Can Wreck

The R.R's

B: Bam-A-Lam-A Boogie
Alaska UKALA 101419747"3 
Bookham And Riskett

A: We Got A Love
B: Bam-A-Lam-A Boogie
Alaska UKALA 10155 Mar 19767"0 

A: Workin' My Way Back To You
B: Baby You've Got Everything I Need
Alaska UKALA 101614 Nov 19757"0 
Sam And Samantha

A: Laughing Policeman
B: Music, Music, Music
Alaska UKALA 101723 Jan 19767"0 
Brian Keith's Creation

A: Memories Of You (Soleado) (Vocal)

Creation [Alaska / Brian Keith]

B: Cloud 99
Alaska UKALA 10186 Feb 19767"13.0
Joanne Williams

A: Thanks To You
B: Can't We Get It Back
Alaska UKALA 101923 Apr 19767"0 

A: Telstar (Hustle)

Astra Nova Orchestra

B: Soul Sleeper
Alaska UKALA 102018 Jun 19767"0 

A: Friends
B: One More
Alaska UKALA 102113 Aug 19767"0 
Flying Saucers

A: Fabulous
B: Fish On The Line
Alaska UKALA200110 Sep 19767"09.0
Nonie Pet Lamb And The Chocolate Box Dance Orchestra

A: Crinoline Rock

The Chocolate Box Dance Orchestra

B: Losing My Rag
Alaska UKALA 200228 Jan 19777"0 

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