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A&M - Label Discography

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subsidiary labels : Almo International, Omen, Horizon, Vendetta / A&M.

See Carnival [Los Angeles] for the first two issues in the catalog sequence.
  USA  2533
  UK  1632
  Australia  681
  Germany  642
  Netherlands  503
  Canada  449
  New Zealand  287
  Japan  187
  Portugal  109
  Spain  106
  Italy  81
  France  79
  South Africa  63
  Ireland  52
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The Tijuana Brass Featuring Herb Alpert

A: The Lonely Bull (El Solo Torro)
B: Acapulco 1922
A&M USA703Oct 19627"199.3
The Kenjolairs

A: Little White Lies
B: The Story Of An Evergreen Tree
A&M USA704Nov 19627"5 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

Volume 2

A2: Surfin' Senorita
A3: Crea Mi Amor
B1: Mexican Corn
B2: Swinger From Seville
B3: Winds Of Barcelona
A&M USASP 403Feb 1963EP3 
George McCurn

A: I'm Just A Country Boy
B: In My Little Corner Of The World
A&M USA705Mar 19637"1 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: Marching Thru Madrid
B: Struttin' With Maria
A&M USA706Mar 19637"0 
Terry Stafford

A: You Left Me Here To Cry (Come On Home)
B: Heartache On The Way
A&M USA707Apr 19637"0 
The Kenjolairs

A: Such A Good Night For Dreaming
B: When It Comes To Loving You
A&M USA708May 19637"2 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: Mexican Corn
B: Let It Be Me
A&M USA711Jun 19637"2 
Rod McKuen

A: Ballad Of Hollywood
B: Hi Lonesome!
A&M USA712Jun 19637"1 
The Canadian Sweethearts

A: Freight Train
B: Out For Fun
A&M USA713Jun 19637"0 
Dore Alpert

A: Dina
B: You're Doin' What You Did With Me With Him
A&M USA714Jul 19637"4 
George McCurn

A: Please Send Me Someone To Love
B: How's The World Treating You
A&M USA715Aug 19637"0 
Bobby Wayne

A: Tip Toes
B: Bobby's Boogie #1
A&M USA7168 Aug 19637"5 
Sonny Knight

A: Evil Minded Woman
B: Georgia Town
A&M USA718Sep 19637"0 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: Spanish Harlem
B: A-Me-Ri-Ca
A&M USA721Oct 19637"07.0
Waylon Jennings

A: Love Denied
B: Rave On
A&M USA722Oct 19637"17.0
Dave Lewis

A: David's Mood - Part 2
B: David's Mood - Part 3
A&M USA724Nov 19637"1 
George McCurn

A: When The Wind Blows (In Chicago)
B: Georgia Town
A&M USA726Nov 19637"1 
The Roosters [A&M]

A: Shake A Tail Feather
B: Rooster Walk
A&M USA74619647"0 
The Canadian Sweethearts

A: Hootenanny Express
B: Halfbreed
A&M USA727Feb 19647"0 
The Sonny Knight Quartet

A: Be True To Your Dog
B: State Street
A&M USA728Feb 19647"0 
Dore Alpert

A: I'd Do It All Again
B: Special Kind Of Love
A&M USA729Feb 19647"0 
Dave And The Marksmen

A: Kustom Kar Show
B: Cruisin'
A&M USA730Feb 19647"2 
The Baja Marimba Band

A1: Comin' In The Back Door
A2: Maria Elena
A3: Acapulco 1922
B1: Moonglow / Picnic Theme
B2: Samba De Orfeu
B3: Charade
A&M USASP 404Feb 1964EP4 
George McCurn

A: Guess Who
B: One More Time For The Poor Man
A&M USA731Mar 19647"0 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: Mexican Drummer Man
B: The Great Manolete
A&M USA732Mar 19647"69.0
Jan Davis

A: Fugitive
B: Boss Machine
A&M USA733Mar 19647"2 
Leon Russell

A: Cindy
B: Misty
A&M USA734May 19647"2 
Dave Lewis

A: Little Green Thing
B: Lip Service
A&M USA735May 19647"0 
Bobby Wayne

A: Last Date
B: Twinkle Toes
A&M USA736Jun 19647"0 
Melrose Elementary School Band Featuring Randy Curtis

A: Little Blue River
B: The Pupil
A&M USA738Jun 19647"2 
Waylon Jennings

A: Just To Satisfy You
B: Four Strong Winds
A&M USA739Jun 19647"0 
Gloria Melbourne

A: Don't Let Him
B: So Dusty
A&M USA740Jun 19647"0 
George McCurn

A: Clap Your Hand
B: Well
A&M USA741Jun 19647"1 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: The Mexican Shuffle
B: Numero Cinco
A&M USA742Jun 19647"2 
Jan Davis

A: Guitar Star
B: The Unwanted
A&M USA744Jun 19647"0 
Dave And The Marksmen

A: Do You Know What Lovers Say?
B: Food Fair
A&M USA745Jun 19647"0 
The Canadian Sweethearts

A: Rocky Mountain Special
B: Love
A&M USA737Jul 19647"0 
George McCurn

A: Your Friend
B: While The Bloom Is On The Rose
A&M USA748Oct 19647"1 
Wendell And Wilton

A: Go On And Break My Heart
B: Alone With You
A&M USA750Oct 19647"1 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: El Presidente
B: All My Loving
A&M USA751Oct 19647"0 
The Canadian Sweethearts

A: Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
B: Yodel Love Call
A&M USA752Oct 19647"0 
Waylon Jennings

A: The Race Is On
B: Sing The Girls A Song, Bill
A&M USA753Oct 19647"0 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
B: Up Cherry Street
A&M USA755Nov 19647"3 
Dave Lewis

A: Honky Tonk - Part 1
B: The Lonely Bull
A&M USA756Nov 19647"0 
Sir Raleigh And The Cupons

A: White Cliffs Of Dover
B: Somethin' Or Other
A&M USA757Nov 19647"0 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

South Of The Border

A1: South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
A2: I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
A3: Hello, Dolly
B1: Mexican Shuffle
B2: Up Cherry Street
B3: All My Loving
A&M USASP 408Nov 1964EP0 
We Five

A1: You Were On My Mind
A2: Softly As I Leave You
A3: Small World
B1: Love Me Not Tomorrow
B2: I Can Never Go Home Again
B3: I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
A&M USASP 4111965Special Edition 7"1 
Baja Marimba Band

For Animals Only

A1: How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
A2: El Gazelle
A3: Las Mananitas
B1: For Animals Only
B2: Last Of The Red Hot Llamas
B3: Puff (The Magic Dragon)
A&M USASP 4131965EP0 
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass

A: Whipped Cream
B: Las Mañanitas
A&M USA760Feb 19657"2 

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