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A&M - Label Discography

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  UK  1613
  Germany  587
  Australia  585
  Netherlands  462
  Canada  346
  New Zealand  267
  Japan  126
  Spain  102
  Italy  75
  France  64
  Portugal  63
  South Africa  50
  Ireland  45
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Sonny Charles And Checkmates Ltd.

A: Black Pearl
B: Lazy Suzan
A&M Netherlands14 749 AT19697"0 

A: (They Long To Be) Close To You
B: I Kept On Loving You
A&M Netherlands14 656 AT19707"1 
Chris Montez

A: The More I See You
B: There Will Never Be Another You
A&M Netherlands14 658 AT19707"0 
The Flying Burrito Bros

A: Man In The Fog
B: Cody, Cody
A&M Netherlands14 681 AT19707"0 

A: Lazy River
B: Anna St.Claire
A&M Netherlands14 690 AT19707"010.0
Pisano And Ruff

A: Stop
B: Soon
A&M Netherlands14 692 AT19707"0 
The Sandpipers

A: Santa Domingo
B: Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
A&M Netherlands14 693 AT19707"0 
Sergio Mendes And Brasil '66

A: For What It's Worth
B: Viramundo
A&M Netherlands14 702 AT19707"0 
Humble Pie

A: Big Black Dog
B: Strange Days
A&M Netherlands14 711 AT19707"0 
The Children [Texas]

A: From The Very Start
B: Such A Fine Night
A&M Netherlands14 731 AT19707"0 

A: We've Only Just Begun
B: All Of My Life
A&M Netherlands14 737 AT19707"0 
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass

A: Jerusalem
B: Strike Up The Band
A&M Netherlands14 753 AT19707"0 
The Flying Burrito Bros

A: Tried So Hard
B: Lazy Days
A&M Netherlands14 788 AT19707"4 
Joe Cocker

A: Cry Me A River
B: Give Peace A Chance
A&M Netherlands14 779 ATNov 19707"0 

A: Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth
B: Fingertips
A&M Netherlands10 009 AT19717"18.0
Humble Pie

A: Shine On
B: Mister Ring
A&M Netherlands10 031 AT19717"0 

A: Time Is Now
B: Freedom
A&M Netherlands10 033 AT19717"0 
Lucille Starr

A: The French Song
B: Jolie Jacqueline
A&M Netherlands10 085 AT19717"0 
Brewer And Shipley

A: An Incredible State Of Affairs
B: Green Bamboo
A&M Netherlands10 109 AT19717"0 
Leon Russell

A: The Ballad Of Mad Dogs And Englishmen

Claudia Lennear

B: Let It Be
A&M Netherlands10 115 AT19717"0 
Terrible Tom

A: Sweet Mary
B: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
A&M Netherlands10 117 AT19717"0 
Gary Wright

A: Stand For Our Rights
B: Can't See The Reason
A&M Netherlands10 143 AT19717"0 

A: Rainy Days And Mondays
B: Saturday
A&M Netherlands10 149 AT19717"0 
Carole King

A: It's Too Late
B: I Feel The Earth Move
A&M Netherlands10 161 AT19717"010.0
The Flying Burrito Bros

A: White Line Fever
B: Colorado
A&M Netherlands10 321 AT19717"0 
Bill Withers

A: Ain't No Sunshine
B: Harlem
A&M Netherlands10 415 AT19717"0 
Humble Pie

A: I Don't Need No Doctor
B: A Song For Jenny
A&M Netherlands10 431 AT19717"0 

A: Superstar
B: For All We Know
A&M Netherlands10 449 AT19717"0 
Carole King

A: So Far Away
B: Smackwater Jack
A&M Netherlands10 453 AT19717"0 
Billy Preston

A: I Wrote A Simple Song
B: The Looner Tune
A&M Netherlands10 795 AT19717"0 
Don Everly

A: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
B: Only Me
A&M Netherlands14 841 AT19717"0 
Bill And Buster

A: Hold On To What You've Got
B: Love Is Here
A&M Netherlands14 862 AT19717"0 
Gary Wright

A: Get On The Right Road
B: Over You Know
A&M Netherlands14 864 AT19717"0 
Leon Russell

A: Delta Lady
B: Pisces Apple Lady
A&M NetherlandsAMS 80619717"1 
Leon Russell And The Shelter People

A: Stranger In A Strange Land
B: It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
A&M NetherlandsAMS 82819717"1 
Seemon And Marijke

A: I Saw You
B: The Son Of America
A&M Netherlands10 835 AT19727"08.0
Shawn Phillips

A: A Christmas Song
B: Lovely Lady
A&M Netherlands10 841 AT19727"0 

A: Hurting Each Other
B: Maybe It's You
A&M Netherlands10 969 AT19727"0 
Carole King

A: Sweet Seasons
B: Pocket Money
A&M Netherlands10 985 AT19727"0 
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass

Maxigold Twéé-in-één Single

A1: Tijuana Taxi
A2: A Banda
B1: Spanish Flea
B2: This Guy's In Love
A&M Netherlands11010 AT1972EP0 
Bill And Buster

A: I Am What I Am (Battersea Tramp)
B: Rhythm Of Love
A&M Netherlands12 047 AT19727"0 
Joan Baez

A: Song Of Bangladesh
B: Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)
A&M Netherlands12 067 AT19727"0 
The Gallery

A: Nice To Be With You
B: Ginger Haired Man
A&M Netherlands12 078 AT19727"0 
Blue Haze

A: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
B: Anna Rosanna
A&M Netherlands12 113 AT19727"09.0

A: It's Going To Take Some Time
B: Flat Baroque
A&M Netherlands12 153 AT19727"0 
Bill And Buster

A: Come On All People
B: Beyond The Rain
A&M Netherlands12 156 AT19727"0 
Martin Dowser

A: My Love Irene
B: Concised Confession
A&M Netherlands12176 AT19727"0 

A: Gonna Have A Good Time
B: Be Your Ryder
A&M Netherlands12 212 AT19727"0 
Blue Haze

A: Unchained Melody
B: Throw A Little Lovin' My Way
A&M Netherlands12 219 AT19727"08.0
Joan Baez

A: In The Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin)
B: To Bobby
A&M Netherlands12 235 AT19727"0 

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