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Alias - Label Discography

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A: Wow
B: KMG-365
Alias USAA018-S19917"0 

A1: The Humboldt Desert
B1: Damp In The Trenches
B2: More Fun In The New World Order
Alias USAA019-S19917"0 
Cerebral Corps

A1: Perihelion
B1: ...Your Body
B2: Side Effects
B3: Song For Roger
Alias USAA0291992EP1 
Matt Keating

A1: Sanity In The Asylum
B1: Pull Some Strings
B2: Hand Me Downs
Alias USAA037-S19937"0 
Archers Of Loaf

The Loaf's Revenge

A1: Web In Front
A2: Bathroom
B1: Tatyana
Alias USAA-041-S1993EP010.0

A: Chopsocky
B: Useless
Alias USAA042-S19937"0 
The Loud Family

A: Take Me Down
B: The Come On
Alias USAA-04319937"0 

A: Touched
B: You Win
Alias USAA 05419937"0 
Gigolo Aunts

A1: Bloom
B1: Serious Drugs
B2: Stark Gone (55 Joy St. Mix)
Alias USAA-057-S19937"0 
Archers Of Loaf

A: What Did You Expect?
B: Ethel Merman
Alias USAA 06619947"0 
Small 23

A: Toastmaster
B: Pincushion
Alias USAA-07119947"0 
Archers Of Loaf

Private Street For Bu-Bu

A: Mutes In The Steeple
B: Smoking Pot In The Hot City
Alias USAA-08819957"0 

A: Spellbinder
B: Mr. Nice Guy
Alias USAA-09019957"0 
Trunk Federation

A1: Young Cherry Trees
A2: Turtle
B1: Pinhead
B2: Turtle II
Alias USAA1051996EP1 

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